7 thoughts on “Nadhim Zahawi MP wins Spoilt Personality of the Year for suggesting cutting child benefits

  1. Jim

    Nadhim Zahawi is one of the most repulsive and unattractive of the new intake of Tory MPs. What an insensitive and stupid thing to say (which Cameron rebuffed and had to announce was not government policy) at Christmas.

  2. Alan

    You mean the MP that claimed for electricity when he should not, and beside this flipped his main home to become his second home. Second homes are supposed to be within the capital, not miles outside of it. By claiming his stately first home as his second dwelling all that is in it is claimed on expenses, so the likes of heating can never be charged to him, and he can have heating on as long as he likes knowing the cost will be passed on to the tax payer, aside from grounds men, which he can claim as maintenance for the property, and council tax, and water rates, etc.

  3. Malcolm Burt

    Wasn`t there a matter of 6 grand in expenses toward the heating of a stable that came to light a few weeks ago?That aside, all the homeless should squat these 2nd homes of M.P`s if they are not occupied during the cold months.These 2nd homes are funded by the taxpayer & therefore are a benefit.Those who rent out their 2nd homes for self gain should be made to pay at least 80% of it back into the public coffers.

      1. Boz

        so the only means of challenging the status quo is by errr…..complaining on a blog! and carrying on going to workfare so as not to rock the boat?????????????????

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