Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

The UK’s biggest benefit scroungers will be gathering in Manchester this week for the annual conference of the welfare-to-work sector, including Employment Minister Mark Hoban (doesn’t understand the benefits system), A4e (screwed money out of the benefits system and provided practically nothing in return) and Working Links (put unemployed people through appalling conditions as ‘stewards’ during the Queen’s Jubilee regatta day in 2012).
These are the real parasites, feeding off the Coalition’s desperate urge to pay huge amounts of money to already-rich for-profit companies who pretend they are taking action to solve a problem that, if you look at the figures, simply isn’t there.
Or wouldn’t be, if they weren’t around to make it worse.

3 thoughts on “Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

  1. catwoman36

    I wonder if views would change if people could see in black and white a list of all the companys and how much money dwp pay for all these schemes that are supposed to help the unemployed/sick/disabled get a job. I think if people saw a list like that they would be disgusted at the waste of money that could be spent better.

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