12 thoughts on “Dennis Skinner: ‘The Beast’ Shows Softer Side

  1. Joe Smith

    I think Cameron showed his arrogance and lack of any compassion or integrity in his responses to Dennis Skinner, Cameron is a nothing man, indeed to call him a man is a gross insult to all men. His insulting demeanour, arrogant dismissive posture is a crystal clear indication that this cowardly person simply is unfit to occupy the position he obtained by default. This despicable runt must be consigned to the ignoble history he deserves. This country with its rich caring social history is being dismantled by wealthy spiteful well fed men whose view of the poor, disabled, unemployed and the young is either that of low cost factory fodder, to be used and disposed of, or used in the Atos social experiment then cast aside as spare human beings who having served their purpose and contributed to the system are no longer required.

    1. Janice

      Totally agree, shameful to see such a lame and uncaring off pat response not only from Cameron but all the ‘braying’ from the donkeys surrounding him
      Dennis Skinner..experienced..caring..committed to his constituents versus the tory boys in it for what they can milk out of it and damn anyone of little consequence in their way.

    2. jed goodright

      Well said. Agree entirely.In those couple of minutes Dennis Skinner did more for the British people than Labour or Tory have done in the last 30 years!!

  2. Joe Smith

    I am of the firm opinion that Cameron was very embarrassed and exposed himself for the spineless closet Fascist he really is. I note it has not even had a mention on the BBC or the Daily flail. I’ll wager money that Cameron won’t have the guts to apologise for his arrogant dismissive behaviour, which further demonstrates his complete lack of integrity and moral fibre. Like all cowards Cameron can’t face his opponents, I’ve noticed when challenged by Milliband he always looks away or down. This complete lack of moral fibre and his continual support of IDSs murderous system in my opinion constitutes culpable manslaughter on Cameron’s behalf. Do we really need this man as PM?

    1. Bobby Lynch

      Get the idea that this thing would skin his own grandmother if he thought there was a few bob in it for him.No conscience thought or moral fibre to him at all.Is unfit for public office.

  3. Joe Smith

    E petition started to demand Cameron makes an apology to Skinner and the house for his appalling arrogant condescending dismissive behaviour. Go get the smug SOB

      1. Joe Smith

        Have a look on epetions, may not be approved yet, in the search box
        Try ” Cameron must apologise
        Any problems pls leave a note, we must rid ourselves of these verminous well fed wealthy self seeking corrupt clowns

      2. Joseph Smith

        They refused to publish it on some invented spurious reason known only to the weak spineless ones in control. In my opinion it would have got over a 100,000 in no time flat. Cameron is as popular as a dose of clap and about as much use.

    1. jed goodright

      Not a great fan of petitions but surely if Miliband had any guts he would seek a vote of no-confidence. Even if he lost it, it would empower the opposition to this fascist government forces, surely? What do we have to do to get rid of them all???

  4. Joe Smith

    Normally I’d agree, but Cameron lacks confidence, compensated for by arrogance. He needs to get a taste of reality and by demanding what will be an embarrassing apology to an MP hated by the Tories his confidence will be further undermined, he needs to know we the public are watching him! Anyway can’t do any harm and might just put a shot across his bow

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