Hero taxi driver locked terror bomber in his cab as the device exploded

It’s been all over the news but This Writer can’t let the quick thinking of taxi driver David Perry go unremarked here.

Mr Perry picked up 32-year-old Emad Al Swealmeen from an address in Rutland Avenue, Liverpool, shortly before 11am on Remembrance Sunday (November 14).

The passenger asked to be delivered to Liverpool Women’s Hospital, about 10 minutes’ drive away.

But it seems Mr Perry realised the man had brought what appeared to be a home-made bomb into the cab, so he locked the doors as the device was triggered.

It was after the explosion happened that the driver escaped from the vehicle.


He’s lucky to be alive – but more importantly, it seems he prevented what could have been a terrorist atrocity.

The UK’s terror threat level has been raised to “severe” – the second most serious level – because of the attack, and the murder of MP Sir David Amess a few weeks ago.

And three men, aged 21, 26 and 29, have been arrested under the Terrorism Act.

Mr Perry was treated in hospital and has since been discharged.

His wife Rachel has posted a message of thanks on the social media to everybody who has expressed concern about her husband’s well-being:

In fairness to the reporters who went on the knock at her address: I’ve had to do this after people have died, and it isn’t pleasant. Editors demand it because they think a comment from the family will sell their papers.

But they probably got what they deserved; I always hated doing that job, always apologised for imposing on people who I was sure wanted to be alone – and this consideration often led to an (exclusive) interview – ahead of the pushy types demanding a paragraph before their deadline.

Nowadays, the simple fact is that people involved in events like this are likely to tell us all about it on the social media – so why go around upsetting them?

Instead, This Site can simply agree with the sentiments expressed by the writer of the London Underground service information board, above. Do you?

Source: Who is taxi driver David Perry and what do we know about the Liverpool hospital explosion? | indy100

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  1. trev November 15, 2021 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    It’s not every day that a terrorist with a name like Mad Al gets blown up by his own bomb! The Rightwing are predictably attempting to make links between terrorism and asylum seekers washing up at Dover, but then they would wouldn’t they. Thank God this one was stopped before any huge numbers were hurt.

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