Critics of Labour are being wrongly labelled ‘Tory enablers’. Let’s put the record straight

It’s incredibly how deeply tribal Labour voters are willing to delude themselves in order to prevent themselves from having to think about their political decisions.

They’re currently waging an underhand battle against those of us who do think before voting, on the grounds that any opposition to their sexist, racist and right-wing leader Keir Starmer is “enabling the Conservatives”.

They’re saying that the only possible choice of government is between the Conservative Party and what has now become a pale imitation of the Conservative Party.

And they’re vilifying those of us who are telling them that’s no choice at all and we’ll find a different way, thank you very much.

Worse still are the attacks on those of us who rightly point out Starmers racist and sexist attacks on Jewish Labour Party members who disagree with the violent Zionism he supports – many of whom happen to be women.

Greg Herriett sums up the opposing viewpoint:

Correct. Starmer’s “Labour In Name Only” (LINO) Party does not represent any of the democratic socialist principles on which the party was originally formed – as far as This Writer can tell – and the words on the back of the membership card justify reporting the organisation to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Instead of following the intention of those words… well:

The leadership is a huge part of the problem. Keir Starmer is, quite simply, not worthy of anybody’s support:

And he has surrounded himself with treacherous Red Tories of a similar ilk, so:

It’s something that was predicted long ago. Some of us (not This Writer; I was too young) saw it happening as far back as Neil Kinnock’s term as leader.

It happened exactly as Tony Benn said. Those who tried to fight it – like This Writer – were accused of bringing the party into disrepute and expelled. In fact, it is Starmer and his cronies who are dragging Labour’s name through the dirt.

I didn’t ask Max, below, to write the following:

Max came to that conclusion on the basis of the evidence.

And while StarmerLabour believes it is fine to expel thousands of members on false grounds, he and his goons see no hypocrisy in the following:

Add it all together and it doesn’t matter what the bullies say, because a fast-multiplying number of thinking people are responding with this:

What’s your side of it? Do you agree that nobody in their right mind would vote for Starmer’s creepy fascists as an alternative to Johnson’s? Or do you think that a red Tory is better than a blue Tory? Or what?

Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth doesn’t beat justice.

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9 thoughts on “Critics of Labour are being wrongly labelled ‘Tory enablers’. Let’s put the record straight

  1. mohandeer

    I despair of the Labour Party and I do remember Kinnock. When Jeremy Corbyn entered the scene I was enthusiastic about where he was taking the democratic socialists and I voted Labour.
    I really don’t give a s**t who people think I should vote for or what derisive names they call me, if I don’t believe a party represents where I want to be I won’t vote for them. Pale horses wearing red ties will not cut it and the current Labour Party is that pale horse.

  2. Tony

    Some years ago, Prime Minister David Cameron said that Trident replacement was not a difficult issue for the Conservatives because the Labour leadership agreed with it.

    He is right.

    Starmer and most Labour MPs voted with Theresa May on Trident replacement at the end of a debate in which she boasted of a willingness to kill 100,000 people in a nuclear strike.

    Clearly, death on such a scale is not a problem for Starmer and most Labour MPs.

  3. Grey Swans

    As a 1950s pension campaigner lady since 2013, I was the sole group as an individual to campaign to all factions of politics. They’re are all equally ageist misogynist.

    In last two years tried to help small parties on the Left, albeit online over last 2 years, only to find this ageist misogyny in all of them, with no pension policies and nothing for the 1950s to 1980s born ladies’ pension demands.

    All of the small parties on the Left gaining derisory few hundred vote share, and even down to a mere 30 votes, because they shout out loud in tag lines that they are only parties for young people, under age 40.

    This small vote share has been happening to small parties for decades.

    I’ve been seeking courageous people as volunteer post holders to form an Over 50s party, who are the majority of people left who vote, and shout out long and loud that policies from cradle to grave.

    Europe wide surveys (by men as I’ve seen nothing women say is heeded) tell that the British young vote the lost in all of Europe.

    For all the activism of the young on the street, when it comes to putting a cross in a ballot sheet box, most young do nothing.

    Over 50s party manifesto is already written, so it is ahead of the game, not needing local branches nor membership, besides the post holders and the MP candidates they choose.

    If trade unions (would I highly appreciate Howard Beckett of UNITE as a post holder) want back their power, then my over 50s party is the sole party on the Left that could win the next general election, which could be as soon as winter 2022. We and we alone could win the vital Grey Vote.

    As Grey Swans public Facebook page, I’ve been sharing yours and Skwawkbox blog posts, and any others on social media, that say the truth of right wing Labour, that has been throwing elections against Labour winning over their century of existence. Examples are 1931, 1935 and 1983 elections.

    Right wing Labour were the worst government in history against state pension, so especially women, since 1978. Til the clone right wing Labour party of Lib Dems from 2010.

    The Left doom themselves, as agreed by Ken Loach, who said starting a new party was suicide now.

    Many have done so, but keep doing the same thing (only focusing on the young) and expecting a different result.

    If you want the legacy of Jeremy Corbyn, I’m the only way to get it and get it next general election.

    Bliar did not just betray Iraq, but also the Grey Vote, causing early death for both.

    over50sparty org uk

  4. Stu

    The thing about right-wing clones is that they have no imagination and have a polarised view of the world.
    “You are either with us or against us” is their view – look at Trump supporters !

    Left wing thinkers are open minded,intelligent and creative, willing to listen and discuss others point of view, drawing conclusions from a much larger and diverse pool of people.

  5. Stephen Brophy

    I had that from some “bot or troll” saying we need unity and I was helping the tories by not voting “new labour:2” I just told him Starmer is a tory and it was Starmer group that helped the tories win the last two elections.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        It IS interesting, too. Of course, I write against political tribalism, no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.

      2. Stephen Brophy

        thanks for the link, It can be difficult to see though the propaganda, but I try to look at as many different news organisations as possible from different countries as well as out own,

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