Time to ‘out’ nationalist harassment – this intimidation of voters must stop

Yet again, reports are being made of Scottish nationalists who seem to want the letters ‘SNP’ to be synonymous with ‘intimidation’.

It’s electoral fraud, folks – and also, obviously, a crime of harassment.

The perpetrator in the current case appears to be serial accoster Piers Doughty-Brown, whose misbehaviours have been chronicled in a Torygraph article, and whose tactics can be verified on a YouTube video, attributed to him.

The video was shot by the perpetrator, so there is no way of knowing whether this is mild behaviour for this person.

Yesterday evening, the following tweet appeared on This Writer’s Twitter feed, from a Scottish campaigner for the Labour Party, Kayleigh Quinn: “Just spent another morning being ‘hunted’ (his own word) by Piers Doughty-Brown. This isn’t politics anymore.”

Asked who the self-styled ‘hunter’ was (‘stalker’ would be a more accurate word, perhaps), she elaborated: “A Nat who keeps turning up to our events to shout. He filmed my team in Feb, even when we were talking to voters in their house.”

The responses were almost universally condemnatory. Democratic Scot tweeted: “It IS illegal to follow anyone and place them in distress- why are @policescotland no[t] acting?”

Aric Gilinsky tweeted: “The SNP activists attempting to prove they aren’t British by being as rude as possible are a cancer on Scotland.”

And ‘Queen of the Flumps’ added: “Since when is it alright for anyone to be so aggressive and harassing? Typical #SNP behaviour.”

It is not all right for anyone to harass people like this.

Needless to say, the conversation attracted a nationalist ‘troll’. This one called himself Ian Hardie. At first he justified the harassment by tweeting: “Whoops forgot your party doesn’t like democracy, does it, now run along.”

Then he descended to the abuse for which SNP supporters are justly infamous: “Tick Tock, Tick Tock, End of Labour, Tick Tock… Yer party is all washed up, oh What a Shame… Full of Sh**e as Usual… Unionist Scum.”

What a charming gentleman!

He wasn’t even deterred when ‘Pale Green’ tweeted: “You *do* realise that Nicola Sturgeon wants a ‘Liebour’ government, don’t you?”

It seems clear that these people aren’t going to be deterred from this behaviour unless concerted action is taken.

At risk of opening the floodgates, feel free to send examples of similar harassing behaviour – on the social media and in real life – to this blog. Let’s build up a database of the perpetrators and get something done about this.

Maybe it will also force the SNP itself to acknowledge the atrocious tactics of its adherents.

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7 thoughts on “Time to ‘out’ nationalist harassment – this intimidation of voters must stop

  1. Steve Grant

    This sort of intimidation is more suited to dictatorships of Africa or banana republics ….

    1. John Gaines

      “Tories today revealed they are bringing youth members of America’s Republican Party to help their campaign in the final week in key marginals, including Enfield North. The Young Republican National Federation is organising the trip to begin on May 2”

      That is hexactly what the Tories are running…A dictatorship:

      I guess that all those nice Coloured People in Enfield North need to find pastures new for a period, the GOP/TP Demented carnival freaks, who shoot Law abiding Coloured people in the back, rig fake trials to get them into chain gangs for slave Labour, and consistently abuse their Children, are coming to get you; by invitation of the Mad and Bad Tory party.

      But then, we have experience of that, don’t we. the no good Duggan was executed by our own Death Squads, only just around the corner.

      You know what to do with these Yank Sons of Draft Dodgers, don’t you Boys.

      Nuff said, Eh!

  2. Florence

    There were reports of similar behaviour during the referendum, and the “no” voters being scared to be open about their intentions (?I think it was on Newsnight?). It may still be true now, and on-line bullying attempts are further attempts to intimidate, but the question remains – what IS is all about? What IS the SNP agenda, real or imagined, that motivates / enables these bullies to carry on like that without censure by the SNP?

  3. Chris

    Ah the beasts of the north in full kilt swinging charge.

    Welcome to real politics on the ground.

    If you can’t take the heat, don’t go into the kitchen.

    Politics sucks.

  4. Joan Edington

    I dare say this might be going on in some parts of Scotland but it is far from the truth in my constituency. The SNP pair up experienced canvassers with any new ones to make sure they know the proper practices and canvassing and leafleting is being done in a casual and friendly manner. It reminds me of how these things were done when I was young, rather than the dog-eat-dog methods of today.
    As for the comment about “no” voters being scared to open their mouths. The fact that it was the BBC’s Newsnight says it all.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This isn’t about SNP canvassers; it’s about SNP supporters following canvassers from other parties and harassing them.
      The situation might not occur in your constituency but if it happens anywhere, it is a disgrace to the party whose supporters are responsible.

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