Desperate John Mann falsely denounces Jewish doctor’s letter criticising him

John Mann.

John Mann.

Here’s some bad news for John Mann and all his followers – Zionist or not – who have been saying Dr Sam Glatt’s letter attacking him was a forgery: It wasn’t.

The first I heard about the latest false claim was in a comment to This Blog by a person called David Collier, who describes himself on his own website as “100% a Zionist”.

It referred to my previous publication of Dr Glatt’s open letter in which he said John Mann MP’s claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party were attention-seeking and politically-motivated.

Mr Collier wrote: “oh dear. It is a forgery. A con. Written it seems by a non Jewish Momentum activist. People on the radical left forging ‘Jewish documents’ that are used to spread the disease of antisemitism.Where have we seen this before?

“One would hope at some point you realise how far down the slippery slope some have fallen.”

Right back at you, Mr Collier!

I did a little checking of my own, with the online sources I used for my article, and am grateful to Tony Greenstein for doing all the work.

It seems that Dr Glatt’s invitation to Mr Mann – “So, please feel free to denounce me, though, I suspect, that you lack the moral and political courage to do so” – has been taken up by the MP, who wrote the following on his Facebook page:


Mr Greenstein was preparing to write a public acceptance that he had made a mistake when “I was made aware of a tweet from a Dr Alan Maddison, a friend of Dr Glatt, who insisted that the letter was genuine.

“After corresponding with Dr Maddison it was clear that there were grounds for questioning whether the the letter was a forgery.   Alan gave me the phone number of Dr Glatt and I spoke to both him and Graham Martin.  It became clear to me very quickly that the original letter was not a forgery.”

He went on to copy both a typed draft of a second letter by Dr Glatt and the letter itself, which is handwritten “in best doctor’s handwriting”. Here it is (I have obscured his address for reasons I hope are obvious):


Here’s a typed version which may be easier to read:

“Dear Mr Mann,

“Thank you for your letter.

“Let me say immediately that it was a joint effort with Graham Martin and I acknowledge full responsibility for the contents.

“If the language appears to you to be robust in places I can only reply that the incidents you were involved seriously undermine the character of at least two persons and reduce the chances of victory in the forthcoming general election.

“Graham Martin shared my concern and was a great help in assembling the facts in each case.

“It is physically difficult for me to visit people but I am in full possession of my mental faculties and certainly not a puppet of Graham’s. Although I am 90 years old I must repeat that I am not demented and in no way a puppet of Graham’s.

“There is one word in your letter which is sheer invention on your part. I have  never said or written that I despise you or hate you. I want to make that absolutely clear.

“Your expressed view that Jackie Walker and those who support her should be expelled from the party, I find abhorrent.

“In my opinion this undermining of Corbyn and supporters by weaponising anti-Semitism repeatedly has to stop.  It damages the Labour Party and offends many of its members.

“If a forthright letter from me can stop that, then I will have achieved my object.

“Yours sincerely,

“Sam Glatt”

Mr Greenstein also posts the text of this article by Dr Maddison in support of Dr Glatt, which may also provide illumination for those who wish to be enlightened.

Finally, Mr Greenstein made an excellent point, which may be applied to many Zionist attacks on their opponents: They rely on ad hominem responses, attacking the man in order to undermine the message.

He wrote: “Even John Mann is going to have difficulty alleging that the second letter is a forgery since it is written, in best doctor’s handwriting (!) by Dr Glatt himself.  I just hope that Mr Mann is hungry as he has an awful lot of humble pie to consume.

“John Mann’s allegations of a forgery are classic Zionist tactics.  It’s all an anti-Zionist conspiracy!  Attack the messenger and avoid the message.  Instead of coming to terms with what Dr Glatt was saying, that he was falsely accusing people like Jackie Walker and Ken Livingstone of anti-Semitism and also destroying the chances of Labour electorally, Mann did what we have come to expect from him.  He sought to evade the message by attacking the man.”

That applies also to supporters of John Mann like Mr Collier.

Source: Tony Greenstein’s Blog: A Desperate John Mann MP Tries to Undermine 90 year old Jewish Doctor’s Letter by Falsely Alleging It was a Forgery

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9 thoughts on “Desperate John Mann falsely denounces Jewish doctor’s letter criticising him

  1. tom

    As i mentionned in the previous article.
    Mr Mann should have the honnesty to aknowledge the letters
    Should offer his resignation
    Mr Mann when in a hole stop digging

  2. Lin Wren

    There really are some extremely nasty ppl around who actually think we want to listen to them. Well John Mann we do not wish to inflicted with your BS. Go away & leave decent ppl alone.

  3. Pat Sheehan

    Politics truly is literally a ‘war of words’ these days with many so called ‘politicians’ and their ardent supporters resorting to the most despicable attacks on individuals and institutions using the vilest weapons of mass obfuscation ever devised: those ancient and ever dependable devices of hate and vitriol, lies and deceit: always to hand. The fall-out from all of this is too horrific for many innocent bystanders to observe and they have closed their eyes and ears and minds to everything. The ever more complex plotting, scheming, manipulating and manoeuvring going on now by those in positions of authority and power aided by the mainstream media smokescreen to support and provide cover for those attacking forces and their ever more devious efforts to deceive has created a ‘virtual word war game’ in our daily lives. So this is war then and this is how war is waged in the early stages: before the disparate and the desperate reach for their triggers and their ‘buttons’. It requires a very patient, considerate and dedicated observer these days to divine the truth from the fiction being delivered daily by the shedload to gullible members of the UK voting public.

  4. mohandeer

    I’m sorry, but I am confused. John Mann ‘phoned and spoke to Dr. Glatt “who was mortified to hear what had been written in his name” but now Dr. Glatt writes a letter that doesn’t even mention the conversation? Dr. Glatt denied to Mr. Mann, he knew who had written it and what had been written?
    Has Mann made up the ‘phone call to Dr. Glatt, or just misrepresented what Dr. Glatt said during the ‘phone call? Did Dr. Glatt, genuinely not know what he supposedly co-authored? If Mann is lying through his teeth, then your article does not go far enough to make this clear.
    The whole matter is looking rather spurious and has worked in favour of Mr. Mann, unless of course, Dr. Glatt speaks up with regard the alleged telephone conversation.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      As third parties, neither I nor Mr Greenstein can comment on any telephone conversation that may have taken place between John Mann and Dr Glatt.
      Since the MP’s claim about the veracity of the first letter has been denounced by Dr Glatt, however, I can certainly draw my own conclusions about his other comments.

  5. gary pears

    Zionism is Rothschildism! The labour party should not have agents working for ends other than the interests of the British people,new labour was full of Zionists,Just as the American political system is,nobody with citizenship to another country should be allowed to represent the interests of the British people,its common sense not to elect spies! Especially spies for a country that has no regard for international law or human life,I would like to add that I am not an anti Semite,Zionism hides behind Judaism and has never acted in the true interests of the Jewish people

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m interested in your claim that “Zionism is Rothschildism” – that’s not an allusion to some mythical banking conspiracy, is it?

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