‘Unpopular’ Johnson to fight shortages with temp EU driver scheme – with too few places

Empty shelves: Boris Johnson created the shortages with his stupid Brexit – as this satirical image makes clear. Now he’s scrambling to find short-term solutions because he’s upset that the backlash is harming his popularity.

Boris Johnson’s idiocy has painted him into a corner so tight that his only choices make him look even more blindingly daft.

His Brexit stopped EU haulage drivers from working in the United Kingdom and this led to a worsening of the shortage the country was already facing.

Johnson refused to put HGV drivers on the list of those who would be allowed to work in the UK, saying that the country (in fact, only a quarter of current UK citizens) had voted to end freedom of movement.

How true those words became!

Now we have no freedom to move groceries…

No freedom to move other goods…

And because fuel tankers aren’t reaching filling stations, no freedom to move at all. On this, Johnson’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, tried to assure motorists that there was no crisis – and they ignored him, sparking mass-hysteria panic-buying.

This response from the public indicates that the population at large has no confidence in government claims.

That’s what happens when a prime minister lies constantly – and leads a government of liars.

Now, Johnson is planning a U-turn, saying he will put EU drivers on the visa scheme allowing them to work in the UK.

So he is making a liar of himself – again.

And he is saying the scheme will be restricted to 5,000 drivers – nothing near the 100,000 who are needed.

If he’s saying this will be enough, he’s making a double liar of himself.

That’s according to haulage bosses:

Toby Ovens, managing director of Broughton Transport Solutions, said he is not convinced a temporary visa scheme will solve the current shortage of HGV drivers.

This is just another Tory bid to hoodwink us.

Johnson is saying what he thinks will calm us down: “All is well. We are solving the problem. Go home. Go back to sleep.” That sort of thing.

He’s just looking for short-term relief from the pressure this situation has created – not on the UK’s transport infrastructure, but on him.

He doesn’t like the fact that people are – rightly – blaming him for a crisis that would not have happened if he had not insisted on forcing on us all a Brexit deal that he had not even read.

And This Writer doesn’t think for a moment that it will do him any good.

Because we know we can’t trust him and his promises are worthless.

Source: Temporary visas for 5,000 foreign lorry drivers will NOT solve supply crisis, haulage boss warns  | Daily Mail Online

3 thoughts on “‘Unpopular’ Johnson to fight shortages with temp EU driver scheme – with too few places

  1. Hecuba

    Stupid little fascist dictator duck johnson believes that allowing (sic) 5,000 EU lorry drivers permission to enter little england will magically solve the HGV driver shortage! Does duck johnson believe 5,000 EU lorry drivers are desperate to enter ‘little england’ given this backwater is now openly xenophobic and hates all women and men who aren’t born in little england?

    I’m certain majority of EU HGV drivers have already found alternative employment within the EU and have no intention of driving to xenophobic hating little england!

    But stupid individuals in little england will believe all the lies little fascist dictator duck johnson is uttering because 5,000 mythical HGV drivers will magically solve xenophobic fascist dictatorship!

  2. Elizabeth Thomas

    Why on earth would HGV divers in the EU want to be humiliated once more by the racist Brexiteers and Tories. They have been buggered by Boris and Brexit.

  3. Stu

    After being “thrown under the bus” once, what makes the arrogant Tories think that any drivers actually want to return under any of their conditions?

    Bearing in mind that there’s a shortage of drivers in Europe.

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