Cameron’s ego-boost on Facebook is a costly mistake


Someone should have told David Cameron: If you have to pay for some things, they’re not worth having.

It seems an Eton education isn’t as useful as we’re always being told.

In a desperate bid to make the Conservative leader seem more popular than he really is, the Tories have paid around £7,500 (according to The Independent) on adverts to get more fans on Cameron’s Facebook page.

There has been an increase in the number of fans – they’ve more than doubled to 128,000 – but commentators have questioned the value of the exercise, pointing out that Ed Miliband is the least popular main party leader on Facebook but Labour has led all recent election opinion polls.

The Tories said the strategy was “above board”, pointing out that such campaigns are commonly used by American presidential candidates (another indication of the Conservative love of all things American, even when they are costly and pointless – NHS England users take note).

Meanwhile, according to the Indy, “A Lib Dem insider… branded the campaign ‘pretty pathetic’, while Labour MP Sheila Gilmore added: ‘There is no end to his ego.'”

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7 thoughts on “Cameron’s ego-boost on Facebook is a costly mistake

  1. Chris Tandy

    caMoron’s recent Facebook entries really do beggar belief.
    A picture of himself on the phone (a landline one, with spiralling cord) apparently chatting with Obama; we are informed he is having in-depth discussions about Crimea.
    Actually it’s just a photo only proving that ‘desperate dave’ can pick up a phone.

  2. Carole Frost

    cammynickers has a big ego a mighty big fat chip on his shoulders..he thinks he can be popular with the people way not down my alley scum lives like scum ripping off the people .

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  4. hugosmum70

    i wouldnt lower myself to even go LOOK on his or cleggs pages. wouldnt want to be classed as a fan for one thing. assuming hes got some counter on there telling him the numbers actually going to look, fans or otherwise./

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