Ministry of Justice loses secret information that was sent through the post

The death of Mark Duggan (inset) led to the riots of 2011 [Image: Daily Telegraph].

The death of Mark Duggan (inset) led to the riots of 2011 [Image: Daily Telegraph].

The Ministry of Justice has admitted that data from three semi-secret inquiries has gone missing on discs that were – get this – lost in the post.

According to the BBC, the missing material – which the Ministry of Justice says went missing after being sent in the post – relates to three investigations that examined the roles of police in the death of members of the public.

Two inquiries relate to fatal police shootings of crime suspects in London – Mark Duggan and Azelle Rodney. The third relates to the 1997 murder of Robert Hamill in Northern Ireland, which campaigners allege involved the collusion of police officers.

In each inquiry there were witnesses, including police officers, who were given anonymity because of possible threats to their safety – but officials have refused to confirm whether any of the missing documents include personal information relating to these witnesses.

This is yet another bungle by a failing Ministry of Justice under a failing Justice Minister – in fact, his nickname is an admission of this: Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling.

The Azelle Rodney case involved a mid-level career criminal who was shot dead by armed officers of the Metropolitan Police on April 30, 2005. In July 2013 a judicial inquiry found that the Authorised Firearms Officer who fired the fatal shots had “no lawful justification” for opening fire. The case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine whether a prosecution should be launched. On July 30, 2014, the CPS announced that they had made the decision to charge the officer with murder.

We should all remember the case of Mark Duggan. He was the young man whose death sparked the riots in London – and subsequently across the UK – in the summer of 2011. The official story of Duggan’s death has undergone numerous changes, drawing criticism and suspicion from Duggan’s family, residents of Tottenham, and other supporters. These critics accuse police of misconduct and of failing to cooperate with investigating Duggan’s death. Shortcomings in the police response have also been blamed for stoking the riots, and for fueling ongoing discontent, with Duggan’s supporters stating “there can be no peace without justice”.

(Information on both these cases is from Wikipedia).

If this writer was entrusted with the delivery of documents that may include material identifying key witnesses who had been given public anonymity, the last thing I’d consider is sending it via the recently-privatised Royal Mail!

There is huge potential for – let’s call it – mischief in this matter – and we cannot discount the possibility that the Tory-run Ministry of Justice is behind some of it.

We may await the ‘outing’ of some of these anonymous witnesses with a sense of inevitability.


  1. Jeffery Davies January 29, 2015 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Just like that hole that swallows up letters going to the dwp which are registered never showing up
    are they now saying the royal mail now own by the yanks.
    are reading these discs ouch but there again greyling failing isnt fit for perpose jeff3

  2. Mr.Angry January 29, 2015 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Well well how strange nothing surprises me any more with this bunch. Grayling the swivel eyed orang-utan has as much knowledge of law as gideon has on finance and the economy. Heaven help us all if we have to suffer a further five years.

    If my memory serves me well I think grayling was an x PR man just look at his eyes pure evil. Prisons overcrowded, prison suicide rates on the increase, prison officers in fear of their lives. Sorry i cannot give these individuals a capital letter to their names it is not deserved.

    Legal aid destroyed, private court sessions what the hell have they done sheer evil in the making.

    • NMac January 29, 2015 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      Excellent description of the loathsome Grayling.

  3. holmey January 29, 2015 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    This just wouldn’t have happened, papers of this nature would have a security rating that meant they would never get sent by the normal postal service, security cleared home office civil service couriers would have handled these documents.

    Pull the other one Ministry of So Called Justice :(

  4. loobitzh January 29, 2015 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    Whats the probability of this data not being backed up digitally?!!!! its 2015 for christ sake not 1930’s

    Oh perhaps the ‘Terrorists’ who are Terrorising the uk citizens think they have not only been able to roll back the clock to Britain 1930s metaphorically but physically too!! in relation to their deranged agenda.

    sociopaths create their own delusional worlds and believe somehow that its real… so Nothing Surprises Me Anymore!!!! Tossers!!!! ( And I dont swear)

  5. Thomas M January 30, 2015 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Hopefully they won’t send the disc with everyone in witness protection through the post or people will end up getting murdered.

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