Police state Britain: Pensioner mobbed by police and reporter threatened with arrest as a terrorist


The gentleman being forced to the ground by no less than five British Transport police in the video above is a 65-year-old pensioner named Tony Nuttall, who had been attending a peaceful protest against cuts to travel passes when the incident took place.

At the same protest, against cuts to free travel provision for pensioners and disabled people, Sheffield Star reporter Alex Evans was warned to stop filming the events and erase all his footage – including potentially important video evidence of the violence, because he did not have permission to film in the station as it is private property.

When he resisted the request, he was told he could be arrested under anti-terrorism laws.

James Mitchinson, editor of the Star, told The Guardian: “To cite anti-terror laws is clearly nonsense.

“But this case illustrates just how difficult it can be to report the news, on the spot when, increasingly, authorities are seeking to ‘manage’ it.

“This wasn’t a PR stunt; it was an extraordinary event that couldn’t have been predicted and it was very much in the public interest that people were made aware of what was going on.

George Arthur, aged 64, and Tony Nuttall, 65, have been charged with failure to pay and obstructing police.

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18 thoughts on “Police state Britain: Pensioner mobbed by police and reporter threatened with arrest as a terrorist

  1. amnesiaclinic

    Yup. More like amerika every day.

    Shocking and totally unnecessary. If you know any police or pco’s talk to them about this unfolding nightmare. I like David Icke’s saying, “What were you doing when the orwellian police state was rolled into existence” when your grand children ask how could this happen?

  2. martin

    As an ex-Section Officer in the Special Constabulary of the West Midlands Police based in Birmingham, I am appalled at this disgraceful action by the Police, whatever this man is supposed to have done it does not merit this kind of brutal action and behaviour from the very people that are here to protect us, barbaric heavy handed aggressive behaviour and I am ashamed to say that I was once part of the Police.

  3. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    I read this story on the train on the way back from York today. I was sat next to an Elderly American chap (EAC) and pointed this out to him. We were both appalled by it and the EAC said “y’know the trouble is UK police call themselves a police FORCE, when in reality they are a police SERVICE”

    1. Mike Sivier

      If you’ve ever since the Simon Pegg comedy Hot Fuzz, you’ll know that current regulations stipulate use of the word “service” instead of “force”!

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  6. Thomas M

    And yet they didn’t do that when faced with the real danger of rampaging rioters who might actually have deserved it. Like bullies everywhere, the bad apples in the police force go after the weak. Note; I’m not anti police; most police I met were perfectly friendly or at worst were just doing their jobs, but bad police make people hate the police in general.

  7. John Baker

    My guess is that Transport Police are not trusted to respond and were not given authority to use their own discretion. From the look on the TPs faces, it looked like they were intent on listening to orders from back room generals (probably watching events on tv from a safe distance), relayed over earphones. Given this it is not surprising they (TPs) lost their grip on the situation. I felt in part sorry for them being treated like robots.

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