Two Metropolitan police officers charged with sex offences

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Cressida Dick: we are slowly discovering evidence that increasing numbers of her officers have turned to crime during her tenure as Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

You have to sympathise with this tweet, I think:

Here’s the reason The Prole Star suggested all of the Met may be “rotten”:

That’s two sex crime accusations against Metropolitan Police officers, just in the last week.

They follow the kidnap, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard by then-serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens.

And another serving Met officer – David Carrick – appeared in court on a charge of rape on October 4. That case has been adjourned and I see no reports of it since.

So the question is not only valid but urgent: How many bad apples do there have to be before we admit that the whole barrel is rotten?

And, considering that the rot must have been allowed by senior officers…

How long can Cressida Dick – recently rewarded with a two-year extension of her contract – remain Met Police Commissioner while we slowly discover how many of the so-called apples in her team are rotten?


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