UK Establishment Used Care Home Network Like an Amazon Order System for Children to Abuse

This story is dynamite. It is also distressing so for those of you who need to, consider very carefully before reading it.

From Scriptonite Daily:

For decades, vulnerable children from care homes and other institutions were booked to order by rich and powerful men, for abuse, rape and even murder.  This is the allegation put forward in ‘Nightmares at Elm Guest House’, in an interview with Chris Fay of the National Association for Young People in Care.  While the game may be over for former Tory Home Secretary, and David Cameron’s £500-a-day Trade Advisor Leon Brittan – once Brittan falls, the full and almost unbelievable horror of this case must come to light.

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But you should also see this:

I have long left this subject to others to write about.  I had a sense that I should remain quiet on the matter until the legal process had concluded.  I changed my mind after watching Nightmares at Elm Guest House and reviewing the litany of prior police investigations, court cases and media scandals on the matter.  It appears that however close it has seemed, justice has failed to be done for many decades.  The establishment has circled the wagons each time, sacrificed a pawn or two to sate the appetites of public and press, then carried on business as usual.

Today, Theresa May announced the latest internal inquiry in the House of Commons, rather than a full scale public and criminal investigation. Leon Brittan may fall, while the entire edifice of this abuse and cover-up remain intact.

When one looks closer, we are facing the unfolding nightmare that politicians, pop stars and media figures have been supplied vulnerable children to rape and abuse, by members of the social services, over decades.  It is beginning to appear quite certain, that a significant number of children’s homes and institutions for young people, have been complicit in abuse on an industrial scale.  It is also apparent that a persistent cover up has meant people have been silenced, threatened and perhaps even killed to maintain the silence, and the networks of abuse.

The reason for us all to pay attention and for independent journalists and parties to maintain the pressure on this story – is simple.  It is likely that the networks and foul individuals involved have been allowed to fester, largely unchallenged, by the institutions intended to hold them to account.  The police, parliament, the press – all compromised and capitulated.  When members of these institutions were brave enough to come forward, they faced the full force of the establishment.  So it’s on us to stand up and be counted, so that this time, justice is firmly and finally done – in honour of each of the children abused repeatedly by the so called great and good of the UK establishment.  We do not know the guilt of any of those suspected, but we must ensure claims are fully investigated and where guilt is found, appropriate consequences are delivered.

10 thoughts on “UK Establishment Used Care Home Network Like an Amazon Order System for Children to Abuse

  1. [email protected]

    Take look at Lost in Care pub 2000. Sir Ronald Waterhouse Inquiry. Into abuse of children in care in North Wales since1974 Most people refused to listen to and believed children. Particularly if the child had been in care. Low status accusing high status. Look at recent convictions. Much of what is being said now were said then. Children’s care homes did not keep records and there is a lot of money involved.
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  2. Norma Roberts

    Many of these poor children will have grown up unable to function properly as a direct result of this abuse.

    They may suffer mental health problems, addiction problems, they may have performed badly in school and are therefore in low paid work. Some of them will find it hard to trust anyone, and will have failed relationships. This could lead to poor relationships with their own children, who, in turn, could suffer problems.

    Some of these people will suffer bad physical health as well, due to addictions, or just not taking care of themselves because of feelings of low self worth. Some will have turned to crime.

    Childhood sexual abuse causes untold misery and a myriad of social problems, the very problems that the establishment try to blame on the victims themselves! Many of these people may be on some kind of benefit and are now being blamed for a recession that the establishment caused!

    The establishment is hypocritical, self-serving, evil, uncaring, greedy, lying, slimy – you get the idea!

  3. Denise mulligan

    I watched a pieandmash film of the abuse carrried out by these vile politicians hiding behind the mask of respectability.Chris is interviewed and telsl the story of many abuse victims and the blocks that were put in his way. The met police also were aware of this all i can say is watch the video and judge for yourself. you will find it on pieandmash film just google it and you will find it.heads should roll for this. Their is mention of a horrific snuff tape of an 8 year old boy belonging to leon brittan confiscated by customs.

  4. jaypot2012

    There should be a public inquiry into this, not just this “name and shame a couple of people” and then that’s it. Well it isn’t – we need these b&stards rounding up and put away, and the key lost.

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