Good riddance to bad rubbish: Universal Jobmatch to be scrapped


Leaked documents from the Department for Work and Pensions have shown that Universal Jobmatch is set to be scrapped – not only because it is full of fake and repeat job entries but also because it is too expensive.

But the government is bound to its contract for another two years and is unlikely to try to release itself until the agreement (with a company called, appropriately, Monster) comes up for renewal.

The plans have been revealed by The Guardian, after the documents were passed to the paper from an unnamed source.

It seems there was no mention of the adverts for illegal jobs such as sex work; perhaps the particular civil servants who wrote these reports don’t look at that kind of material on the internet!

The leak follows revelations that some job postings “enticed jobseekers to spend money needlessly – for example on fake criminal records checks – or were a means of harvesting personal information for identity fraud”.

According to Wikipedia, the site was developed by Monster at a cost of over £17 million and has annual running charges of £6 million. The Guardian states that Monster wanted an extra £975,000 to clear UJM of fraudulent employment adverts.

What is not clear is whether jobsworth Jobcentre staff will continue demanding that jobseekers use the site.

They’ll have a big job on their hands – convincing anyone that it is still workable.

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14 thoughts on “Good riddance to bad rubbish: Universal Jobmatch to be scrapped

    1. Matt

      knowing IDS it wont take more than 12 hours to change the law in order to shaft everyone further especially if it went to court and the court ordered the government to pay back everyone adversely affected.. after all its been proven that if the government are proved wrong in court they will just change the law until they are right.

  1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    … and this is what happens when you let private companies get involved in the public sector ; when will they ever learn eh! I wonder if Monster are going to refund the taxpayer pounds that have been wasted on this crock of poo poo

    1. Mike Williams

      It is not up to monster to refund any money. They have done exactly what the DWP have told them to do. If it were up to Monster, then it may have actually been a very useful site.

  2. stewilko

    Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    About time, one skittle dropped. Let us hope this is the first of many to crash and bowl over the ridiculous, unlawful, and down right horrific policies targeted at the poorest in society.

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  4. Chris T

    But what ‘reasoning’ will the odious IDS offer as justification for (what we know as) a Universal cock-up of Monster proportions? He’s hardly going to admit that….

    Maybe it has “run its most successful course”…….
    ‘”put 78 squillion people back into work”…..
    “the DWP were in any event, merely trialling it and have decided to invest the Universal Jobmatch infrastructure pre-discombobulation into some more pro-future stock-malfeasance (as we term it) in preparation for the post-prandial roll-out of pasteboard matchmaking client-to-client pin-share systemology, as perfected by our P2P partners in the City of Dwindling, America. And it’s not my fault, but there’s.”

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