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A Vox Political reader recently complained because this picture is such an extreme close-up. The point is that the microphone makes him look like Hitler, of course.

A Vox Political reader recently complained because this picture is such an extreme close-up. The point is that the microphone makes him look like Hitler, of course.

What a pathetic figure of fun Nigel Farage really is.

This poster-boy for xenophobia called a demonstration, march and rally for the day the Supreme Court would consider the government’s appeal against allowing democracy into the Brexit negotiations, earlier this month.

He said it was to support the government’s attempt to stop Lords and MPs from delaying Brexit, but in fact it would have been a bid to defy democracy.

The High Court had ruled that Parliament should have democratic oversight of the Brexit process, with a vote on whether to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, that begins a two-year process of decoupling from the European Union.

So it was a march in opposition to democracy, to be led by a charismatic xenophobe. Of course it was going to attract far-right-wing organisations.

And it seems individuals linked to the BNP, EDL and Britain First had signalled they may join the demonstration.

So now – having learned about this, it seems the organisers at Leave.EU have developed a bad case of cold feet and decided to stay at home, rather than put on their marching shoes.

They have said the idea did not get far into the planning stage before being ditched as unfeasible.

You know how this looks, I hope.

It looks as though Farage opened his mouth too wide, said something he couldn’t support, and then walked away.

He blew a load of hot air about how he, personally, was going to mobilise 100,000 people to ensure he would get his way on Brexit – which is, eerily, exactly the same as what Theresa May wants – but could not actually deliver.

Anybody can talk big.

I could say Vox Political is the most influential blog on the planet and has swayed the results of all elections since democracy was adopted, even though the blog was only founded in 2011. I’m sure some people would believe me if I did (I won’t, though. It would provoke unhealthy comparisons with the Freemasons… and The Sun).

Now, with no march taking place, Farage is caught between two unattractive conclusions.

Either he is a far-right-wing would-be dictator who hope to mobilise the masses against democracy.

Or he is a windbag.

Make your choice.

A march on the Supreme Court planned by Nigel Farage and other Brexit campaigners has been cancelled, sources close to the Ukip politician have confirmed.

The demonstration, proposed for the day the court’s judges will consider a crucial Brexit case, was dropped with it never having gone past early planning stages, the source said.

But reports also emerged claiming the event, organised by the Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, was cancelled due to fears that it could be hijacked by far right groups like the EDL and BNP.

At the start of next month, all 11 Supreme Court justices will rule on a government appeal against a High Court judgement forcing Theresa May to give Parliament a vote on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, officially launching Brexit talks.

Leave.EU had said that during the court case thousands would gather for a protest ending in Parliament Square, within sight of the Supreme Court.

Source: Nigel Farage’s Brexit march on Supreme Court cancelled amid claims it might be hijacked by far right groups | The Independent