Is this the ‘false flag’ of the Paris terror attack?

A Syrian passport. One such passport which was used by a refugee who landed in the Greek islands in early October was found on or near the body of one of the Paris attackers. Photograph: Daniel Reinhardt/dpa/Corbis

Concerns over the presence of a Syrian passport near the body of a dead suicide bomber have led to claims that the EU must introduce a stricter immigration regime between member states.

But steadier heads have pointed out that there are many possible reasons for the document to have been where it was, without being a damning indictment on the system as it stands.

This Writer has seen several articles suggesting that the Paris attacks were carried out under a ‘false flag’ – in other words, that it was not the work of Daesh (who some call IS) but that of another agency, working to gain an advantage of its own.

More often than not, these conspiracy theories are flights of fancy but there is a possibility that this one might have an element of truth. That’s not to suggest that Daesh didn’t carry out the killings; it is simply possible that somebody could have taken advantage of the atrocity for their own political ends.

Take a look at some of the evidence [boldings mine]:

One of the most chilling details from the Paris attacks is that the passport of a Syrian refugee was found on or near the body of a dead suicide bomber. The Greek government has subsequently said that someone using the passport was among the refugees who landed in the Greek islands in early October, and the Serbian government says the passport was again used to cross its southern border a few days later.

This development has increased fears of Isis infiltrators among the thousands of desperate refugees arriving in Europe. Allies of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, have voiced security concerns over her open-door policy and one, the Bavarian finance minister Markus Söder, told a German newspaper: “The days of uncontrolled immigration and illegal entry can’t continue just like that. Paris changes everything.”

The new government in Poland is using the news as a reason to back out of an agreement to take in several thousand Syrians. And the front page of the British newspaper the Mail on Sunday stated definitively that the attackers “sneaked into Europe as fake Syrian refugees”.

Investigators still need to verify the Syrian passport was carried by an attacker rather than a dead bystander (one Egyptian passport-holder initially believed to be an assailant turned out to be an injured victim). They will then need to be certain that the passport’s carrier was the same as the passport’s legitimate owner. It’s possible that it was stolen.

[Another] red flag is the fact that the passport concerned was found in the first place. Analysts find it strange that a bomber would remember to bring his passport on a mission, particularly one who does not intend to return alive.

What do you think?

Source: Why Syrian refugee passport found at Paris attack scene must be treated with caution | World news | The Guardian

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16 thoughts on “Is this the ‘false flag’ of the Paris terror attack?

  1. Cora Uption

    These fire proof passports…amazing,… and when you are a terrorist you must always carry your fire and bomb proof passport so you can be identified after your act of terror in which you inevitably die and can’t speak for yourself.

    1. Tony Dean

      There was no fire at the Bataclan theatre, documents surviving explosions is commonplace.
      Also and I am NOT going to reference pictures of what is left of the wearer of a suicide vest, the centre portion of the body is blow to pieces but the head, neck, and below the belt area are left intact, so a passport remaining intact is no surprise.
      As for terrorists and other undesirables entering into a country, using a flood of refugees that overwhelms the ability of their identities to be checked that is not a theory or scare mongering it is an historical fact.

    2. Dez

      Those indestructible passports are totally amazing ….. a few found at the Twin Towers when everything else was just turned to dust.

  2. Michelle Thomasson

    I spoke to a French friend on Saturday morning about the attacks as they have family who live in a district adjacent to the 11th in Paris (they know the place very well). The area chosen for the atrocity did not make sense to them because it is well known as a place to go for Arabic people with many on lower incomes. When a Syrian refugee arrives in Paris where would they ask to find sympathetic helpers, wouldn’t it be such an area?

    However, if the passport belonged to one of the suicide bombers it must have be coated in a special secret military material to have survived so intact. I’m also reminded of the competing energy pipelines trying to get through…which country was it, oh, of course Syria! ref:

  3. hilary772013

    That is exactly what I said to my brother, he told me that one of the attackers was a Syrian refugee that had carried out the atrocities as his passport had been found at the scene.
    I told him if I was intent on murdering I wouldn’t take my passport along and especially if I was a suicide bomber or knowing I wouldn’t be coming out of it alive, it just doesn’t make any sense. I also said it could have been dropped by a bystander & until we have the full facts & proof we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions,

  4. roybeiley

    A case of fiddling while Rome or in this case Paris burns. If it wasn’t someone who allegedly”sneaked in” as a refugee does it make any difference? The bombers are unlikely to be Eskimos or Polynesians so why all the fuss and resources being used on this possible red herring? We need to stay focused on the fact that 130 people were killed and find the cell who organised this atrocity

  5. Martin Odoni

    The aspect I keep coming back to is that I just don’t see why a suicide bomber would bother to take his passport with him on his final journey. Does he think he needs a passport to allow passage through the gates of heaven?

    The only reason I can think of why the bomber would have one is if the attack goes wrong e.g. the bomb fails to detonate, and he chooses to scarper. But in the EU there are no border controls to prevent anyone fleeing to a neighbouring country, so it still makes very little sense.

    Call me ‘Old Mr Tinfoil Hat’, but I can’t help suspecting that the passport is a plant.

  6. Barry Davies

    French security have said that at least one of the attackers entered Greece with the other migrants form syria, lets be honest when the border controls are so lax only an idiot wouldn’t make use of it, and say what you like about isil, but don’t underestimate their ability to make use of the porous borders at present.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If that’s true, then they must have retracted that comment as the official line is now that ALL the attackers were from the EU.

  7. George Berger

    Mike. Mr Juncker of the EU top said yesterday that the passport was probably a fake and that immigration should continue as it had. Now, I have thought through several scenarios. But one that I have not seen is this: that a European planted it, in order to have it linked to Syrian refugees, to convince EU governments to close their borders (for whatever reason). Given the present tensions over xenophobia, immigrants, and fascism, this passport affair is dangerous now. I live in Sweden, whose borders were closed one day before the Paris attack. In fact, given the evidence now in the public domain, the most we can say is that anybody could have planted it, for whatever reason.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think they would have planted it in the knowledge that the level of paranoia in EU countries at the moment would lead people to believe there was an influx of terrorists from the Middle East, posing as refugees. It is welcome that this story has been debunked as quickly as it has.

  8. aussieeh

    Surely a suicide bomber would pass the passport onto a brother, to be altered and used again. Rather than waste such an expensive document to replace. Something stinks somewhere. These political games are costing real lives, and the real perpetrators will get away with it again. Western policies stink, nothing more than the mafia moving into another territory to remove the Capo di tutti capi to take over the money making scam, while the ordinary people suffer as usual. Look at any western government most are controlled by big business, bankers, especially the arms industry oh and let us not forget the petrochemical industries, all pulling the politicians strings. Also it’s one more reason to remove our rights. Camoron and co will love this. But my sentiments truely go to the families of the innocents killed in this atrocity. But for western political greed this may never have happened. We all need to remove the corrupt bought out scum that presents itself as our ruling classes. We have made a start with Corbyn, let us hope he can stay the course.

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