This is obviously satire – although the last line isn’t.

“So much for the ‘new politics’,” is how one Twitter wag (who shall remain nameless) greeted This Writer, when I dared to suggest that Mr Jarvis should shut his cake-hole.

Perhaps it’s how his supporters were all briefed to respond.

Dan Jarvis – a man who is touted as being a future Labour leader by the sort of people who tipped Liz Kendall to be the same thing – has said that Labour must once more return to being the party of hollow, headline-grabbing buzzwords.

Speaking at a think-tank (‘think-tank’ being a political term for ‘concept-convoluter’ – ‘concept-convoluter’ being a fancy term for ‘load of old b****cks’), Jarvis said that Labour must once more make it clear that they are the party of community, family, and work.

Unfortunately for Mr Jarvis, a member of the public had somehow managed to weasel their way into the room, and instead of nodding and smiling because Dan was saying the sort of things that attract big donations from hedge fund managers (Jarvis having attracted tens of thousands from them already), they had the gall to question what these buzzwords actually meant.

In response, Dan Jarvis and everyone else in the room just turned to look at the uppity pleb and shook their heads.

“So much for the ‘new politics,” the lot of them said in unison.

Source: Labour Must Once More Become The Party of Empty Buzzwords, Says Dan Jarvis | The Hourly Terrier