Here’s what we learned last week about the way the Tories are changing the UK. What can we do about it?

Dictator Johnson: like all fascists, the only rights that interest Boris Johnson are his own – which is why he has announced he intends to abolish yours – and stop the courts from ruling that anything he does is illegal.

The last week in UK politics was seismic – in terms of the changes it announced.

Boris Johnson is using the Tories huge Parliamentary majority to change our way of life, fundamentally.

Here’s what they have started. But what can you do about it?

1. The Conservatives are ending your right to protest.

And they announced it at precisely the wrong moment. After a vigil for a woman who had been kidnapped and murdered – allegedly by a policeman – turned into a riot when policemen started attacking the female participants, Home Secretary Priti Patel introduced a new law that allows police to arrest anybody for making a demonstration that is noticed by anybody else.

There’s no point in protesting if you’re not allowed to make enough noise for other people to notice it, of course.

The move has been interpreted – correctly – as an attempt to head off protests against the Conservatives’ planned political changes that will alter the UK from democracy (albeit a not-very-progressive one) into a full-blown dictatorship.

2. The Tories are giving the police huge new powers of oppression

The example I used was the new power to arrest travellers – not for committing a crime, but on suspicion that they might do so in the future. This comes with a power to confiscate their homes.

Priti Patel’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is full of similar increases of oppression, against people in all parts of the UK’s society, we’re told.

3. The Conservatives are continuing to turn a blind eye to crimes against women – especially if they are committed by the police

Hate crime is the trademark of Conservative governments in the UK since 2010. They have stirred up hatred against migrant workers; they’ve stirred it up against people with long-term illnesses and disabilities. Their new Police Bill will stir up more hate against minorities, while failing to protect more than half the population from crime.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill sets the penalty for attacking a statue at 10 years imprisonment. That is twice as long a term as the starting-point sentence for rape.

We discovered this in the same week that a serving police officer walked free from a court after admitting assaulting a woman who was just walking home at night, using his police training to try to wrestle her to the ground while flinging misogynistic verbal abuse at her. His colleagues had tried to ignore her complaint when she first filed it.

Oh, and after we were told the Metropolitan Police had learned its lessons from an incident when two of its officers published WhatsApp posts of them posing with the dead bodies of two murdered women, another Met officer was alleged to have sent a “vile” post about Sarah Everard, while guarding her body.

4. The Conservative government thinks giving £2.6 million to a firm based in a country that is hostile to the UK – for communications equipment (think about it) – is money better-spent than giving nurse’s an above-inflation pay rise in reward for their work against Covid-19.

5. The Tories are hoping to strike trade deals with nations across the word that violate the human rights of their citizens.

Like is attracted to like, it seems; the Tory government is ripping up the human rights of UK citizens.

6. The Conservatives have announced that they will spend billions of pounds adding 65 warheads to the UK’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The UK does not have the facilities needed to fire all of these missiles and in any case it would be madness to do so, as it would certainly lead to the destruction of the entire nation in a retaliatory nuclear inferno.

7. The Conservatives have announced an attack on democracy with a plan to change the voting system at local elections to favour them.

They are using the result of a 2011 referendum – about a different subject – to justify changing the system by which Combined Authority mayors, the mayor of London and police and crime commissioners are elected from a form of proportional representation by which those elected must be supported by more than half of the electorate to the old FPTP (First Past The Post) system by which the candidate with the most votes wins, even if supported by a tiny minority of the electorate.

8. The Tories are following through on their threat to end the separation of powers that prevents the UK from falling into dictatorship, by curbing the courts’ ability to rule government actions illegal.

Boris Johnson was caught breaking the law over Brexit and the prorogation of Parliament in 2019 – when he actually misled the Queen in order to get her to end a Parliamentary session early – and he’s butt-hurt about it.

As a result, he intends to ensure that the courts will not be able to stop him from doing anything he likes in the future – no matter how many laws he breaks.

These are just the highlights – of which the worst must be Boris Johnson’s plan to put himself and his government above the law while subjecting the rest of us to increasing oppression.

The big question now is: what are you going to do about it?

We know that a quarter of the UK’s population is 100 per cent behind Johnson because they voted for him and his party – right? Granted, a small number of them might be wavering now because of the extremism of the changes listed above – and remember, they are only events that happened last week – but there remains a significant rump of Tory support.

About a third of those who are left are children who are too young to have their opinions taken seriously by the political elite.

That leaves around half the UK’s population to stand up for democracy.

But the question remains: How do you protect your freedoms when your right to do so is being taken away?

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9 thoughts on “Here’s what we learned last week about the way the Tories are changing the UK. What can we do about it?

  1. disabledgrandad

    Will the sheeple of the country actually listen to how the Tory scum are fundamentally changing the country or do the normal and not care or see it because they only watch Tory control propaganda news channels designed to keep any truth from them?

    If they continue to ignore this BS when they wake up it will be too damn late and a conservative government will be a permanent thing you have been warned now will anyone listen?

    1. Guy Reid-Brown

      From the Peter Hitchens Blog (name muck up courtesy of spellchecker – I rather like it :),)

      ‘The ‘Windsors’ – even the name is Fake.

      We live in a Woke Dictatorship to which even Boris Johnson, the victorious Conservative Primeminister with a huge majority, subjugates himself . And he has just given Cressida Dick, the pro-Crime Leftist Police Commissioner, his full backing.

      Keir Starmer, Labour and the BBC are dictating the agenda, this week with this ludicrous Sarah Everard psy-op.

      Boris Johnson could shut the pontificating Starmer with his ‘concern for women and girls’ up in five minutes by pointing out that Labour allowed thousands of underage girls to be drugged, raped and murdered for years on end in Rotherham and other places.

      They would STILL be being abused in Labour Constituencies if the Times hadn’t first revealed the scandal.

      But does he?

      No. Boris, as usual, cringes to the Woke.

      He DID get us out of the EU, something the Queen did nothing to resist, thus breaking her Coronation Oath.

      This is not Fascism. It is the Dictatorship of Leftist Pathology.

      The United States made a right turn on booting the Monarchy out back in 1776 and the vast majority of Americans voted for Liberty at their last Election.

      It was stolen, but no monarchy is going to Right this Wrong – it is up to the American People themselves.

      Sidney Powell is everything our Queen is not, and we do not need her or her successors.

      Posted by: Guy Reid-Paul | 15 March 2021 at 09:22 PM’

      1. Guy Reid-Brown

        Yes, he used to be a sane Trotskyist attending Student Riots and sharing a platform with Ken Livingstone, then he suddenly became a bizarrely immature Conservative living in, and reporting back, from Communist territories with crazy views about personal liberty – what a looney!

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        There are no Communist territories. Communism has never been put into practise, anywhere in the world.

    2. Guy Reid-Brown

      ‘Tory scum’ – the usual casual and vile abuse from the Left, thoughtlessly and reflexively applied –

      Whilst they pretend that every other utterance of Bojo and Donald Trump facilitates mass murder, and the Anglican Hierachy sign open letters deploring Bojo’s use of ‘combative language’.

  2. Beth Cunningham

    Important article, but can you edit to include the names of the two women who were murdered last year, who were so cruelly dehumanized by the officers taking selfies?

    They were sisters, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, and we need to say their names. They deserve our anger and grief as Sarah Everard does. Their mother has spoken out against the MET’s handling of the investigation, saying she wasn’t taken seriously and had to organise the search herself. The racism in this case (the women were black) and being promoted with the new criminalisation of travellers and asylum seekers must be at the forefront of our outrage and activism.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Why weren’t the police protecting these vulnerable girls? Were they too busy acting as political weapons for the Tories?

        And wasn’t there a revelation a while ago that the situation in these council areas was no worse than in some Tory-run council areas?

        Why are you trying to mislead my readers?

Comments are closed.