Keighley’s chance to end the hypocritical claims of Kris Hopkins

'Slimy' Tory mouthpiece Kris Hopkins (left), the Coalition's housing minister, takes tea with David Cameron on a Northampton housing estate while talking a lot of nonsense about Help to Buy.

‘Slimy’ Tory mouthpiece Kris Hopkins (left), the Coalition’s housing minister, takes tea with David Cameron on a Northampton housing estate while talking a lot of nonsense about Help to Buy.

Even one of his own Tory colleagues has described Kris Hopkins as one of Parliament’s “slimiest, nastiest MPs”, so voters in his marginal Keighley constituency should relish the chance to kick him out in May. Right?

Before becoming the Coalition’s housing minister, Hopkins’ only previous claims to fame were allegations that “gangs of Muslim men were going around raping white kids” (thanks to Johnny Void for that one) and a Twitter spat with the equally-odious Philip Davies.

Hopkins called for Conservatives to unite behind David Cameron in 2013 – to which Nadine Dorries (who was responsible for the “slimiest, nastiest” comment) responded, “pass the sick bag”.

As housing minister, he has claimed that more than a third of a million new homes were built between 2010-13, including 150,000 affordable homes – but neglected to mention that this is the lowest level than in any period prior to the Coalition Government. Vox Political reported it as “not an achievement. It is a disaster”.

“Our policies on housing are working,” said Hopkins in a press release. “Housebuilding is growing at its fastest rate for 10 years, and the tough decisions we’ve taken to tackle the deficit have kept interest rates low and are now delivering real help to hardworking people.”

Oh really? And what was his response to the revelation that 80,000 children were homeless due to Coalition Government policies on Christmas Day, 2013, mere months after he had taken up his post?

He couldn’t care less. “We’ve given councils nearly £1bn to tackle homelessness and to support people affected by the welfare reforms,” he sniffed. “I am very clear that they should be fully able to meet their legal responsibility to house families in suitable accommodation.”

How would Keighley residents vote if they knew Mr Hopkins’s voting record? Let’s find out.

He is very strongly against increasing income tax paid by the extremely rich; strongly against a bankers’ bonus tax; very strongly against a mansion tax. He supports cutting Corporation Tax (even though this does not make companies more likely to invest in the UK or its workforce); and supported the increase in VAT. Like Anna Soubry and Nick de Bois, it seems he believes in taxing the poor to pay for the rich.

He is very strongly in favour of the current government’s creeping privatisation of the NHS.

He strongly supported the Bedroom Tax, voted very strongly for reducing the funding available to local councils and is totally against localism (giving more power to local councils to help their residents). This makes nonsense of his claims about housing under the Coalition Government – and a hypocrite of Hopkins himself.

He strongly supported cuts to social security benefits including Jobseekers’ Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, the Personal Independence Payment and so on.
He very strongly supported the benefit uprating cap, ensuring that benefits do not rise in line with prices.
He voted strongly for making local councils responsible for helping people afford council tax – and for reducing the amount available for such support.

He is a strong supporter of military operations overseas.
He voted very strongly for more nuclear weapons.

He very strongly supports privately-run ‘Free Schools’ and privately-owned ‘Academy Schools’; he voted very strongly for the increase in undergraduate tuition fees to £9,000 per year; and he voted very strongly to end financial support for 16-19 year olds in training and further education. Clearly he only wants education to be available to those who can afford it.

He very strongly supported the waste of money that is Police and Crime Commissioners.
He strongly supported the restriction of Legal Aid that has made justice available only to the rich.
He supports secret courts.
He supported the invasion of privacy that allows the security services to monitor and keep information about your communications.

He voted very strongly for the botched privatisation of the Royal Mail – and very strongly supports the sale of England’s state-owned forests.

He very strongly supports unrestricted rises in rail fares, and is very strongly against regulation of gambling.

He supported the badger cull.

If you live in Keighley, you need to know this information.

Vox Political readers are invited to distribute it to friends and relatives who live there.


  1. wildswimmerpete March 23, 2015 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Yes, another Tory sheeple singing from his Fuhrer’s songsheet. Their “voting strongly for” list seems to be the same in all cases: cut benefits, cutting legal aid, plenty of taxpayers’ money to pay for more useless nuclear weapons, continued privatisation of our NHS………….the list goes on. We should widely publish all Tory “voted strongly for” lists before May.

  2. Gazza March 23, 2015 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    When the ConCon Trash speak its easy to show its Trash.

    Now where do I start? Les start at the beginning shall we. A] who can afford on low wages to save the deposists that are demanded? Poor people ruled out – in fact the majority of those wishing to buy. There are restrictions on who can apply for help B] buying under the scheme is all well and good – stable morgate…. but the rents go up year on year, how to pay for that? [its not mentioned in any of the public prenoucements I notice]. C] as the scheme is aimed at new builds most properties will be flats… now the next big problem rears its ugly head … the abuse of service charges by landlords etc i.e. cost of what is actually say £2500 suddenly baloons to £25,000 – and normally no recourse not to pay.

    I am sure people can come up with their own horror stories

  3. Daniel March 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    I’m really glad to see that you’re doing this, I’ve posted similar stats about my local MP on Facebook to raise awareness of his attitudes to Plebs vs the Establishment (guess which side our Tory MP backs!)

  4. hstorm March 23, 2015 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    Is there anyone called K. Hopkins in this country who isn’t a total donkeyhole?

  5. Tommaz Jay March 24, 2015 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    Telling it like it is the tory-dems bigest nightmare, because they are convinced that they are right or they have a belief that they are.
    Keep up the good work you have the support of everyone living or dead that this morally bankrupt none elected government has caused harm to.
    The only way to ensure that they never get the chance to do the same again is to lift the lid on the deliberate cover up of the wholesale loss of life caused by DWP ideological dogmatic eugenics agenda. Not just the bods who issue the sanctions but the the man with the belief in him self at the top of the food chain.

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