Labour membership plummets. Members abandon party of genocide and global warming

Keir Starmer’s arrogant belief that voters have nowhere else to go but his bastardised version of the Conservative Party could be heading for a sharp reality check.

After he embraced genocidal Israel and rejected investment in green policies, his hollowed-out “Labour” Party has lost 23,000 members who have given up and burned their membership cards in disgust:

“Staggering incompetence” is right, but overwhelming arrogance is probably more accurate.

Starmer knows that the predominantly right-wing mass media in the UK will not inform the electorate of alternatives such as Independent election candidates (many of them former Labour representatives) or the Green Party that, for all its faults, still supports policies that could prevent environmental annihilation.

He may therefore be said to be relying on a strategy of misinforming the public that a government led by him would represent a change from the (official) Conservative Party.

In other words, he seems determined to win with a pack of lies.

And 23,000 now-former party members have twigged and don’t want anything to do with it:

Labour has suffered a sharp fall in membership over the past two months following controversies over its policy on Gaza and its U-turn on green investment, according to figures released to its National Executive Committee (NEC).

The drop of more than 23,000 members comes despite the party holding a commanding lead in the opinion polls.

One senior Labour figure who was there said: “It is a big fall in just two months. People were surprised, even taken aback.”

Labour insiders believe that the fall has been caused primarily by anger among Muslim and others Labour supporters over Keir Starmer’s position on Gaza and his refusal over several months to call for an immediate ceasefire.

The party high command has also felt the wrath of green supporters over its decision to drop a commitment to spend £28bn if it wins the general election on its green investment plan, a centrepiece of a programme to drive economic growth.

Early in February – in a move that prompted an angry response from environmental groups, unions and some in the energy sector – Starmer and Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, jointly announced they would slash the green prosperity plan from £28bn a year to under £15bn, only a third of which would be new money.

How will Starmer and his cultists characterise the walkouts?

They’ll probably say the quitters are anti-Semites (again). Ohwait – what am I saying? They already did:

Pathetic. But the media blackout on genuine alternatives means your neighbours will probably flock to the polling stations to endorse this fake.

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  1. Mr Jeremy Bell April 1, 2024 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    At 78 years old, I have been a socialist all my life. Never once have I deviated from voting Labour.
    But there is a limit. This man, Starmer, is not, in any way, a socialist. He is not even in the right wing of the Labour Party. Starmer’s STP (Substitute Tory Party) is nowhere near the beliefs of the Labour Party. He promised five things to become the leader and has reneged on them all. Everybody who has raised a voice against him has been labelled with the anti-semite tag.

    I am totally, with no regrets, anti-zionist Jew. I know that since 1948 (Balfour) they have been stealing land from the Palestinians and are continuing to do so throughout the West Bank.
    The atrocity carried out by Hamas was disgusting and all of Hamas should face the courts. But far worse is the apartheid done to the Palestinians since 1948 and the genocide, or the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure and buildings perpetrated by the zionist (neo-NAZI) Jews governing Israel and the IDF. Do not forget the bravery of the IDF, killing women and children, and allowing babies in incubators to die.

    Starmer, and his running mate Sunak, should face courts for cowardice and genocide. Along with ALL those who support their despicable leaders.

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