Facebook campaign to make ‘It’s Raining Men’ No. 1 after UKIP blame floods on gay rights

I can’t reblog Scriptonite Daily articles, but this one will really beat the midweek blues so I’ll give you a taste and a link to the rest.

“UKIP Leader Nigel Farage’s headaches this week did not stop at being whacked over the head with a placard by protesters in Kent. A UKIP Councillor blaming recent flooding across the country on divine retribution for Equal Marriage laws transformed the party from a concern, to a laughing stock – and now a Facebook campaign is under way to make ‘Its Raining Men’ number 1 to celebrate.

“Henley on Thames Councillor David Sylvester wrote to his local paper to argue the nation was “beset by storms” because of David Cameron’s decision to act “arrogantly against the Gospel” in changing marriage laws. UKIP stood behind the comments until Sylvester went on to BBC Radio to defend them, at which point the party used emergency measures to suspend him.

“Since the show, UKIP and David Sylvester have been the butt of a million jokes, which show no sign of abating anytime soon.”

The full story is on Scriptonite Daily.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook campaign to make ‘It’s Raining Men’ No. 1 after UKIP blame floods on gay rights

  1. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This has produced a few chortles among the people I know. I’ve heard one gay man declare ‘They’re blaming gays for the floods. I’ve never had such power!’ It probably won’t stop Farage picking up an increased share of the vote due to cynicism and disaffection with the three main parties, but it might stop some voting for them. A little while ago Private Eye printed a piece about a drastic decline in BNP membership. It seems a number of the party’s members simply weren’t renewing their membership. Amongst the reasons for not doing so was ‘party appearing ridiculous in Private Eye’. A true victory of the press for liberalism and democracy! Let’s hope something similar happens to Farage.

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