Get appealing the bedroom tax now – a QC gives all 660,000 legitimate cause!

Here’s more proof of something this blog has been saying ever since the bedroom tax became part of UK law: Anyone affected should appeal. The article contains everything you need to know about how to do it, and on what grounds. So do it.

6 thoughts on “Get appealing the bedroom tax now – a QC gives all 660,000 legitimate cause!

  1. Barbara

    It is called a spare room for a reason, I have a family and regularly have my grandchildren to stay

  2. bskivington123

    i was luck i managed get 3apt house because the housing made a big mistake in giving me a 5 apt which i maintained for 6 year once bought this to the housing attention that i could not afford the house because of the bedroom tax they ended up decrease me to a 3apt now i was luck as there are not a lot of available empty house going about but i got this house now which is easier to heat and cheaper to maintain now if had to live in the 5 apt i would have had to pay for 2 rooms and my electric heating was expensive because it was storage heating and it was hard to heat and expensive i would not have managed to live in the 5apt because the bedroom tax would have had a big affect on my weekly benefits and my food supply would have been down to barely nothing and that alone would have affect my health to point i would have took my own life as i would have failed as a parent for not been able to put food on the table for me and my son as my benefits would not stretch because of the bedroom tax this is so wrong and is costing life and hardship and starvation to a lot of people i know that would have happened to me

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