As war between mass media and social media heats up, Facebook comes out for the corporations

Following the announcement that it will prioritise corporate news media over the social media, Facebook is in the wrong group in this image.


No doubt some of you will say this should be no surprise, but it is worth spreading the word – otherwise the corporations will win without you knowing it.

Remember when This Site reported that Facebook has altered its algorithms in order to push social media posts down your News Feed, in an attempt to deny you access to the articles you want to read while keeping you unaware of the fact? Refresh your memory here.

Yesterday This Site commented on a Guardian article that attempted to justify the mainstream press and trash the social media. I said trying to send us back to sleep was not the answer and the newspaper – which is struggling financially – should take a leaf out of our book and encourage people to get awake, aware and critical.

The Graun piece was partly inspired by a clip of “professional controversialist” and member of Justice4Grenfell, Ismahil Blagrove, tearing metaphorical strips off a Sky News reporter who was sent to cover the aftermath of the blaze.

Mr Blagrove makes many good points about the mainstream media in this clip, from June 26, which hasn’t received anything like enough attention [WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE]:

Now Facebook has doubled down on its betrayal of the social media – for whom it is the most popular platform but has become the main betrayer – by announcing publicly that it will support corporate “news” (and I put that word in quotation marks for a reason) over the social media.

Here’s how Redacted Tonight covered that particular story. It’s an American organisation but the message applies just as much to people in any other nation.

The publicity blurb for this piece reads: “Facebook announced it would give priority to “fast-loading” media, but what does that really mean?? It means billions of people will be fed mostly corporate and mainstream media on Facebook. They will be far less likely to see alternative voices.”


The writing may be on the Facebook wall but it won’t be seen if Mark Zuckerberg’s minions have their way.

We need strategies to deal with this; to continue getting our messages out to people who want to know what’s really going on in the world but aren’t savvy enough to know how to find our work.

Putting messages at the end of our articles (or the beginning) calling for readers to subscribe to our sites won’t be enough; too few people will. We need a better plan.

I’m open to suggestions.

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11 thoughts on “As war between mass media and social media heats up, Facebook comes out for the corporations

  1. Tony Dean

    It also looks as if Google News is increasingly being nobbled over the last few days.
    It keeps defaulting to Trump propaganda.

  2. Dez

    Yup the Globalist rule and the media is mostly owned by globalists, or in the case of the BBC by Governments using our licence money, will have their dictorial way with the plebs and uninformed making sure they only get their twisted messages and lies.

  3. Pension60Now

    Facebook is now blocking my endeavours to spread my pension petition in comment boxes below posts on pension campaign Facebook groups, by calling it spam.

    When I have personally message ladies on those sites, they have signed. So it is not spam. It is of interest to ladies and gents.

    Facebook is even calling my petition spam in comments in shared posts by members of my own Facebook group, and blocking the link to the website address to sign, on my own Facebook group where I campaign for my petition.

    First they made it hard to see Watmedia, The Canary et al by you needing to tick
    SEE FIRST under the drop down menu below FOLLOWING.

    Even pretty picture Facebook sites are being lost.

    Mainstream media have lied and lied and lied again about pensioners and the state pension.

    There was no 1950s and 1960s baby boom, just a normal birth rate of 2.2 kiddies.
    We are not living longer, the working class have the same death averages as back in the 1870s. In fact working class lifespan has gone into reverse since 2010, including increasing female mortality and below age 64 being included in UK’s highest winter excess deaths of elderly in all of Europe.
    The National Insurance Fund is full and in surplus and has been for generations and remains so today.
    Young people are not paying more tax to support pensioners, nor the other way around.

    Admin PENSION 60 NOW

  4. Brian

    One view that may be worth considering is what you already know and aspire to as a journalist, ‘The Scoop’. Competing with the likes of FaceAche on their terms is a non-starter, they have the technology to evaporate other news at the whim of the editor, as do the MSM. Vox simply do not have as many buttons. The very gener of this site limits it’s exposure, many are not interested in the truth, proving it impossible to lower Vox to the same level as these Jackanories, and thus capturing this audience. Vox ‘Real News’, with a genuine public interest is already complimented by challenge to those in influence. However, as yet, I have not seen any take up the mantle to refute your articles, because they are true. A single news release by Vox, that is so powerfully in the public interest it could not be ignored would force other media to acknowledge it’s source. The Holy Grail, not the Daily Mail will prevail.

  5. joanna

    Hi Mike why don’t you see if you can do a British version of the young turks? You could bring together other people like yourself, it would reach people who have difficulty reading or people who are blind.

  6. ory


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Facebook provides easy access to blogs such as this and Skwawkbox.
      I wouldn’t have an audience without it. That’s the problem.

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