Sajid Javid: Who is the new health secretary? There’s more than what BBC News will tell you

Sajid Javid: yet another smug Tory.

You could read the BBC news article for the boring biographical details of Sajid Javid – but you don’t want that rubbish, do you? You want the juicy stuff.

So, before discussing his career as an MP, let’s learn from Another Angry Voice, where his pre-Parliamentary career was discussed:

Before his move into politics Javid was a banker at Deutsche Bank, where he sold complex financial derivatives called Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs).

CDOs were economic alchemy schemes designed to turn toxic bad debts into fake gold-plated investments.

The whole thing defied economic logic… they were junk investments that were bound to implode sooner or later.

If Javid was smart enough to realise that the CDOs he was selling were bound-to-fail junk, and he was in on the open secret within the trade that they were certain to implode one day, yet he carried on selling them as safe investments to oblivious customers like other banks, pension funds, local and national governments, and insurance funds as low-risk investment opportunities, then he’s a cynical and duplicitous fraudster.

In other words, it seems Javid is one of the people who caused the financial crisis that swept the Tories back into office – and him into Parliament – on a wave of hypocrisy in 2010.

He first came to light as a Treasury minister in 2013 (a quick promotion as he only became MP for Bromsgrove in 2010), making unfounded accusations about Labour’s plan to abolish the Bedroom Tax (remember that? It’s still going strong!).

He said that Labour would fund more spending on housing benefit with “a tax on pensions and more borrowing”.

To the devil with the details – axing the bedroom tax is the right decision

How ironic that current Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak is currently planning to cap the annual pensions rise in order to pay off the (nonexistent) Covid-19 debt that he says was caused by more borrowing! (In fact, the government simply created the money.)

As Culture Secretary in 2014, Javid organised commemorations of the centenary of the start of World War One by providing wreaths for political leaders to lay at the cenotaph in Glasgow.

Only Tory leader David Cameron was allowed to write a personal message. Other leaders were simply handed their wreaths on the day; the messages on them were all written by a DCMS employee – but that did not stop the Conservatives and their client journalists from attacking Labour for failing to write a message:

Tory disrespect stains WWI centenary commemoration

Later that week he came up with a speech attacking Labour’s ability with the economy – that only proved that his understanding of economics was little better than that of a schoolboy.

Not a good look for somebody who would be Chancellor of the Exchequer in only a few short years!

Sajid Javid, the man who trivialised the WWI centenary, shames himself on the economy

The same year, he tried to reassure us all that “Britain could still prosper if it leaves the EU, despite the possible loss of hundreds of billions of pounds worth of trade deals”.

Tories unleash flagship scheme ahead of conference – to abolish your rights!

And now the UK is out of the EU – and floundering. So much for his judgement.

In November that year, Javid was named as one of many Conservative MPs who were profiting from the privatisation of the NHS by receiving a cash donation from a healthcare firm.

Named and shamed: The government MPs profiting from NHS sell-off

By 2015 he had become Business Secretary, in which job he tried to tell us that the one-off return from privatising the Royal Mail would be used to reduce public debt.

This is economically incompetent: he was trying to tell us a one-off payment (of less than the shares were worth) was better than multiple dividends from a profitable concern, continuing far into the future. This man went on to become Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Fury at Royal Mail sell-off as public left in the dark over who bought £750m worth of shares – Mirror Online

Later that year, Javid tried to gag trade unions by forcing them to give the police two weeks’ notice before posting messages on Facebook and Twitter about strike action – and was forced to backtrack.

Plans to gag striking workers dropped in ‘significant’ Conservative climbdown

The same Bill included a plan to force trade union members to opt in to paying the political levy (their union subscription) rather than being automatically enrolled and having to opt out. The aim was to cut funding for the Labour Party.

How the Tories are trying to make it impossible for Labour to win again

In February 2016, a court heard, Javid refused to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia – despite having been presented with evidence that the weapons were being used to commit war crimes.

Later that year, Javid admitted jeopardising the UK steel industry by blocking the EU from imposing higher tariffs on the import of cheap steel from China. This Globalist attitude meant the UK was in danger of being flooded with cheap and nasty steel while the home-made product went unsold.

Tories block bid to help UK steel industry. Are they traitors – or simply enemies of the people?

Only a few weeks later, the Indian firm Tata – which owned steel works in the UK, announced that it was to sell its sites here. Instead of entering emergency talks to save the industry, Javid went off on a junket to Australia.

Tories fail to lift a finger as foreign firm votes to sell its UK operation

This led to confusion among the government as ministers claimed all options were being considered to save the steelworks, only to be superceded by PM David Cameron – who ruled out nationalisation.

The wheels are falling off the Cameron-Osborne machine | LabourList

A few weeks later, the government agreed to part-nationalisation of the steelworks:

Tories agree in principle to part-nationalisation of steelworks

By October of that year, Tata had announced 5,000 redundancies and, rather than provide a voluntary statement, Javid had to be ordered into Parliament – where his claim that the government was “doing everything in its power” was met with derision by Labour MPs – and by those of us who recalled his history in this matter.

‘Discourteous and incompetant’? That’s an accurate description of hapless business secretary Sajid Javid

The following April, Javid turned down a chance to attend crisis talks on the future of Welsh steel in order to attend a conference of right-wing libertarians.

Sajid Javid spurned Welsh steel crisis talks to attend US conference

In September 2016 – and now as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government – Javid killed by-now-former Chancellor George Osborne’s “Northern Powerhouse” plan.

Devolution deal for northeast England is cancelled after Javid fails to secure agreement

In October he gave permission for fracking to take place in Lancashire. At the time, I said it seemed he was keen to see the county suffer a few earthquakes.

Tory Sajid Javid gives green light to fracking in Lancashire, despite 18,000 objections

That’s exactly what happened, until the plug was pulled on the project.

In November of that year, Javid spat in the face of democracy by claiming that a High Court ruling that Parliament must vote on any plan for the UK to leave the European Union was an attempt to “thwart the will of the British people”.

The fascist undertones of this claim indicate why Javid was a perfect choice for Boris Johnson’s government: like Johnson, he believes that the UK’s prime minister should be allowed to behave like a dictator by bypassing democratic accountability and making up the law as he goes along.

Irrational responses to Brexit high court ruling

In December of that year, Javid proposed that holders of public office should all swear an oath to uphold “British values” – as defined by the Tory government. He was laughed out of it:

Tories won’t keep their election promises – so why should we swear to support their values?

In 2017, Javid become embroiled in the so-called “Nickileaks” scandal in which Tory-run Surrey County Council was said to have been offered a “sweetheart” deal to keep its council tax down – while Labour-run councils were not.

Surrey and Nickileaks: Business rate ‘solution’ means huge gap in social care funding

The story is particularly relevant to Javid’s new job as Health and Social Care Secretary, because the rise was allegedly due to the Tory government devolving social care to local authorities after cutting £4.6 billion from the national budget.

Surrey had to find a way to replace its share of the lost money and it was suggested that this necessitated the council tax rise. It was then suggested that the government had made a deal to prevent that rise from happening.

Then-prime minister Theresa May claimed no deal had been made – but she was later shown to have lied to Parliament after recordings came to light showing that a deal had been struck between Surrey CC and Javid:

‘Gentleman’s agreement’ recording exposes Theresa May’s lies about council funding

It later became clear that Javid had given assurances he was trying to identify £30-£40 million for Surrey County Council – and for no other authority; and that he had been asked to consider taking money away from every other county – no matter how impoverished – in order to provide public cash for Surrey, one of the richest counties in the UK:

Surrey ‘sweetheart deal’ emails show May lied to Parliament. By rights, she should resign

It was alleged that Javid used the 2017 general election as an opportunity to urge May to drop plans to cap energy prices in UK homes, saying the Tories should get back to their “free market roots”.

The Tory energy price cap pledge was a LIE – or at least Philip Hammond wants to make it one

In November 2017, Javid tried to tell Parliament the National Health Service was in great shape, during a debate in which the government revealed it was starving the service of more vitally-needed funding – and he was contradicted by a serving nurse:

Here’s that story in full:

Tories’ rosy plan for the NHS is exposed as a stinker

The following month it was alleged that he was claiming expenses money to pay his membership subscription for the far-right pro-Brexit organisation, the European Research Group (ERG).

At the time, the organisation was said to have claimed around £32,000 from public funds.

Six Tory ministers are members of a secret group supporting Brexit for their own reasons

This was allegedly a conflict of interest that breached the Ministerial Code, which prohibits ministers from becoming “associated with non-public organisations whose objectives may in any degree conflict with government policy”.

A taxpayer-funded lobby group is a breach of government rules – but only an INDEPENDENT inquiry will prove that

Javid was caught trying to deceive the nation in January 2018 when he said homelessness peaked under Labour in 2003 and had fallen by 50 per cent since then.

What he neglected to mention was that homelessness fell from 2003-10, due to Labour policies. It started to rise again in 2010 – practically from the instant the Conservatives were returned to office.

Shameless Javid caught lying about homelessness

In February 2018, as Secretary of State for Housing, Javid was forced to surrender £72 million intended to fund affordable homes that he had not bothered to spend.

He returned it as “no longer required” that year. This Site suggested that he didn’t spend it because he doesn’t like people who need a home – but does like money.

Tories failed to build ANY of the 200,000 starter homes they promised in 2015

In March we learned that, after blaming “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) councils for stopping housing developments, Javid had consistently fought for NIMBYs in his own constituency – fighting against construction of 4,200 houses.

Housing Hypocrite: Sajid Javid fought plans for 4200 homes in own backyard | Political Scrapbook

In May 2018, Javid was appointed Home Secretary to replace Amber Rudd after she resigned to save Theresa May’s face during the “Windrush” scandal.

His first act was to tell a falsehood about that very scandal: asked whether he would restore the protections that were taken from the Windrush migrants in the 2014 Immigration Act, he said: “No such protections have been removed. People who arrived pre-1973 – they have the absolute right to be here and that has not changed.”

In fact, a clause giving longstanding Commonwealth residents protection from enforced removal was taken off the statute book by the 2014 Act.

He’s been Home Secretary less than a day and already Sajid Javid is messing it up

The “hostile environment” May had created and Rudd had allowed to continue was allegedly perpetuated under Javid as the “compliant environment”.

Toxic Theresa May’s “hostile environment” is the worst scandal of recent years. She must resign or be removed

He was later alleged (although he denied it) to have blackmailed victims of the scandal into signing “gagging” orders in order to receive fast-track compensation payments.

Why did Sajid Javid silence Windrush citizens in return for fast-track compensation?

The berk and the burqa (or Boris Johnson strikes again)

But how could we trust Javid’s word? When it was revealed that victims of the Windrush scandal had been denied services including NHS treatment, he couldn’t even tell us how many of them had been treated in this despicable way.

Tory racism: They denied NHS treatment to Windrush citizens – but don’t even know how many

It later transpired that, after the “hostile” – or indeed “compliant” – environment policies deprived members of the Windrush generation of their right to work in the UK, and then denied them the right to claim benefits, if any of them had been forced to resort to crime in order to survive, Javid was using this as an excuse to deny them the citizenship they had been promised.

Windrush: Yet again the Tories have lied as British people are being refused citizenship after all

Isn’t that racism? Not a good look for somebody of Pakistani – and therefore ethnic minority – descent.

Indeed, it was pointed out that Javid himself would probably not have been allowed to settle in the UK under the immigration policies he was enforcing in 2018:

In June, Javid went on the record to deny accusations of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

Sajid Javid denies Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, prompting bitter row with Muslims across the UK

A year later, he would be demanding an independent inquiry into it.

In August, he revealed himself to be ignorant on anti-Semitism. Accusing Jeremy Corbyn, he conflated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

Sajid Javid’s ‘category problem’ suggests the Home Secretary really has a ‘RACE’ problem

And of course, in attacking Corbyn with a fake accusation, he had ignored the genuine racism of people in his own party.

He went on to exhibit genuine anti-Semitism himself by differentiating Jews who support Jeremy Corbyn from “decent” people.

The – GENUINE – anti-Semitism of Sajid Javid

Then Javid exhibited racism against Asians. In a tweet celebrating the success of the prosecution against the Huddersfield grooming gang, he referred to [italics mine] “sick Asian paedophiles”.

His words potentially endangered the innocent by stirring up hatred on the grounds of race.

We all knew about Sajid Javid’s racism – this is more, SHOCKING, proof

In October, Javid had to admit another racist – and illegal – Home Office policy. The Home Office had been forcing hundreds of people to take DNA tests as part of its “hostile environment” policy against illegal immigrants. This practice is banned by law in the UK.

Javid admits illegal DNA tests on immigrants – what’s that about him not being racist, again?

Two months later his plan to fake a reduction in immigration statistics was exposed. The idea was to claim that immigration was reduced by up to 80 per cent by changing the way immigration figures were recorded.

Javid is preparing to bring his plan to FAKE post-Brexit immigration figures to Parliament

Over Christmas that year, Javid claimed that French authorities were not doing enough to stop refugees from entering the UK illegally. He was accused of whipping up a false “crisis” ahead of a possible new vote on Brexit:

A manufactured ‘migrant crisis’ – to create anti-EU sentiment ahead of the big Brexit vote?

He managed to undermine his own arguments in January the following year – less than a month later – when he had to admit that his own government’s cuts meant the Home Office’s Border Force did not have enough ships to patrol the English Channel properly:

Are the Tories really saying people smugglers have a better fleet than they can fund?

He compounded his fault by suggesting that the UK should refuse asylum to genuine refugees who crossed the English Channel and sought sanctuary in the UK. This would be a breach of the Geneva Convention and international law.

Racist Sajid Javid wants Tory government to break international law on asylum seekers

Around this time, IS bride Shamima Begum applied to return to the UK. Javid revoked her citizenship instead.

POLL: Was Javid justified in revoking Shamima Begum’s citizenship?

In April that year, Javid tried to palm off responsibility for increasing knife crime among young people onto teachers by suggesting they should have a “public health duty” to identify warning signs that a young person could be in danger, such as worrying behaviour at school, issues at home, or “presenting at A&E with a suspicious injury”.

But teachers already had such a duty, to work together with police to safeguard children. As Home Secretary, he should have known that.

This teacher set the record straight on who is responsible for rising youth crime: TORIES

In the same month, Javid announced a compensation scheme for victims of the Windrush scandal that would pay them as little as £200.

Not only that, but the loss categories were defined in such a strict way, and the requirements regarding evidence necessary to prove entitlement to compensation were so onerous, that it would be extremely difficult for some people to make claims – especially as he made no reference to Legal Aid.

Javid offers contemptible pittance as compensation to victims of the Windrush scandal

In July 2019, Javid’s Home Office was found to be still forcing “hostile environment” policies on us, by trying to pressgang homelessness charities into becoming border guards.

The idea was to get charity outreach workers to pass on the personal details of homeless people to the Home Office where, if they were found to be from foreign countries, enforcement officers would deport them.

The scheme deliberately ignores data protection and privacy laws by demanding that personal information be passed to the Home Office regardless of whether the subject gives their consent.

This breach of national and international law was imposed to make it easier to deport people.

Latest phase of Tory ‘hostile environment’ would force charities to help deport people sleeping rough

In September, after he had been appointed as Boris Johnson’s (first) Chancellor of the Exchequer, it emerged that the Home Office under Javid had denied life-saving medical treatment to a cancer sufferer – who subsequently died.

The excuse was that there was confusion over whether the patient should have been charged for the treatment – but the immediate concern was to ensure that she did receive treatment, not who paid for it.

Should this Home Secretary be held responsible for asylum-seeker’s cancer death?

In November 2019, a month before a general election, Javid blew any integrity he had as Chancellor by claiming that a Labour government would spend an additional £1.2 trillion that the nation did not have.

Even Andrew Marr challenged the claim as “bogus numbers and dodgy accounting”.

And the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies had already stated that, by 2022, the UK would be £110 billion better-off under Labour.

That was before Covid-19. I wonder how the numbers look now.

And then he was gone.

In February 2020, Javid quit as Chancellor after a power struggle in which he was apparently told to fire his team of special advisers.

Reshuffle resignation shames Johnson’s shambolic government

He re-emerged in August last year, when it was revealed that he had gone back to his banking roots with a part-time job at JP Morgan – despite having been warned by ACOBA – the Advisory Committee On Business Appointments – that there were “potential risks” that he could provide “privileged information” that would give his employer an unfair advantage over its competitors.

ACOBA provided advice on how to avoid “potential risks” but it is easy to circumvent them. The only way to ensure that former ministers don’t blab is to forbid them from taking jobs until any information they had is out of date and useless.

Why would JP Morgan have employed Javid if NOT to take advantage of his insider knowledge?

In October, Javid launched a dodgy attack on left-wingers who had criticised his replacement as Chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

As a candidate in the previous year’s Tory leadership election, Javid had called for an independent investigation into allegations of Islamophobia in the party, to which all the other candidates including Boris Johnson agreed. That investigation never happened.

Now he returned with a false claim that left-wingers were racist for attacking Sunak’s (failed) policies – even though the criticism did not mention Sunak’s ethnicity at any point.

It was a shocking example of misdirection.

#ToryScum: MP whose inquiry into Tory Islamophobia never happened accuses left-wingers of racism

That’s Javid’s career so far.

It’s damning, isn’t it?

So now you know what he is capable of doing…

Aren’t you terrified of what he’ll do to the NHS?

Source: Sajid Javid: Who is the new health secretary? – BBC News

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