Tory darling Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes abortion, even after rape

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Good Morning Britain: No to abortion, no to same-sex marriage.

This is the man Conservative Party members want as the next leader of the United Kingdom.

A man so out-of-touch he would force a woman who became pregnant – after being raped – to have the baby.

Saying the law does not currently provide for this means nothing, of course. If he became prime minister, Mr Rees-Mogg would have the ability to force changes – if he so desired.

The admission has prompted outrage on the social media:

Perhaps the most damning comment is the following, which nails exactly the kind of man Mr Rees-Mogg is:

It should sink his chances of ever holding ministerial office, let alone prime ministerial office.

But in the insanity that is British politics, will it?

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18 thoughts on “Tory darling Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes abortion, even after rape

  1. damo

    My god is there one torie ….just one ….who isnt some kind of twisted bitter nasty ….freak…..some kind of sinnister destructive malcontent,miscreant….or just plain out and out wierdo…is there such a thing?????????

  2. Dez

    Think Moggsy should keep his dry humour for “Not the Nine O’clock News” show. He’s a tad heavy for morning shows with that testy buffoon bully Morgan.

  3. joanna

    Let us get real please, He is a product of his upbringing, and yes, he has controversial opinions, that is all they are, opinions.
    Thankfully we live in a country where we can all air our opinions, others are not so lucky!

    Some of your readers might agree with him or not, but he can’t change laws based purely on his opinions, that’s what parliament is supposed to be for isn’t it?

    He should be judged on his policies Not his opinions, fine you don’t agree with them that doesn’t mean they are any less valid than your own.

    Religion is a big part of his life, like Journalism is a big part of yours!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You are aware that a lot of Conservatives currently want him to be the next prime minister, aren’t you?

      That’s the whole point – and one I made in the article. He would be in a position to change the law, based purely on his opinions.

  4. Barry Davies

    Personally I disagree with the stance of rees mogg, but it isn’t just him there are many God botherers who agree with him, as long as religion is around, along with the pc brigade, this will continue to be an argument.

  5. damo

    The specticle of silly dim harmless toff is over thease people have…intent…intent to harm those who they deem there inferiours…mogg like johnson is an imbecile but just like johnson is a nasty devious low cunning harmfull imbecile …can you imageine so poor woman hqveing to carry some poor child the product of a rape how terrible for both mother and child mogg is a stupid scrawney chinless nasty piece of work…god help us if that thing becomes priminnister and knowing how deranged the tories are he mote than likely will be

  6. Zippi

    He could have lied; he didn’t. The issue is his religious conviction, NOT his membership of the Conservative Party. He is not alone in his belief, to which he is entitled, under the law. We may not agree with what he says but we should defend, to the death, his right to say it. I am sure that we all hold beliefs and opinions that would make others throw up their hands in horror but we are not all the same and should learn to live with differences of opinion, instead of branding people in such horrid ways, simply because we happen to disagree with them; this seems to be commonplace online. We are a society and as he said, the democratic majority gets the laws that it desires. Before we start shouting about intolerance, we ought to have a look in the mirror.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He is a member of the party of intolerance, and if he became leader he would be able to force his intolerant beliefs on the rest of us.

      1. Zippi

        His Party might be nasty but he is catholic and was answering questions that were put to him, in the context of his faith. By attacking his beliefs, you are attacking the beliefs of other orthodox catholics. Is this not religious intolerance? The Tories have formed a minority government and I very much doubt, given the anti-catholic history of this country and its Parliament, that he would be able to force any such beliefs onto the rest of us.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Perhaps his beliefs are indicative of religious intolerance; I don’t think criticising them is – especially as people want him to be in a position to make his own religious intolerance into law.

      3. Zippi

        You forget that he said that he is in no position to judge and must not judge. He can hold his beliefs but cannot and must not hold people in contempt; that is what his faith has taught him. Catholics have been in the losing side, when it come to law, for hundreds of years. There is no danger of either of those things, about which he was questioned, changing in law. His beliefs are the teaching of the catholic church. Society has changed, yet you say his beliefs are indicative of religious intolerance; I don’t see how. I thought that he made his position clear and entirely within the context of his faith and how he feels personally, which is what he was asked. The man cannot win, it seems and trust me, I’m no fan of his, or any Tory.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        If his religion forbids him from accepting abortion, then his religion makes him intolerant of it.
        Perhaps you should heed the words of Iain Rowan, of Sunderland, who wrote of Mr Rees-Mogg: “So where is his opposition to welfare cuts on the grounds that Jesus went out of his way to demonstrate his compassion for the poor and the lame? When Jesus says “blessed are the peacemakers”, how does that fit with Rees-Mogg’s consistently voting for military intervention? Where are his statements on executive pay, reminding other MPs that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven? I thought being a committed Christian meant following the teachings of Jesus, rather than standing at the pick-and-mix counter in a sweetshop, only choosing the fizzy snakes.”

      5. Zippi

        Indeed, I totally agree; you have no argument from me, there, as I said, I’m no fan of his, it just seems that he is being pilloried for answering questions honestly, which, for a politician, especially a Tory one, is a very rare thing. As a catholic, he does not stand alone in his beliefs so, are all catholics, again, to be subjected to similar vitriol?

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