10 thoughts on “Every local council got every bedroom tax decision legally and badly wrong

  1. wrjones2012

    I said when the bedroom tax was introduced that it was a full frontal attack on those who have nothing.

    Of course in an ideal world I fully agree with all of the above.However the reality on the ground means that if every Council were to follow this no doubt well meaning initiative;How would these Councils make up for their shortfall in income?

    1. Jonathan Wilson

      There wouldn’t be a shortfall as the gov would have to pay, as it does in full for exempted properties, as this would mean that the council didn’t have to apply the BT to the exempted properties and as such would not be liable for the shortfall in gov payments that the BT introduced.

    2. Phil Smart

      The shortfall could be made up by cutting Councillors allowances and expenses and paying Chief executives and top management a real wage based on what they are worth which in most cases is next to nothing

  2. guy fawkes

    The only way this government has been able to pay back a miniscule of government debt back is via an all out assault on the poorest, reducing benefits and a mansion tax for those in council houses with extra bedrooms, instead of attacking the richest.
    The monied class intend to keep it that way via offshore accounts, no national banking for them which can see any interest on savings dwindling for those unlucky enough to have to bank in this country, even if you stopped the state pension it would not affect these criminals that are manipulating the economy with quantative easing to protect their voters and keep them in power, while they bank. invest and out source jobs abroad at the expense of workers in this country.
    If my parents thought their home and their savings were to spent on substandard care in privatised care homes instead of seeing it as a leg up to their children or grandchildren they would never have bought their own home or accrued savings knowing they were going to be penalized. The £70k limit a person has to pay for care is just enough to steal the cost of an ex council house which a working class person may have sweated blood and tears to buy during the Thatcher years.

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