Put the blame for the Paris attacks where it belongs: On terrorists, not Islam

A French police officer takes cover while on the lookout for the shooters who attacked the restaurant 'Le Petit Cambodge.'

The horrific attacks on the people of Paris prompted an outpouring of anti-Muslim sentiment on the social media, long before Islamic State took responsibility for what happened.

We all know the score now – or at least we should: At least 127 people lie dead and many more injured, and France is in a state of emergency after a series of bomb and gun attacks in Paris on the evening of Friday 13 November. The terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility, several hours after the attacks took place.

The social media – in particular, Twitter – responded with hysteria that was mostly directed at Muslims, regardless of whether people of that religion supported the atrocities or not. This Writer has Muslim friends who were extremely distressed by the hatred shown to them.

And rightly so. Islamic State does not represent the Muslim faith, no matter what its title claims. This organisation is a gang of faithless bandits – no more, no less – who are trying to hijack an entire religion in order to create hatred and division among people beyond the borders of its own illegal caliphate.

Let’s put that in context: IS represents all of Islam to around the same degree as Zionists represent all of Judaism. Both groups have committed atrocities against others in the name of a wider religion – atrocities that the majority of the members of those religions don’t want.

As I stated on Twitter in the early hours of November 14, I’m not going to blame all of Islam for the actions of a few idiots.

And I’m not going to let anyone use Paris to justify the murder of Mohammed Emwazi – the man dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ by his colleagues in Islamic State.

The attack by US forces, approved by UK prime minister David Cameron, represents a lowering of standards. There was no justice to it – no attempt to make the man stand trial for his alleged crimes. It was state-sponsored murder of one of our own citizens – no more, no less.

In approving this raid, the British authorities have lost any claim to the moral high ground.

One more point. After the attack, France’s President Hollande promised “pitiless war” on the perpetrators. I was particularly struck by the response on Twitter from Chris Hayes of MSNBC. He wrote:

“Hollande’s pledge of ‘pitiless’ war is, I have no doubt, the kind of thing many people *want* to hear. But the US learned the hard way after 9/11 how hard it is to translate rhetoric, resolve and massive military advantage into actual security, peace or anything that resembles lasting and definitive ‘victory’.”

How true those words are.

America’s war on terror has been a crushing failure, not because of any military disadvantage but because of a lack of imagination. The terrorists were engaged on their own terms and simply turned military defeats into recruitment drives.

The message is clear: You don’t change people’s minds by killing their friends and families.

This is one reason Jeremy Corbyn is right to oppose the renewal of Trident; it is no deterrent against fanatics who want to attack the UK (just ask MI5) – and without knowing where they are based, where would the UK point its missiles?

No. The only effective response to this attack is intelligence. We all need to get smart.

And we can start by blaming the people responsible, rather than whoever they want us to.

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16 thoughts on “Put the blame for the Paris attacks where it belongs: On terrorists, not Islam

  1. Roland Laycock

    I totaly agree with youbelow are comments from people around the world
    Europe as to suffer for what the US as done its puppets in the EU have them selves to blame for this, My heat goes out to the French People as it does to the Iraqis, Afgans and Syrians and others in the Middle East if its left to the US this is what it will be the fate Europe

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. OBAMA here’s some news for ya. As an Aussie and a freedom living and loving individual! more
    So guess whom I consider the enemy these days! It ain’t your inbred “terrorists”

    It is sickening to hear sympathy for France from the US government. It is the US that has created this more…
    Hypocrisy at it’s finest and apparently the thing the yanks EXCEL at these days. Do as we say not as we do and we are never wrong! Because we the exceptional one’s are perfect did you not know!

    It is sickening to hear sympathy for France from the US government. It is the US that has created this terrorist organisation to topple middle eastern governments that dont do as the US says.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. OBAMA here’s some news for ya. As an Aussie and a freedom living and loving individual! I am a H E L L of a lot more worried about autonomous drones and the implications attached than I am about some guy blowing himself up! Or just drone warfare to begin with!


    “And the least religious” ha-ha, that is very far from being true.
    Also, the USA has the biggest economy and manufacturing more…
    The biggest economy and manufacturing power in the world? Well, I know with a 100% certainty that the US has the biggest deficit in the world. As far as the economy its totally bust and there is no manufacturing power. Terror power yes but not manufacturing……..

    Sure that US has something to do with this. Now they will use it as pretext to occupy couple of more…
    I am sure the orders come from the city of London and the secret government. The visible ones that we see are the USA and Israel but they are both the sock puppets of the secret government which we do not see. Both USA and Israel have been used to create terror around the world.

    Why would the US and Israel wake up? If things are going their way to began with the plan is to destabilize the middle east. Create buggy men and attack countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya. Why does it look chaotic if we are bringing this so called “DEMOCRACY” to the middle east? Lets see the famous quotes of the NWO, “out of chaos comes order.” As we all know its all about stealing the countries natural resources and most important taking control of the governments currency and installing a complete puppet goverment. Just like the the puppets running the USA.

    So hypocritical, lets just ask ourselves who created ISIS, SIL, Al Qeda and all those terror cell organizations? The entire world knows who is behind these terrorist attacks, who is training, funding and arming these terrorists. Lets get our heads out of our near ends and stop the hypocrisy.

    This is a huge operation to destroy the meaning of Islam on and unprecedented level, Guns were banned in France more…
    Every ISIS will be killed and fed to wild boars to become pig manure !

    This is a huge operation to destroy the meaning of Islam on an unprecedented level, Guns were banned in France more…
    Every ISIS will be killed and fed to wild boars to become pig manure !

    The US has just wanted to play games in the Middle East for the past 10 years, let’s see if more…
    It is not in their best interest…..dream on

    The westerners and Europeans are such hypocrites.

    key parts of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi’s book Practical Idealism . I quote:

    Europeans to become negroid mongrels

    The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice.

    The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals…..caused by the migration problem.

    The US has just wanted to play games in the Middle East for the past 10 years, let’s see if they’ll finally wake up and actually do something constructive for a change…

    Diyar S1 hour ago
    Where is Charlie Hebdo when you need them?

    Making fun of a drowned kurdish toddler and The russian plane was really a clever act.

    I salute you for your unbelievable humanity.

    As more muricans fighting terrorists, more people die around the world, why don´t you fight them at your own home?Sure that US has something to do with this. Now they will use it as pretext to occupy couple of new oil producing countries and start civil war in Europe. The only terrorist on this Planet is US government with their pocket terrorist army which they deploy all around the world.

    USA Zionism again and the people are getting fooled again
    This is a huge operation to destroy the meaning of Islam on an unprecedented level, Guns were banned in France long time ago.

    They are wanting to stop the flow of innocent refugees who are getting killed on a daily basis in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Who are getting killed by weapons from France and the USA
    and Afghanistan.

    In addition France is supporting Terrorism by selling ADVANCED warships to Saudi Arabia who have been proven to be arming ISIS and ISIL.

    This is an operation to discriminate and demonize innocent people AGAIN. Just like how they did in Iraq ans Afghanistan.

    Attack on pure tripe. Those espousing these hollow narratives are liars. They operate in clandestine partnership globally to contrive these false flag events. From 911 to Hebdo to Tunisia all the active shooters in the US, ISIL and the current refugee crisis. Orchestrated to our detriment by thug governments run by paedos (at least in the UK). We the public want you to fck off. Your days are numbered. The public are connecting the dots. The Muslims eh? No. It is you shtbags. For what it’s worth they are desperate to kick if WW3 with China and Russia. Meanwhile we are getting done by freak ball paedo fckwts

  2. Katherine Carver

    Interesting that there is no reference to the attack in Beirut that also seems to originate from IS – is this because it does not quite fit the story ?

    I expressed a fear 8 days ago that there would be an event that would be used to persuade some of the majority of our MPs to change their minds about going into Syria to join the Allies. Such an involvement would only make any sense if there was coordinated action against IS involving Syria, Russia, Iran and the Lebanon….. at the very least to destroy those oil fields that are generating so much income for IS to fund its terrorist activities overseas. However, any such action must be matched with a political solution.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No – in fact I wasn’t aware of the Beirut attack. In fact it does fit the story; the fact that Lebanon has a more-than-50-per-cent Muslim population supports my contention that IS is not a Muslim group but a terrorist organisation.

      I hope that the right people will agree with my assertion that IS must be fought with brains, not bombs.

      1. hayfords

        The relationships are more complex. The Beirut bombing was an attack on Hezbollah. Hezbollah is an ally of Iran and supports and assists by fighting for Assad and consequently is an enemy of ISIS. The situation is further complicated due to the overarching conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. It is why Saudi is opposed to Iran and why Iran supports Assad.

        Hamas used to support Assad and their leader Maashal was given sanctuary in Damascus. Hamas fell out with Assad due to his violence to his people and to some extent with Iran. Interestingly, Hezbollah, Hamas and the West Bank Palestinians have all condemned the Paris bombings. Hamas have no terrorist ambitions apart from their struggle with Israel.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Yes – all of this supports my contention that these attacks have little to do with religion and much to do with politics and political alliances. Thanks for fleshing it out.

  3. Katherine Carver

    Apologies – I was not referring to your story (which I agree with but would not call a story) but the “story” implied in the mainstream media – Muslims against the West.

    More informed analysis is that Beirut was attacked because of its involvement in Syria and that France was attacked because of its involvement in Syria and Libya. While I am increasingly nervous of such analysis, it does undermine the argument that we need to get involved in Syria to make it safer for us in the UK.

  4. Daniel Margrain

    I think the situation is more complex and nuanced then you are letting on.My view is that Islam does play a part in as much as Islamic terrorists do self identify as Muslims and will often cite passages in the Quran as the justification for their actions. The vast majority of Muslims, on the other hand will do the converse by citing peaceful passages to justify their adherence to their religion. The one side will frequently disagree with the other as to what they regard as being the correct interpretation of their holy book. So I don’t think one can totally disassociate the political from the religious in the way you seem to be suggesting. I accept that it’s not the main motivating factor but to deny it plays a role, albeit small, is to be in a state of denial, quite frankly.

      1. hayfords

        This may be something we agree on at least partly. The Zionists want a one state solution with Israel stretching from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean. By building settlements they encroach further and further into the West Bank. It is like negotiating a share of a pizza while one party is eating it at the same time.

      2. paulrutherford8

        My dad was posted to a place called Palestine not long after the end of WW2. He ‘processed’ Palestinians who were being made to move because the jews were being given some of their land. He always wondered why the USA didn’t offer them somewhere like Arizona instead.
        He always said that the people who were no longer called jews, but Israelis, would never stop until they occupied or at least controlled the whole area..
        I disagreed with my dad on many things. But on this, he has been proved correct.
        He was there at the beginning of it all. He disliked American jews the most for the rest of his life. My dad was very much a peaceful anti-war type of chap.
        Isn’t Armageddon in Israel… or nearby?

  5. Barry Davies

    The problem with it being a terrorist organisation allied to a religion or nation means that people do not trust anyone who fits the overall picture, in this case Muslims the majority of whom do not decry the behaviour of the terrorist, jus like people didn’t really trust anyone with an Irish accent in 1970’s Britain. Until such time as the majority instead of a small minority of Muslims start to stand up and say that the whole idea of killing people in the name of their religion is unacceptable that will remain the case.

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