Dear Kate Green – Where do Disabled People fit in Labour’s ‘Tough on Welfare’?

There are around two and a half million people claiming ESA in the UK at the moment, plus a certain number claiming DLA (but not ESA) (I suspect). That’s easily enough people to swing a general election in any party’s favour.
So the question arises: Who will they support? Not the Tories, surely – nor do the Liberal Democrats seem likely choices. But can they support Labour? This letter sets out to clarify whether a One Nation Labour government will give anything back to disabled people who give that party their vote.

4 thoughts on “Dear Kate Green – Where do Disabled People fit in Labour’s ‘Tough on Welfare’?

  1. jeffrey davies

    her reply I bet went like eds
    atos does sterling work undera lot of pressure andwith ed hope to tweak it a bit to make it work better in other words no they aint changing

      1. jeffrey davies

        I now but still don’t trust them theres to many blarites left and after all the emails they had of you and iand thousannds more will they change its a idont know if theywill money means to much to them not looking after us

  2. paul196329

    i think its disgusting i did not ask to be disabled for life a doctor did that to me and this government as covered it up people want lives not bully and corruption its barbaric what this government is doing to people lives

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