POLL: What do people REALLY think about the Labour Party anti-Semitism row?

There are so many aspects to this issue, it is becoming hard to discuss meaningfully.

I was going to write an article about the evidence that shows anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has fallen since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, contrasting that with the increase in anti-Semitic behaviour in the UK generally. This has coincided with an increase in Islamophobia and other forms of hate crime (my personal sphere of interest is mistreatment of people with long-term illnesses and disabilities, as I am a carer for Mrs Mike).

I was also going to share my concern that false and malicious claims of anti-Semitism may cause a serious split in the UK’s Jewish community – between those who believe they harm the fight against genuine instances of hatred against Jews and those who say there aren’t any false claims.

But I was in conversation with a friend earlier, and he made a suggestion that I would like to put to the test here. I can’t tell you what it was, as it would prejudice the result.

It’s time for a poll. Please share it with as many friends as possible, to produce the largest possible number of responses.

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22 thoughts on “POLL: What do people REALLY think about the Labour Party anti-Semitism row?

  1. Gulcheher Phillips

    There’s a conspiracy against Jeremy by the former Blairites and the Tories and the right wing press! We must counter it in all ways possible!

  2. John Lincoln

    The problem with your poll above is that it offers only two options and, moreover, they are delivered as if in opposition to each other – or in competition. They are not. The problem of racism and anti-semitism in the UK is far broader and more nuanced than those to options imply.The result of your poll will be misleading whatever its result.

    1. Zippi

      If anti-Semitism is racism, we must call it that and that alone. That will solve one problem; that of isolating Jews.

  3. jjbanana

    the question is very loaded… If you want it to be taken seriously you need to reword it

  4. aunty1960

    I think it is a purposeful way of trying to kick small bits of dirt into a great height and make a whirlwind from it.

    Corbyn did not manage the mural issue right at the beginning because he had not really seen it.
    Sharing posts, images, historical facts, trying to have serious informed debate is seen as anti semitic if it questions or criticises.It is getting rabid.

    There are real problems and difficulties and racism sexism anti gay, disability discrimination and hate in Labour and socialists which need tackling, and we are stuck on small stuff because they just want an excuse to attack Corbyn.

    Boris Johnson gets away with his outrageous statements everyday and others.

    I do think Islamaphobia (I actually hate that word) and anti-semitism needs to be addressed by Muslim and Jewish people themselves. I cannot say what offends and does not offend, what is important and not important. Its like men talking about sexism and sexual harassment and trying to guess the experience and impact and why it is important, can’t really.

    and then you get women who say I dont mind I like lots of things some women would be horrified with. My lodger and my neigbour have got together and like sex which sounds very extreme and brutal to me. They are both nice people. so each to their own. as long as they keep it to themselves, which they do.

    It would be good to get some voxpop feedback I think a community can only speak for itself. its others who get the vapours and heebeejeebies over small s**t.

  5. thejaffer

    This Antisemitism debate is another ‘Dead Cat’ distraction thrown into the room to distract from Labour’s chance of a landslide victory. It’s thrown into the ring at every opportunity. How about using anti-disableism for a change? Disabled people are being disproportionately targeted at every turn.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes… You are aware that I’ve been highlighting the mistreatment of people with disabilities since 2012, aren’t you?

  6. Vanda

    This is truly worrying. People are now seen to be afraid of voicing any concerns because of bullying and intimidation, whether it be from right wing media or even the right wing of the Labour Party itself. Cries of antisemitism are all too quick to be thrown about. I personally do not believe it’s any worse now than it has been, although I do concede that some people need training into what AS actually is – and that some conspiracy theories actually use AS tropes either on purpose or without realising what they’re doing.

    AS should never be confused with criticism of the Israeli government and it’s policies of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Everyone should feel free to call out Netanyahu and the IDF whenever they cross the line, in the same way that they already feel free to criticise any other government in the world. Personally, I think the Israeli government has a hand in deliberately causing confusion in relation to this matter, so that, in the end, people will be frightened to call them out for their inexcusable actions against the Palestinian people, lest they be labelled antisemitic.

  7. Adam Clifford

    Useful Article.Definitely there needs to be a record of anti-semitism inside and outside the labour party.The statistics I have seen,but can’t remember where,say that antisemitism is less in the labour party than elsewhere,that anti-semitism has decreased under labour.the background of the latest kangaroo court of public opinion need to be treated with relevant facts and information-Christine Shawcross,’the mural’ and Alan Bull.To ‘convict’someone of anti-semitism[so easy in the court of public opinion with reliance on hysteria and ignorance rather than facts/proof/evidence]can people be condemned as anti-semitic on the basis of one poorly detailed situation?Doesn’t seem right.
    Your poll is a good idea and your willingness to learn and adjust is exemplary.

    1. Zippi

      You are right; this is akin to the witch trials. This mural was destroyed in 2012 so, why is it news. As I have said, before, I found out the truth behind it in about five minutes! The mural is NOT anti-Semitic but how many people, since this latest nonsense broke, have heard what the mural is about from the artists mouth, or from anybody else who knows? It is called “False Profits” by an artist called Mear One and you can watch it on youtube.
      Why make allegations of anti-Semitism, 6 years after the event ,about a mural that isn’t anti-Semitic? People are up in arms but do they know why?

  8. the ramblings of a deluded mind

    depending on the issues raised as anti ‘anything’, it is still not enough to just ask if labour weed out or treat as damaging. in effect it is both together. labour has to remember, it is the undecided that the nazis are trying to persuade on this issue not the corby supporters in the party.

    what i think, as an independent from the situation (if there is such a place these days), is that labour now needs to expel those MP’s that are continually attacking corbyn. before that is done it is going to damage the party enough for them to not quite get to the finishing line. I am not a soothe-sayer but this is what I think overall. if you are attacking and trying to undermine the political party you are a member of you have no place in that party. party unity should be for all in the party to follow not just those that agree with the stance taken by the leader. you do not have to like someone to work with him or her. it may help but once you are in the group you need to toe the line.

  9. Zippi

    My preferred option is to treat the claims as racism, pure and simple; that, in itself, I believe, would make it harder for people to scapegoat Jews and weaponise this invented situation and put Jews in danger. Personally, I don’t believe that Jews are discriminated against more than other people but separate them, by making them a special case and you make them sitting ducks. Abandon the concept of anti-Semitism!

  10. Growing Flame

    It is perfectly possible that there are two “truths” here.

    A) Anti-semitism is a serious problem throughout the Western world and can even be found in the Labour Party, where it should be vigorously challenged. And ;——

    B) accusations of anti-semitism are being used to undermine the socialist leadership of the Labour Party by the Conservative media allied with anti-socialists within Labour.

    In my opinion, both are true.

    So far, Corbyn has, rightly, stuck to the attitude that anti-semitism must be completely opposed. Including in the Labour Party. But we still have to point to the hypocrisy of the Tory Party and media while NOT dismissing anti-semitism as a minor issue.

    1. Zippi

      Also, ask yourself why we only hear about racism against Jews in this context and not of any other peoples? Why is this? If the media are to be believed, Jews experience a disproportionate amount of discrimination, which I believe not to be the case. I think that two things are at work, here. 1) To undermine any prospect of there being a socialist government. 2) To make people hate Jews. Why should this be? If we cease to name anti-Semitism and simply say racism, it becomes harder for the accusers to have their Jewish targets on display. As long as we persist in make the case for anti-Semitism and saying that is a problem, it can be weaponised and Jews will be in the headlines, until… whatever end those who are keeping it in the headline have achieved it. we NEVER used to hear about anti-Semitism, now there’s something in the media almost every week. Is this for real?

  11. davespagnol

    I think that if someone is proven to hate Jews (or any other group), there is no place for them in the Labour Party. If they make unwise comments, without fully understanding their significance, then they need educating. However, the people who should be expelled first and foremost are those who knowingly and publicly make false accusations of antisemitism. That would be a large number of MPs, but it would save local CLPs the additional bureaucracy of having to force a reselection ballot.

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