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Readers who visit the Vox Political Facebook page may be familiar with a commenter calling himself Lee Harris, who tries to take Yr Obdt Srvt to task every time a post appears that is critical of UKIP. Recently he started using the Rotherham abuse scandal in an attempt at political point-scoring against the Labour Party. If memory serves correctly, he has also posted links to a website calling itself ‘Labour 25’, containing stories about paedophilia among Labour Party members. Another commenter, Harvey Paul, posted a link to the same site in the ‘posts to page’.

Here’s why: As good UKIP members, it seems they have been ordered to use this issue – and the site, which was originally created by the British National Party, so now you know for sure on which side of the political fence UKIP sits! – to stir up public feeling against decent, law-abiding Labour members such as Yr Obdt Srvt.

The following article by Still Laughing At UKIP (SLATUKIP) lays it all out. It is published here in full, with apologies to the originators, because the issue is so important and the behaviour of UKIP and its members has been so utterly vile. You may see the occasional interjection in bold type; this will be a warning about the kind of material you may see if you click on certain links.

Here is the article:

Not many things shock us, but UKIP’s latest tactics to score political points on the back of a tragedy that has rocked our country, and use it to their advantage, is truly the lowest we have seen them go so far.

This morning (15/09) we were shown this tweet [do not click on this if you are of a nervous disposition; the image is appalling and may trigger a very strong emotional response] made by an account which is often tweeting pro-UKIP propaganda, and which was ‘favourited’ by our old friend Robin Cook.


We’re not going to reproduce the image of the screenshot we have here, or tweet it, because it’s so utterly vile and deserves no coverage. This is the worst we have seen in a continuous stream of memes and images attacking the Labour Party, and those who oppose UKIP, or those who oppose racial hatred directed at innocent Muslims.

Here are some other examples.

labour (2)

rape away

The following screenshot is crazy.

Child abuse exclusive to Labour areas only? I know most of UKIP’s support is misguided, but this?



labour safe






In this one, UKIP is referring to BNP propaganda ‘Labour25′ that was doing the rounds over the years.

bnp ukip

Here ‘Tommy Robinson’ ex leader of the EDL gets involved and shows his support.


And all this is seemingly legitimised by people like Jane Collins MEP, who seems to be able to refer to Labour as the ‘Paedophile Protection Party’? We’ve blogged about her before.

We ask this. If UKIP feel this is how to run a political campaign, by accusing everyone who opposes them of being paedophiles, or paedophile protectors/appeasers etc, then what are they actually capable of in power?

Of course, they are now using this to their advantage in Heywood and Middleton by-election. No surprise there!

Please take note of the names of all those who posted the tweets and comments quoted here. If you see those names elsewhere on the social media, feel free to tell other readers exactly what they are.

Regarding the Rotherham abuse case, SLATUKIP has also published what must be the most level-headed response to the hysteria that has been bandied about in the mainstream media and by UKIP’s stooges. Here it is:

Watching the news, the sheer number of child abuse victims mentioned in the report released by Rotherham Borough Council is monstrous.  Today, a four-digit figure, and the suffering it represents, may have unshakably left a mark on the psyche of the British people – 1400.  And rightly so – there is a danger of us all, liberal, or conservative, UKIP or non-UKIP, seeing this through the lens of social politics; prioritising the defending/attacking of the ‘PC cover-up’ theory over quiet reflection on the plight of the victims.  We are determined not to do this and trust that others will not either, regardless of political affiliation.  After appropriate time for reflection has passed, we can have a sensible, non-partisan debate about the causes of this unfathomably prolonged and heinous tragedy.

Thank you and take care.

If you were a UKIP sympathiser before reading this, how do you feel now? Sickened to the depths of your stomach? This is the political organisation that tricked the electorate into giving it more than 20 seats in the European Parliament last Spring; this is the party that likes to use – and identify itself with – far-right-wing BNP material to smear its opponents; this is the party that thinks it is all right to score political points using paedophilia.

Who’s willing to bet Farage will turn up to deny having anything to do with it?

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