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    1. Mike Sivier

      Yes I have. I had intended to include a link to it in the article but that just shows what waking up with a migraine does to a writer. I have to take Mrs Mike’s mother to hospital later, too. Hopefully it will be gone by then.

  1. ellie guest

    will they charge you a fee if you are not in as the EOS Electric company does . neighbor has been threatened to have supply disconnected for refusing to pay £110 for 3 letters …only owes £70 for used electricity

  2. Joanna

    Like I said before get them on video, as I understand perfectly legal, then upload onto Youtube, then sit back and watch their indignation and outcry!!! Most of all enjoy the outcome!

  3. jaypot2012

    It’s bloody frightening when this coalition deem it fine to go into people’s homes and terrorize yet more disabled, long term sick, unemployed and working people.
    They would get a swift boot up the jacksi if they tried that here with me – and then I would have the police around pretty damn quick.
    The way this government are sinking to such lengths is deplorable, they are not far off sending us to our doom in specially built “workhouses”.
    The most sickening thing is that the majority of the people in this country couldn’t care less and that makes me ashamed to be a part of the human race as I would do anything I could to help my fellow man if they needed it 🙁
    It’s a sad state of affairs when people are terrorized in their own homes by bullies who ought to be ashamed of themselves – I wonder how they can sleep at night for their 50 pieces of silver…

  4. Florence

    Of course I object. Only Customs & Excise have the power for unfettered powers of access, and even that was OTT as far as I was concerned. I do not disagree with powers of entry etc, where there is the suspicion (well founded) of slavery, people trafficking and abuse, sexual exploitation, child protection in extreme cases. That list has noting to do with benefit claimants and this move by the DWP to tighten the screws on us all. They have no right of entry, but can use that as yet another excuse to sanction benefits.

    Let’s ask the question, if this was the Inland Revenue, and you were *randomly” selected for dawn raids, with non-compliance leaving you destitute, what would be the response from the press?

    Yet another stress factor for us all to endure, along with poverty, and with the introduction of PIP and loss of mobility allowances, enforced solitary confinement in the home, isolation, and lack of access to care.

  5. amnesiaclinic

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    Thanks Mike and hope the migraine has gone. If you havn’t read Nick Cook’s excellent book, ‘The Hunt for Zero Point’ to see how the myth that the nazis were defeated in the 2nd ww is smoke and mirrors and how they just migrated to america. No theories, just hard-won facts.

  6. Tony Dean

    I purchased one of the T-shirts at the top of the article which went into production shortly after IDS had used the term:- “Work Frees You,” three times in one day.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Have you bought the Vox Political books yet? I would not object if you did that three times in one day either (they’re great presents)! 😉

  7. Ann Archy

    They have always been able to do this, especially in cases of suspected fraud. The DWP are merely updating their website.

    1. Mike Sivier

      They couldn’t just turn up on your doorstep and demand your documents. That’s new, and there’s an element of discourtesy about it at the very least.

  8. jim ross

    is this not illegal though as you have the right to refuse to let them in as it is against human rights is there any way you can refuse to let them in?

  9. david pearce

    my only id is a disabled bus pass. Passport £100 don’t think so. If I did have one they’d say I was getting too much money, and would want to know why I wanted one. Benefit letter only one is telling me I’m not entitled as partner already gets IS/IB. Guess I’ll be off for one of Mr smiths famous showers

  10. HomerJS

    I’m starting to think that that Godwin guy must have been a really annoying person!

    On a side note Mike, have you ever come across Simpol. Might be worthy of an article, especially in the context of encouraging people to use their vote.


  11. Smiling Carcass

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    I watched an audience participation program back in the 1980s; on it was a German who remembered Nazism (bog off, Godwin!) and explained how Tory policy, even back in the days of Thatcher were synonymous with Nazi philosophy and policy.

  12. Natalie Graham

    At one time we would see Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union depicted on TV and films and one of the most awful things was the way the knock on the door would come from state officials demanding entry and to see the person’s documents. We used to be appalled at the horror of the state demanding entry into someone’s home and the fear in which those regimes held their people by such actions. We used to feel thankful that we lived in Britain where we were safe and knew things like that could never happen . How wrong we were.

  13. Sheogorath

    Mike Sivier said: Anyone invoking Godwin’s Law will receive special treatment* for doing so inappropriately.
    I think you already invoked Godwin’s Law, but don’t worry. If one of the ConDems’ goons shows up at my door and says, “I’m only following orders,” I’ll reply with, “So were the KGB under Stalin.”

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