Dennis Skinner’s tribute to Tony Benn

Many people have remarked on Dennis Skinner’s speech during the tributes to Tony Benn in the House of Commons yesterday – the strength of feeling, respect and simple pleasure at having known the great left-wing politician, diarist and thinker, who passed away last week.

I managed to get a small tribute broadcast on Radio Bristol’s breakfast show that morning, but that effort pales into insignificance beside this.

For all I know, neither Skinner nor Tony Benn may be your cup of tea, but I would still urge you to watch the clip, as it demonstrates that even in modern politics there are still people of integrity.

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7 thoughts on “Dennis Skinner’s tribute to Tony Benn

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  2. Joan Edington

    Fantastic tribute. The turnout on the government benches was as much of an insult as the turnout for the recent debates on the links between benefit cuts and food banks. I suppose Cameron did send his lapdog along though.

  3. Martha

    there were many great speeches even from some Tories, I especially liked Michael Meacher & John McDonnell’s tribute. Couldn’t help but notice it was not a well attended hearing and thought back to the full house after Thatcher died. Funny how the majority in the House of Commons fawns over someone who did so much damage and yet they don’t even want to hear about the greatest parliamentarian of our time who dedicated his entire life to fighting for peace and social justice. Seems like making the world a better place for everyone is seen as a minority interest. Such are the strange times we live in

  4. Nick

    i think the turnout was disgraceful and if that’s how mp’s feel then there is no hope left in British politics

    it’s no wonder Russia behaving as it does and who can blame them with such apathy in the UK and from most other countries

    tony benn had the guts to go to Iraq before the start of the war in 2003 and asked Saddam Hussein if he had weapons of mass destruction to which the answer was no

    had Tony benn been the prime minister he would still have gone and that war would most probably never even have taken place hence the need for a good pm as you do need to get out and about as its the only way to truly understand on what is actually going on as opposed to what you think is going on

    millions of lives lost for nothing

  5. jaypot2012

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Nick. Everything that Tony Benn did was well thought out, researched and put into action. He was definitely one of the UK’s best politicians and a very much loved one.
    Tony Benn stood for politics, not like these lilly livered lot we have now!!!

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