Lancashire Labour councillors in largest defection yet under Keir Starmer’s leadership

Councillors in Lancashire have quit the Labour Party in what is believed to be the largest defection yet staged during Keir Starmer’s leadership.

The 20 members of Pendle Borough Council, Nelson Town Council or Brierfield Town Council say the national party under Starmer wants to control who can stand for election, where and when – and to dictate what every councillor may or may not say.

The say that in this way, Keir Starmer’s leadership no longer reflects their views. They will now serve as Independents.

Labour’s response is extremely telling: “The Labour Party’s focus is on winning the general election so we can improve the lives of those we are elected to serve.”

Examine the wording carefully. Labour doesn’t want to win a general election to improve the lives of “the citizens of the UK”, or even of “everyone who votes for Labour”.

No, the party is focused on improving the lives of “those we are elected to serve” – without saying who those people are.

Who do you think Labour serves these days?

Keir Starmer and his inner circle – including shadowy grandees like Peter Mandelson?

That would be This Writer’s guess.

Ordinary citizens won’t get a look-in. And that’s a good reason for these Lancashire councillors to quit.

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