It’s time to end government by fear

State of Fear?

State of Fear?

As we inch towards the end of polling, here’s a very pertinent, poignant comment from Vox Political reader Tracie Wayling.

Tracie is a person of enormous compassion – she was the one who asked this blog to run a piece on ‘Homeless Dean’, back in January.

So her words are worthy of attention. Here they are:

“Everywhere I look, I see and feel endless amounts of people who are quite literally terrified today.

“This may be for many, many reasons, from bedroom tax and being close to being made homeless, to the mere thought of freedom of speech and rights, to justice no longer existing for many and heading down roads that lead to nowhere fast.

“I am one of those people, because I see and feel the hurt that others feel.

“I have always been one mass, raw, magnet of an empath. I see and feel what lies ahead. As a woman who has fought to help right the wrongs for many over my lifetime, I hate seeing people hurt. It is both a blessing and a curse ‘feeling’ people’s hurt. I hate seeing people in pain. I hate that so many suffer in silence, never even giving a clue to the outside world how they’re feeling until it’s too late.

“I don’t hate that I ‘feel’, I hate that there is such hurt and fear in so many to feel. Such suffering is so unnecessary and so completely, utterly avoidable and pointless in this day and age, in a world that has way more than plenty.

“I see people who could have the most awesome and satisfying of lives, with skills in humanity, in writing and so many talents that Mother Nature’s laws long for people to use, in helping others to make changes and live the lives they were born to live – but who are being suppressed from putting these skills to use because they are battling to keep their own heads above water.

“I see, everywhere, humans not being respected or appreciated for the amazing individuals they are.

“I see people who, with a realistic helping hand, could climb to great heights – but the lower ladder rungs have been removed and they have no way to reach the nearest one when there’s a large boot waiting to send them flying back down again.

“The world is a mess. This country is a mess. You know things have gone very, very wrong when so many people are petrified of their own Government.

“The Government that is supposed to represent them.”

The last government – of Tories and ‘Tory’ Democrats – never represented anything other than its own greed. The last five years have been about funnelling money to private corporations, who in turn donated some of it to their favoured party of government – the Tories more often than the Lib Dems.

Today has been our opportunity to change that – by the simple act of putting a cross in a box.

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31 thoughts on “It’s time to end government by fear

  1. amnesiaclinic

    Beautifully put. Very, very sad. As a candidate in our council elections I received a heart-rending letter from many of the charities in the county. They are desperate for being unable to help because of funding cuts and short-term decisions by temporary uninterested people not connected to the locality. Yet they can see the need for help soaring and are able to do very little.

    Absolutely right about, pull yourself up a few rungs and then find them removed because you have worked, worked, an hour too much or earned a pound too much. Claim denied. End of story, no help just **c* off and d**. No body seems to care. In fact, the benefit system has turned 180 degrees and they are now looking for ways to deny your claim, any way, any claim no matter how sick and ill you are and how much you have tried to get yourself back up.

    This election will have cost millions but the msm have ignored all the real issues. Not long before the internet alternative media is targeted.

    Unless we get up and stop them. No one else can do it. It really is up to us so thanks, Mike, Tracie and all the other unsung heroes!

  2. Nick

    well it’s not a good night for labour and i believe the conservatives will at the detriment of those that did vote will carry on alone with there 316 majority

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      316 is not a majority.
      It would be an attempt at a minority government.
      I don’t think anyone will go into coalition with the Tories because the Lib Dems has proved that such a move is fatal.

  3. joanna may

    Mike do you have any Idea when the results will be in, I am hearing very disturbing news from the huffington post that the tories have won a majority. Please say it is not so?!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It isn’t so. Even the exit poll says only 316, which is 10 short.
      They may try minority government but I reckon their Queen’s Speech would be voted down.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        If enough MPs vote down a Tory Queen’s Speech, then they can’t form a government.
        As it is, it seems that won’t be an issue.
        Labour has miscalculated appallingly, it seems.
        You’re right to be scared.
        And the title of this article has suddenly become ironic.

    2. Nick

      it’s a majority conservative government bar a miracle at this time. it also looks like that the country has moved on with its values of where the quality of life for those that are vulnerable mean nothing

  4. sf

    Thanks snp voters looks like we will all be stuck with another tory government now.

    1. O H Draw

      It is not their fault, even if all of scotland voted red the numbers would have not stacked up, we should be angry at ukip voters who used to vote labour but who caved in to fear politics probably not realizing it would hasten tory rule.

    2. jaypot2012

      Do NOT blame the SNP for the Labour party’s disaster – the Labour party brought it upon themselves to lose seats all over the country. You all knew that Labour was going to take a hammering up here in Scotland and except for holding on to many seats they only have the one, the same as the Tories.
      We are also going to have yet another Tory government which we have not even remotely voted for, so don’t be blaming us here in Scotland, blame the Labour party as a whole!
      If you are so miserable about it all, get off your erse and do something about it.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        See my previous comment. I don’t blame the SNP – or at least, not entirely. The Conservatives concocted a big lie about the SNP and Labour – and we shouldn’t be surprised about that; it’s what Tories do – and the public swallowed it.
        You should not blame Labour. Miliband miscalculated in several ways over the last few years, leading up to this, and mostly those relate to Scotland. Labour should not have tried to work with the other unionist parties during the independence referendum campaign – not because it wasn’t the right thing to do, but because it presented an opening for the SNP to create a big lie that Labour and the Conservatives were “in cahoots” – in more ways than that. This allowed the Conservatives – who were far more to blame for Scotland’s woes than Labour ever was (although interestingly you don’t see the SNP saying that, do you?) – to create the big lie about a Labour/SNP alliance.
        Labour didn’t want to be allied with anybody!
        Regarding your last paragraph, I suggest you follow your own advice because the Scots will be punished brutally by the Tories. That’s THE TORIES, not Labour.
        The BLUE ones, if you’re not colourblind.
        Okay? Got that?

  5. NMac

    A very moving and poignant article. Sadly,, as of 8 May, we are about to experience the full force of the Nasty Party. If we think they have been bad up to now, I fear there is worse to come, …much worse.

  6. M de Mowbray

    Well said, wise words. I would add that thousands of Londoners, myself included, are now living in constant fear of the New Clearances. Huge (mostly foreign) development companies have been paying big consultation fees, lobbying fees and donations to the Tories, and Compulsory Purchase Orders have been flowing freely as residents and businesses have to leave their property to make way for bulldozers. Boris Tosspot is a major player in the Clearances, and his callous behaviour has even earned him a damning rebuke from the Mayor of New York, who said that Tosspot should represent the interests of ALL Londoners, and should certainly NOT give development contracts to a rogue US corporation; one which the Mayor of New York has BANNED from all work in New York.

    Over the road from me is a huge development, one of many which a local Council refused Planning Permission for many good reasons, but Tosspot gave himself the power to over-rule London Councils. This is another vile and greedy stitch up between Tories and powerful corporations, riding roughshod over Law, Democracy, and human rights, welfare and social harmony.

    Little of this is getting reported in British media, but there is a HUGE amount of re-development going on in London, thousands of homes and workplaces cleared and demolished. Many of the new towers put there might never even have any occupants because they are SPECULATIVE GAMBLES, to be sold off again in 10-20 years to make a fat profit on Land Values.

    With Tosspot likely to be the next Tory leader within the next few years we have to start focussing our attention on the vain, self-glorifying megalomaniac.

    1. Joan Edington

      The minute I heard the result this morning I just knew that the SNP haters would be out in force. It is nothing to do with them. They are anti-Tory and, if Labour had pulled enough seats south of the border, they would have worked with them. IMHO there are 3 factors that led to this disaster.
      1) From the Scotland point of view, both Labour and the Tories were saying vote for the other party to keep the SNP out. The Tories in particular were scaring the rUK voters about a Labour/SNP pact that would not have happened. The front pages of the tabloids said it all. All this only pushed more disgusted Scots towards the SNP. In the end, the result would not have been affected if Labour had swept Scotland.
      2) This blog and many others have been telling all who read them about the atrocities carried out by the Tories over the last 5 years. The MSM covered a fraction of it. Milliband should have been shouting it from the roof-tops instead of sitting like the shy kid backing down from the school bully.
      3) The Tories won their seats via the “I’m all right Jacks” of middle England who don’t give a toss about those worse off than themselves.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Amazingly, I agree with almost everything you’re saying here. There’s just one caveat: The Tory lie about a Labour/SNP pact was made plausible by the clear intention stated by more than half of voters north of the border that they would be voting for the SNP. That is what prompted the ‘shy’ Tories and Myopic Englanders to vote Tory.

  7. Sasson Hann

    I feel very let down by the general public.

    Either they were completely hoodwinked by the media propaganda, or in fact, they have voted for their own selfish interests. Ironically however, they have in fact voted against their own best interests on so many levels as we all well understand.

    God only knows what will happen to the poor and vulnerable now.

  8. Thomas

    So much for Labour rushing in to save us. They fell over their own feet instead, and now we have five more years of bedroom taxes, benefit sanctions and unpleasant ness to look forward to. At least the little yellow helpers of the Conservatives well and truly got what they deserved. The Lib Dems have been slammed into the dust.

  9. John Gaines

    Sri Mike, it must hurt deeply:

    I have constantly pointed out the shortcomings of Milliband and Balls, why was I the only one (a sad task) to warn that this pair of muttons could not win an election; more to the point, Labour has no potential Leader who could even agitate a snail….New Blood is essential..

  10. jaypot2012

    I am gutted that here in Scotland we will have another Tory government even though we have only the one seat for them and one for Labour.
    I also have to say that I stopped reading any of your posts or any related to you as I am disgusted that you are the only blogger I know that has had “THE FALSEHOODS OF SCOTTISH NATIONALISTS” at the top of your blog. I have found that disgraceful and can only say that I would gloat if I could but I’m feeling sickened.
    Labour didn’t just do badly in Scotland, they did badly all over the country and that is because they said that they wouldn’t work alongside the SNP as many thousands in England and Wales wanted this kind of coalition.
    I can only fear for all of us over the next 5 years. I can also only hope that the SNP vote the Cons down should they not have a decent majority!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Let’s just get one thing straight: The election results have shown that the title of this article – ‘It’s time to end government by fear’ – was overoptimistic in the extreme; government by fear is exactly what we’ve got. Most of England voted Tory because the Tories managed to convince voters that Labour was set to go into an alliance with the SNP that would be a disaster for the UK. Now, you know, and I know, that this was a lie. There was no truth to it at all; Ed Miliband had made it clear that there would be no such thing. But the fear of such a result is what swayed the public.
      It will be no consolation whatsoever for SNP voters to know that their choice means no improvement to their lives or their futures at all. The SNP surge has doomed us all to five years of unrestrained Conservative dictatorship and the British public are unlikely ever to forgive the SNP for that.

  11. Harry

    It is quite evident Mike that “Government by Fear” is required should those with undue wealth and influence wish to promulgate a system built and designed in such a way as to implement draconian power by means of deception and coercion neatly packaged together and hidden behind a “harmless” concept called democracy: The power to elect ones’ dictator. This was inevitable as the real power in the western world has always been the Vatican. Years ago I read through a large number of Papal Bulls, and, some of these arrogant and megalomaniacal Papal decrees, made me want to vomit. Try reading the Unum Sanctum or the Bulls underpinning the “Triple Crown. That is where the power lies. And the fear. Eric Blairs (Orwell) Animal Farm speaks it plain. Voting will not change things: Only people can do that. For some reason, people will not act against the all consuming corporate/financial evil in play: So prepare for more of the same.

  12. Chris

    Sky News tells you that the Tories have reached the figure of 324 MPs, which is 1 more than the minimum threshold needed to rule UK government of 323 MPs.

    The Lib Dems were all but wiped out, but are not needed to form a coalition as a result of the big win by the Tories.

    This is not a minority government by the Tories, as they have reached the threshold to rule.

    The SNP had no effect as putting together Labour and SNP are still well below the minimum threshold to rule the UK parliament.

    Balls lost. Farage lost. But one piece of good news is that Tory Welfare Minister Esther McVey lost to Labour in Wirral West. Amazingly Iain Duncan Smith kept his job.

    Pensioners retiring from next year on and from 6 April 2016, had lost anyway.

    Pension Bill 2014 that brought in the flat rate law, means huge numbers of men and women lost ALL state pension from the many pension changes, and by the merger of basic state pension calculations by SERPs opt out and National Insurance history.

    See why at end of my petitiion, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    Please share my petition widely to inform women epsecially that they must now Work til they die, along with a lot of men.

    More information about the many ways pensions are diminishing are on my personal website

    1. sf

      Why did so many people vote tory…do they not value our NHS and are they all happy to work on zero contracted hours?

    2. joanna may

      What is the point of signing any petition now it is just a waste of time and energy not to mention False hope Nothing can be done we are now doomed for the next 5 years if we manage to survive them, but in what condition!!

  13. Tony Dean

    It has to be remembered that the Tories are in power, (just,) on only 11.3 million votes out of an electorate of 45 million.

  14. Pete B

    I think we had the Perfect Storm.For many years I have listened to those on the Left,and I myself am fairly left winged.But many will not vote Labour,because its not Left enough.But what happens?They lose and drift further to the Right,because the Left will not vote.

    I think Ed Miliband was a brave,thoughtful man,who would have made a great P.M.He wrong footed Cameron on energy suppliers,even though in opposition.He stopped the War with Syria,that CMD really wanted.He did not rely on Propaganda and a right winged press like the Blue team do.

    Things went bad when the LibDems went into coalition with a far right Tory Government.It gave the Tories a shield when pushing its Welfare Reform agenda.Had the LibDems not gone into coalition,could things have really been worse.On a supply and demand basis they could have stopped a lot of the nasty stuff.Clegg was at the least Naive,but more probably was a real Tory underneath.And the LibDems have rightly suffered for their treachery.

    It seems the Union may indeed break up,the Tories have nothing to gain in parliament from Scotland.Even hard liners like Norman Tebbit wanted Labour to do well in Scotland.Because he knows the Nats will split the Union at some point,and I doubt if Cameron cares.

    If Scotland wants to go,then so be it.But I doubt things will be any better under the Nats.

    Being nearly sixty,I thought I would have at least another 10 years on this Earth under Labour,because I have health issues.But with the Tories in charge of the NHS and welfare,I think my estimate might be halved.I do not relish living my days under a Thatcher Mk11 government.

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