‘Two-kitchens Miliband’, Tories? At least he didn’t use public cash like Cameron!

There is a skill to political attacks; you have to pick your target very carefully, know that attacking it won’t backfire on you, and you have to make it effective.

The Conservative Party has clearly forgotten all this as it is currently firing blindly into the darkness in the vain hope that it will hit something… and this is a vain hope as it is firing blanks.

Look at yesterday’s attack on Labour leader Ed Miliband, who is apparently so rich he can afford to spend the money he has earned on a second kitchen at his home:


It might be enough to fool the unwary, but has everybody forgotten David Cameron’s little kitchen secret? The Guardian reported it, back in 2011, when it stated that Cameron “has spent more than £680,000 of public money renovating Downing Street in the year that his government inflicted the biggest ever spending cuts across the public sector… including £30,000 for work he and his wife, Samantha, carried out on the No 11 flat last summer.

“The centrepiece of their revamp was the kitchen.”

Just so you can compare and contrast, here’s how the Cameron kitchen looked after the £30,000 revamp for which we paid:

The Cameron kitchen in Downing Street after a £30,000 renovation, funded by the taxpayer, in 2011. Sofa modelling by America's First Lady and some woman who works for a company of tax avoiders.

The Cameron kitchen in Downing Street after a £30,000 renovation, funded by the taxpayer, in 2011. Sofa modelling by America’s First Lady and some woman who works for a company of tax avoiders.

It seems Ed Miliband’s claim to be a man of the people is more secure than David Cameron’s!

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19 thoughts on “‘Two-kitchens Miliband’, Tories? At least he didn’t use public cash like Cameron!

  1. Andy Robertson-Fox

    Ah yes, but Miliband spent it on his own home whereas Cameron dıdn’t. The expendıture was on the Prıme Minister’s official resıdence and which Miliband hopes he might soon occupy……

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      … because Cameron was living there at the time. The question is, should the state really be spending that kind of public money on itself at a time when the public who provided that money are being subjected to (state-imposed) austerity?

      1. Andy Robertson-Fox

        I thınk when you read the artıcle fully and apprecıate that the requırement was ın replacıng ıtems that had not been dealt wıth ın fıfty years and constıtute a health and safety hazard ın what ıs also a lısted buıldıng then the answer ıs that the spendıng of publıc money ıs justıfıable.
        Personally I couldn’t care less if two kitchens Miliband is trying to outdo two-jags Prescott or not……..

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I don’t know of many kitchens that have items whose replacement costs £30 grand.
        I think the requirement was in boosting Cameron’s puffed-up pride in himself.

      3. Andy Robertson-Fox

        Depends on the qualıty of the fıttıngs but of course, accorıdıng to The Guardıan the 30k was the annual grant for the upkeep of the living accommodation and was used for No 11 Downing Street…..guess the kitchen must have been neglected by the previous occupants…wonder what they spent theır annual 30 grand on amıdst the fınancıal crısıs?.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        That still doesn’t explain why it was being used for this purpose during a time of austerity. Really, Andy, you must keep up.
        Anyway, that’s enough discussion on whether Cameron was right to spend whopping great wodges of our cash on cookers and whatnot.

      5. Andy Robertson-Fox

        Agree that ıs enough dıscussıon on a renovatıon and restoratıon progrmme authorısed ın 2006 by the then government and of whıch thıs 30k was a part of the costıngs…bye for now!

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        Then why did you mention that programme, which was authorised before the financial crisis and should have been suspended until after the country could afford it again? Don’t answer that – I think we all know.

  2. Rob

    The thing that struck me most about this was how quickly the story changed from ‘look at the joyless puritans in their bare kitchen’ to ‘look at the extravagance of these champagne socialists’.
    We have always been at war with Eurasia. We have never been at war with Eastasia.

  3. daijohn

    But who, outside of the readers of your blog, will be aware of the riposte? The right to reply balance is lost on the tabloids. In other words get the cr*p out there and b****cks to whether or not it is journalistically correct. The great unwashed will only remember the headlines and will be unaware of the tucked away correction.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought of this.
      However, you do make a good point. All I can say it I use the outlet available to me.

  4. Pete B

    When will IDS propose a kitchen tax,or remove the kitchen subsidy on those with more than one kitchen.Excluding himself of course.

  5. wildswimmerpete

    GCHQPressOffice tweets Ed “Two Kitchens” Miliband man of the people attempt backfires…………..

    Isn’t GCHQ a Government department, supposed to be neutral? Of course we can easily answer that. GCHQ and the rest of the UK’s intelligence community aren’t politically neutral but very strongly right-wing. For as long I remember (and that’s back to the early Sixties) the spooks have repeatedly attempted to sabotage Labour administrations. I recollect many attempts to unseat Old Gravel Voice (Wilson) and Tony Benn.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Uh, Pete? That’s CCHQ – as in “Conservative Central Headquarters” – not GCHQ, which is “Government Communication Headquarters”.

  6. Kayla

    I know this doesn’t apply in Miliband’s case as he is non-practicing but very orthodox jews often have 2 kitchens – it makes adhering to the no meat & dairy contaminating the same utensils (including fridges & ovens etc) laws much simpler.

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