Chuka Umunna has lost his grip on reality

Transformation: Chuka Umunna's fall from grace is accelerating; he has stopped making sense altogether.

Transformation: Chuka Umunna’s fall from grace is accelerating; he has completely stopped making sense.

This Writer welcomes Chuka Umunna’s latest attempt to show defiance against Jeremy Corbyn.


Anyone who knows what he said will see very clearly that he has lost his grip on reality altogether.

Have a glance at the following:

Chuka Umunna, the former shadow business secretary, who withdrew from the leadership campaign early in the contest, said he would vote on his conscience whatever the leadership decides and is minded to vote in favour of the government’s plans.

“My own personal view is that where are our national security is threatened it would be wrong simply to leave it to others to deal with it,” he said.

Unfortunately for Chuka, that’s not what is being suggested. We aren’t facing a simple choice between air strikes on Syria and doing nothing at all, and any claim that we are is misleading. Chuka seems to think this is the case. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has made it perfectly clear that there are alternatives. Chuka is ignoring them. Draw your own conclusions

“We can’t ignore the barbarity of this death cult, who throw gay people off buildings, systematically rape women, [and] carry out mass executions.”

Nobody is ignoring the barbarity of Daesh (IS if you like). Suggestions of that kind belittle the work being done in the UK to find a practical solution that will end it forever, rather than simply perpetuating the cycle – which is what David Cameron is attempting. Chuka is ignoring the facts of the situation.

Now, do I think that military action – and by the way I am minded to support military intervention, but we have yet to see the wording of the motion – is going to resolve this conflict? Of course not.

Chuka directly contradicts himself in the course of two sentences. He thinks he might support military intervention, knowing that it won’t resolve the conflict.

But what I do think it can do in the interim is … start to dismantle what Isil are doing.”

No, it will simply turn more people into terrorists, in response to the murder of their innocent families and friends – as Mr Corbyn has been saying all along.

Chuka is, of course, the Labour MP who thought it would be a good idea to bring arch-Tory Michael Heseltine into a future Labour government as an adviser, when it seemed Labour might win the general election in May this year.

In summary: Chuka Umunna – Phew! What a loonie!

Source: Jeremy Corbyn warns rebels: I’m not going anywhere over Syria | Politics | The Guardian

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12 thoughts on “Chuka Umunna has lost his grip on reality

  1. ian725

    When it all goes wrong and Pear Shaped (and it will unfortunately) if strikes go ahead without full back up on the ground. lets see how many of these politicians wish to be heard then. History shows that the Military have taken the can for the short period of glory gained by politicians time and time again.

  2. gfranklinpercival

    The poor boy is merely angry. He had thought that he had bought himself a place in the permanent governing class and is now peeved that this appears not to be the case. He can always resign the labour whip.

  3. Christopher Richard Jones

    We can not afford another war
    I served 12 years in the army before the cuts pushed me out of the job and carer i loved.
    I still talk to my buddies in the forces and although i would love to return to my old job there comments tell me other wise. They are demoralised stretched and over worked. The government cut the man power but not the work load so now every solider under the rank of Sgt has 4 time the amount of work they used too.
    Before i was made redundant the budgets for training were cut to the point where only those going on operations got trained and the rest of us got the basic yearly MAT’s and sometimes just ticks in the box to say we passed. The officers are careerist and when asked anything will suck up to government ask the soldiers wives and you will get the truth.
    The other reason why I say we should not go in is because the 3 super powers who are already there, China, Russia and the USA. If we turn up we would run the risk of hitting each other through mistake or more insidious reasons we do not want blue on blue. As experienced in Kosovo in 1999 there was a heated stand off on the ground between the Russians and British forces because the Americans wanted the airport. Not fun to be on that. It was General Jackson who had the balls to say let the Russians have it.
    What would I think would be acceptable?
    What I would suggest is we deploy our navy on a basis of sending hospital and humanitarian aid ships and enough security for those ships
    No ground troops. No logistic support, no armour not bombers. Only what is needed for the following to do there job and to secure the ships.
    I would also deploy our intelligence agencies to hunt down and find out the bankers and countries that are moving the funds and cut them off.
    And lastly i would deploy our own special forces as part of a rapid reaction force to rescue any pilots from allied forces and get them home. We need to get this country back on the harts and minds. General Jackson was the best General i served under he was one of us the others that took over were worthless and that goes even more so for lord Dannet. We need to go to Syria but we should go as humanitarian’s not killers.
    Vote no on Cameron’s push but replace it with a better plan I know my idea would possibly mean nothing but I would feel better knowing i would never need to done a black suit and medals to say good bye to any of my buddies again
    One thing this PM needs to learn is degrees of aggression something Tony Blair did not know ether. ISIS is a death cult that’s been well equipped and financed but its not a professional army we and the media are giving them too much credit. you would not use a mortar bomb to squish a spider no matter how big it was.

    1. Ian Johnson

      I enjoyed reading your comments and I respect your views. This PM cares nothing for the armed forces and, like everyone else, he sees them as merely a means to an end in his quest to create a feudal nation while he and his billionaire backer friends live off the fat of the land for the rest of their days. Evil Tory b*****ds!

  4. Neil Suchak


  5. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    Indiscriminate bombing is unlikely to achieve any positive result but it will without doubt kill many innocent people including children. Where do IS obtain their weapons and who manufactures them? IS fanatics can easily hide beneath the desert and in caves etc. If France, Russia and America can’t achieve a satisfactory result by bombing what difference would our entry make? The only way to really get at IS would be with ground troops and, with that dreadful thought in mind, it really does seem better to let Syria sort out its own problems. We need to keep up our vigilance in this country as we have no idea how many Jihadists there are hiding away waiting for an opportunity to cause more mayhem here.

  6. katie

    After the debacle in the Commons today, it would not surprise me I f2f it was a no vote, they ain’t happy bunnies on all sides.

    I personally don’t think it’s a good idea. For many reasons,the main one is we don’t know our enemies,except for the name, no 1 rule is know your enemy.

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