Boris Johnson accused – again – of being a national security risk

Bunga bunga? Boris Johnson – at a party – with a Russian oligarch (this one is industrialist Alexander Temerko). At the time, Johnson didn’t think there was any reason to investigate Russian influence in UK politics. Now, he simply won’t answer questions about these associations.

Here’s a welcome humorous interlude before we all try to get to grips with Rishi Sunak’s rubbish spring statement.

After Labour’s Matt Western scored a hit last week, asking what attracted Boris Johnson to billionaire Russian oligarchs, he returned to ask why MI6 considers Johnson such a security risk.

The prime ministers response was… well, see for yourself. It wasn’t an answer!

1 thought on “Boris Johnson accused – again – of being a national security risk

  1. Hecuba

    Priti Patel’s constant refrain claiming ‘all those (nasty) refugees are security risks conveniently deflects attention away from the real security risk – namely little fascist dictator duck johnson!!

    Why hasn’t he been deported for being a security risk??? Answers on a postcard!

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