Food banks see donations surge after being criticised by Mail on Sunday

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Britain’s biggest food bank provider has seen a surge in donations following a Mail on Sunday article criticised the charity for failing to run proper checks on people claiming food parcels, according to The Guardian.

“Before the article there had only been about 250 public donations since the Trussell Trust launched its JustGiving page in late January. But as of late yesterday afternoon, the number of donations had jumped to over 2,000, worth more than £19,000. Several donors cited the Mail article as the reason for making a donation,” the story states.

It continues: “‘The Mail story appalled me. This is the least I can do to apologise for their crime,’ said Anonymous after donating £10.

“Another, Spitting Feathers, said: ‘I am incensed by the disgraceful article. Call this journalism? I don’t. I’m not a Christian and admire the work being done by human beings for their fellow human beings. Thank you.’

“As for the Mail article, the Trust said in a statement – given to the paper ahead of the article – that they disapproved of the methods the paper used to get its story.

“”The Trussell Trust feels that these undercover methods, used by Daily Mail journalists, to enter the premises of our voluntarily run food banks is an unacceptable attempt to tarnish not only the name of the Trussell Trust, but also the valuable efforts of the 30,000 volunteers who selflessly give up their time to provide a valuable service to people in real need.’

“Following the surge in donations, first reported on the BuzzFeed news site, the Trussell Trust tweeted: ‘We’re blown away by the response to the Daily Mail article on Twitter! Over £15,000 raised for Trussell Trust’s Easter appeal #THANKYOU’.”

For the full story, see The Guardian’s website.

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11 thoughts on “Food banks see donations surge after being criticised by Mail on Sunday

  1. jess

    But there still remains a little matter of fraud, misrepresentation and “Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception” contrary to the Theft Act 1968 s.16 or “Obtaining services by deception” contrary to the Theft Act 1978 s.1 1978 c. 31

    Along with ‘conspiracy’ for whichever editor signed the story off

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  3. Linda Rowlands

    Its a good job that all these villains’ are being exposed for the low lives they really are.
    If the shoe was on the other foot they would know that the usual terrorisation tactics they display are as worthless as anything else they print and not worth the paper it is written on.

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