22 thoughts on “Cameron is attempting to subjugate and enslave the people of Britain.

  1. John Keen

    “And yet for generations, people who could work have been failed by the system and stuck on benefits. So we’re putting an end to the poverty and wealth traps that have plagued our welfare system for too long.”

    Sound good eh?…. so you put an end to poverty by REMOVING benefits?

    NOT ENCOURAGING jobs growth ofcourse, that would be beyond their ability.

    NOT acknowledging that it is the LACK OF JOBS that causes high unemployment.

    NOT showing any kind of conventional intelligence, just convincing people the lack of jobs available is due to too many people not having jobs…..

    Spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on proving that you can “improve” poverty by expanding it?

    You know once upon a time, That kind of thinking would have made someone a candidate for the asylum.

    Therefore i can only conclude that parliament have finally become one HUGE asylum!

    1. gillian

      ther is no job’s so why are people getin harassed to find job’s and if they don’t write load’s of job’s down they get ther money get’s stopped they are a disgrace ,ian Duncan smith and Cameron should be sacked they have no heart and wouldn’t no whot it’s like to be poor and not interested ,i’m disappointed in the government as they have let us all done ,ow can they pick on the poor sick and disabled they need to be sacked ,if we don’t all stick to gether it’s gona get worse

  2. John Keen

    If Prime minister Cameron insists that people who are unemployed are too lazy to get a job and are deliberatley not bothering, Is it not best he come forward with the figures to prove that the jobs they are too lazy to take actually exist?

    Given that as far as i can tell from many many websites, official as well as public there are around 450,000 jobs available at present YET the number of sanctions issued far outnumber these, and the unemployed ALONG with the newly Atos cured disabled outnumber the available jobs by a huge ratio.

    SO since there are many clever people out there that agree that the unemployed are such becuase they are lazy, PROVE to me how 2,500,000 unemployed (and i have seriously rounded that number down) can ALL have a full time job in 450,000 vacancies.

    Infact i’ll make it easy for you, let’s call it 600,000 jobs available, this figure is a lie ofcourse but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say.

    PLEASE pass this on (share it) I’d really like to know who can prove the math the government are using to justify their “scounger” claim.

  3. Val Matthews

    Perhaps you should remember the adage– you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?Apart from anything else you are digging your party’s grave, there are more people in this country struggling to make ends meet than before,I am afraid that there are now far more poor now, than for a very long time. People like me from the ‘Shires’ are horrified to see the prospects of our children and grandchildren reduced week by week, they have good degrees at enormous cost, and no realistic prospects of a career in their chosen discipline.This area has always been a Tory stronghold, not one person I speak to intends to vote for you in the next election, In fact, many say they will not vote for ANY of the ‘big three’. Until you start to recognise the needs of the many instead of the few,your party is doomed to oblivion.

  4. Steven Goodman

    I agree that a slave “drone-Worker” caste is the apparent objective of all this anti-social tinkering with British and European legislation. To try and entice the working class with a £2,000 bounty to give up all employment rights, would seem to indicate David has mistaken this portion of the population for a bunch of cut-throat pirates.

    A little bit of tinkering with the legal-aid availabllity is a nasty little master stroke that blocks all employment law gains for the last 400 years from those that have most need of it the under-paid and minimal wage earner. In a move reported as necessary to block the intervention of “No win – no fee” law firms. (When has central government ever blocked the right of as mutii-national corporation from exploiting the public purse or people…this is a first!). Good smoke screen for a change that sets your right to protection of law at £1,500 starting price.

    Strange no protest from unions or other political entities on this matter.

  5. Norman Walsh

    Cameron and the rest of the Tories and lapdog lib dems are a disgrace something should be done to make them pay for a change

  6. Nick

    i find it odd mike that David Cameron is in sri Lanka and wants to talk to their leaders about human right issues ?

    a bit odd i find from our PM when he is trying to destroy the human rights of the sick and disabled as well as other groups of people in the UK ? plus the many thousands that have died in going through the welfare reform system

    i wonder if the president of sri Lanka knows of how the uk sick and disabled are being treated ?

    if i were David Cameron i would keep my mouth shut just in case the president shuts it for him as I’m sure the president of Sri Lanka cant be that daft to listen to a load of uk nonsense

    1. Mike Sivier

      If Sri Lanka – or any other Commonwealth country – dished up a few home truths to David Cameron, then I would be among the first and loudest to applaud. However, it seems Sri Lanka does not have much of a human rights record itself.

      1. Nick

        it never had mike nor does David Cameron and it’s not for us to judge who is worse that’s the job of a insider from the UN who can see the woods through the trees to pass judgement

        all abuse thou are to be held equal in my eyes with the punishment handed out the same irrespective of the country concerned which makes David Cameron guilty of presiding over a country that abuses sick and disabled people and that is how other heads of state across the world will see him

      2. Mike Sivier

        There’s a terrible thought – it’s how other countries across the world will see ALL of us; never mind the fact that we have people who are working night and day to reverse these terrible policies.
        That’s a sobering thought.

      3. Nick

        only time will tell David Cameron is well out of his league thou on human rights and all educated people worldwide will see this as fact and act accordingly

        the only people who see him as great however are those middle classes like himself and have quite a few of those in the uk

        we wont know how many until the next general election but you can be sure it’ll be quite a few

  7. Thomas

    The Tories if they are not careful will drive away far more voters then they gain. Seduction is much better then force. Perhaps the Tories are hoping that the left will fracture into multiple tiny left wing parties with no hope of winning any seats.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Yes – what happened to that?
      In fact, he phrased that pledge in a very careful way. It seems unlikely he ever intended to make it possible for members of the electorate to democratically eject MPs from the Commons.

  8. Janice Goodson

    He thinks the people in the UK are lazy, well what about the MPs that can not be bothered to turn up to Parliament. If they do why do they sleep on the job. The Tories call the unemployed lazy!!! Tax payers pay YOU! YES YOU to work for us, not for you to con the country. Please KARMA, hurry up!!!!

  9. Joseph smith

    So here we go again, Countries in deep s…e, benefit loss suicides up by several hundred percent, thousands losing their homes because of bedroom tax, care homes grossly mismanaged, children dying because council social workers are inept and careless, NHS in disarray, unfixed potholes on roads making driving dangerous. No aircraft for our new aircraft carriers, forces being made redundant whilst on active service, energy bills rising so more pensioner deaths this winter, police spying on almost everyone except criminals, large corporations pay no tax, people employed on no hours no pay contracts, we give away millions in aid to countries who don’t need it, in the faint hope they’ll buy something from us, and our leader? The fuehrer Cameron, don’t worry folks he’s on a expenses paid jolly to a warm holiday isle, to lecture its leader on human rights. Piss off Cameron you stupid clown. Your a one man circus act.

  10. Joseph smith

    Does anyone else think Cameron is receiving lying bullsh*t and contempt lessons from Iain Duncan Smith? Cameron’s starting to use like for like verbal garbage similar to IDS. Guess it proves an expensive education counts for nothing when there is little or no intelligence to make it work. So who’s in charge numb nut Dave or RTU cough cough?

  11. bookmanwales

    Unfortunately the subjugation is a done and dusted deal.
    Labour are virtually silent, the unions are protecting their own financial interests, those working are too lazy, not bothered or too deeply in debt to protest.
    The media has steadily drip fed a plethora of benefit cheats and benefit programmes to the public at large which has been wholeheartedly swallowed as gospel.
    Working hours have increased people bragging about doing 60 and 70 hr working weeks for less than they were getting 3 yrs ago and proud of it ??

    No amount of blogs, fb pages or websites are going to make one iota of difference whilst the mainstream media is government controlled.
    The government continually release figures which are downright lies completely unopposed, they lie about unemployment, disability, fraud, the work programme, expenses, housing, government contracts to private firms, the NHS, education etc etc and when found out blatantly ignore criticism.

    The generation that has usually saved us i.e. the students and young have been seduced by drink, drugs, gadgets and reality tv and see nothing outside of these interests. Their education has been deliberately dumbed down to a level where they are now actively discouraged from having thoughts of their own.
    Self improvement by education is no longer the “in thing” now it is “work more hours the more you work the better off you will be” or “work for free to get a foot on the ladder” , “free work shows your willingness”, and they are so desperate they grab these non opportunities with both hands only to be let down and take to drink and drugs, a deliberate ploy to keep them quiet as they get older and realise there is no bright future.
    The medieval age of slavery and serfdom is back upon us and believe me things are only going to get a lot lot worse.

    1. Joseph smith

      I agree wholeheartedly with Bookmanwales, let all the ordinary people work for nothing, whilst our prime minister grandstands on the world stage and gives away another £40,000,000 of our pounds, total now £50,000,000, to the Philipines. Whilst our own people lose their homes as a result of the bedroom tax. Thousands are visiting food banks. Disabled and seriously ill people are losing benefits they are legally entitled to. Young people are forced and blackmailed to search for work which in many areas just doesn’t exist. Can we get Cameron sectioned? Why is he giving our money away when £50 million would help thousands in this country, or why is £50 million not being given to companies to create work? Why is £50 million not being invested to fix the potholes on our roads? Has Cameron lost what remains of his tiny mind? Or is he working on his international job after he eventually gets kicked out of our lives. Sign the petition to reverse fixed term parliaments. I have.

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