Malnutrition up by 71 per cent since Cameron took office

He must be so proud.

According to Russia Today, malnutrition in the UK has increased by 71 per cent since the Coalition came into office in May 2010.

This cannot be a natural progression and must be attributed to the policies of the Conservative Party, aided and abetted by their little yellow friends, the so-called Liberal Democrats.

The gist is that people don’t have enough to eat as cuts become more severe and living costs escalate. Nearly 6,700 people were diagnosed with malnutrition in the last financial year, with Greater Manchester seeing the greatest increase.

Scarlet Fever has more than doubled and Cholera is up no less than 450 per cent.

Take a look at the video.

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12 thoughts on “Malnutrition up by 71 per cent since Cameron took office

  1. casalealex

    Unfortunately, in this world there are many ways of killing people. Of course ‘wars’ are the most painfully visible, but there are many subtle ways, such as starving people to death through governments’ austerity measures etc., and buying 30,000 guillotines? Malnutrition leads on to many diseases which can eventually kill, and brings back diseases which had been eradicated due to good health care etc. To now see some of those diseases returning is proof of this government’s utter indifference to the populace.

  2. AM-FM

    “Unfortunately the evidence is only available in audio/visual form to Facebook users”

    Plays fine on this page – no FB account.

    1. Support

      That’s interesting! Maybe it was just something to do with me, then, when I was putting it into the post.

  3. Thomas M

    This government has caused so much hardship to it’s people, who didn’t even properly vote it in.

  4. Joan Edington

    Mike, why do your replies to comments now get tagged as by Support? Is it something to do with the move you mentioned?

    1. Support

      It’s a strange quirk of the transfer process. I keep having to clear my browser cache to reset back to myself!

  5. Bring back immediately women's state pension at 60 / Loss of state pension for life from 2016

    The Greens voted in a manifesto pledge for 2015 general election, the one single measure that it is appalling that Miliband and Balls’ Labour did not come out with first.

    The Greens in their 2014 Spring Conference put forward their pledge to bring in 2015:

    – universal non-means tested Citizen Income to cover the basic needs of people, in or out of work, non-withdrawable.

    The Greens are unlikely to win over 300 MPs to form a government in 2015.

    The Socialists Party back in 1997 offered a manifesto pledge I would have voted for had I known it existed, as the state pension payout is payable whether retire or remain in your job:

    – state pension for men and women at 55 at £320 per week

    – 50 per cent rise for current receivers of state pension and pensioner benefits

    As from 2016 a great many women and a lot of the working poor will be left with nil food money for life in old age:

    So Mr Mike Sivier, if you can offer these manifesto pledges, I am quite sure, your party would get into power with a landslide victory in London and Cardiff.

    The French are endeavouring to merge into one party The Greens and the socialists.

    This is already being done in England by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, that has within it such as anti-bedroom tax and anti-fracking campaigners, but only exists during elections, so those who might vote for them never hear of their existence.

    As the socialists fielded more candidates than in the last 60 years for May 22, you have more than enough willing candidates.

    I would certainly vote for you, Mr Sivier. My life and many of the 23 million over 50s and the 13 million poor would depend upon you.

    You might not even need the trade union donations pouring into Labour, that is merely Tory lite, with your huge following?

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