World’s largest private healthcare company HCA plans expansion into NHS

Here’s the answer to anybody who insists that our health system isn’t turning into a carbon copy of the ongoing farce over in America. If it isn’t, why is an American company trying to muscle in on our act?
The vast number of MPs who have business interests that will profit from a privatised NHS is, of course, reason to sign my e-petition calling for MPs to be banned from speaking or voting on anything that could give them or their party financial gain:

8 thoughts on “World’s largest private healthcare company HCA plans expansion into NHS

  1. HCA

    It’s a race to the bottom…. It cannot continue some people only doing the work. It takes a whole culture of Patients, Staff and Enthusiasm to build infrastructure.

  2. guy fawkes

    I posted a reply comment to your post, just a single sentence but effective I thought, ” is it any wonder our NHS is being privatised by the US, they consider us to be the 51st state”.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Lost in the ether, I guess.
      Anyway, it’s more that the US company is taking advantage of what the Coalition has been doing, which is making our NHS into as close a copy of their health insurance scam – sorry, service – as possible. In that way, I suppose you could say it’s turning us into a 51st state.

  3. murray

    Are there no limits that these blood sucking leeches will not stoop,healthcare for profit is surely a contradiction of itself. The NHS should not be allowed any more privatisation,and all parts that are presently, should be reversed immediately. I also commented earlier,to this item.

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