Children laugh at disabled child in supermarket – and their mum joins in

Bethan and Lydia Germon. Lydia has Dandy Walker syndrome, which causes a build-up of fluid to the brain.

This is the kind of country Conservative policies have created.

Nobody can say the family who laughed at a child with a congenital condition aren’t simply ignorant and stupid, but the atmosphere in the UK – in which it is considered permissible to victimise those with disabilities – certainly doesn’t discourage it.

Tories don’t like people with disabilities; they think these people cost money without boosting the profits of Tory-supporting businesses.

So they have encouraged the spread of fake information about the disabled – that they are benefit scroungers; that they are undeserving.

That feeds down into abuse on the street – or in the supermarket.

In turn, the abuse affects the mental health of people with disabilities and then, when they report this fact at benefit assessments, they are faced with the deadly question, “Why haven’t you killed yourself?”

That is the ultimate intention, of course: For people with disabilities to remove themselves from the Conservative government’s benefits bill.

It is evil and idiots who sneer at disabled people in supermarkets are complicit in that evil.

So if you see this kind of behaviour, don’t let it pass.

If you’re in a supermarket, contact a manager and have the perpetrators ejected.

If you’re feeling really brave, challenge the bullies yourself.

Some people can’t stand up for themselves. Please stand up for them.

A mum has revealed how two boys laughed at her disabled daughter in Tesco – before their own MUM joined in.

Bethan Germon, 30, from Wales, was shopping at her local supermarket in Swansea – and was left distraught by the events.

She says two kids laughed at her toddler’s incurable brain condition – along with their mother – while she was shopping in the Fforestfach Tesco.

Bethan says two young boys started to point and laugh at her daughter Lydia, who was born with a rare condition called Dandy Walker syndrome.

The condition causes an endless build-up of fluid to the brain and, to Bethan’s shock, even caused the boys’ mum to laugh.

The devastated mum [said]: “What is the world coming to?”

Source: Mum distraught as children laugh at disabled daughter in Tesco – and their MUM joins in – Coventry Telegraph

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16 thoughts on “Children laugh at disabled child in supermarket – and their mum joins in

  1. NMac

    It makes me so very sad and so very angry to hear about such stories. What sort of society are the Tories making us into that they encourage people to laugh at the misfortune of others? Sometimes I truly despair.

  2. Justin

    Sadly this is the way tory cause things,should they be held accountable most definetly, the parastic ministers and there advisors as well as the wca companies all three of them and decision makers should all be held to account, do they, just look at the misconduct in public office charges against smith and grayling for a answer there, don’t worry though strong and stable tory slug, your not that strong, your definetly unstable and we don’t need a assessment to tell you that, votes count and bribes don’t, you be out and you can take your red bus of lies with you

  3. Christine Bergin

    I fear our government have encouraged some of the worst traits to be found in humanity to take root and flourish. We really are becoming despicable as a nation.

  4. Tony Curr

    It is a pity that no photographs were taken of these toerags, so that they could be traced and treated to a healthy dose of baseball bat justice

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t approve of violence. A “good talking-to” may not seem enough but it can be effective, depending on what is said.

      1. Paul Rutherford

        We experienced something very similar a couple of years ago in Tesco.

        Three secondary schoolgirls, in ‘uniform’ started laughing at Warren and one was heard to say something extremely nasty.

        Sue shouted at them to stop, gave them a ‘drop dead evil’ sort of look; she’d gone beyond angry, and I held my breath fearing the worst.

        Then she did something that I think was really brave… and for her, it was. She smiled at them and said, “My daughter wasn’t much older than you when she had Warren. She was a kid like you and you could have a baby just like she did, so I’d not tempt fate if I were you”.

        One of the girls was almost in tears after that.

        Words work 😉

  5. Roland Laycock

    This type of thing makes me sick these people should be put down I have the same with me daughter she had a brain tumor removed and the number of people that stare at her and make stupid comments, as the country sinks I expect more of this type of thing

  6. Brian

    I wonder if those encouraging this hate, the Tory wearing blue tie brigade, experienced the same behavior if they would object, but then I’m sure they move in different circles, with those that share their despicable traits.

  7. ladycrookback

    Better to say that people deserve that others stand up beside them as allies. “Standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves” has long been fought against by grassroots campaigners as the “charity model” problem in disability rights circles.
    “Help the helpless” tag line style of charities can promote a version of disability that focuses on disabled people as helpless. We see that in a society that disempowers however. A society that gives no help requires disabled people to turn to compassion and charity over rights when it is your right that you not face such abuse. While it may be true that some folk cannot stand up for themselves we should ask first why they should have to and always decry the need to have to fight bullies in the first place.

  8. katythenightowl

    I was a thalidomide baby, but was fortunate that, after several operations over the course of my childhood, and into early adulthood, I looked ‘normal’ – whatever normal actually means – but I spent my childhood being pointed at, spoken of as if I couldn’t hear the comments, was made fun of continuously, and was also constantly bullied and humiliated at school – and this was before the Tory Terror as it is today!
    So nothing surprises me any more, especially where ordinary, everyday, people are concerned as, for the past four decades, the UK has basically been governed by exceedingly rich people who don’t care a jot about the poor, disabled, elderly, needy, etc., and have encouraged all the media to mock as many of these groups as they possibly can – which has then taught the last couple of generations to grow up with the prevailing attitude that it’s okay to think only of themselves; it’s okay to mock, bully, and demean anyone weaker than yourself; it’s okay to look down on anyone poorer than yourself because, after all, it’s their own fault that they are poor!
    Don’t forget, while we are mocking and fighting each other, they can then go on doing what they do best – looking after themselves first, and foremost!
    I just hope for the day that we get rid of these leeches that have driven the UK into the ground, and all for their own profit!

  9. Barry Davies

    6 years of the continual mantra from cameron of “for hardworking people” has lead a large proportion of those in work, all of whom consider themselves to be hardworking to consider those unable to work or whom are apparently a drain on resources are less than worthwhile.

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