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8 Thoughts to “DWP advisor reckons there’s a job for everyone – even if you’re 64 and disabled”

  1. Zippi

    A job as a malicious Tory M.P.? They seem to have no trouble finding work! How many jobs has Gideon?

  2. BS once over 50 with no qualifications you are unlikely to get a job, if a teenager without qualifications cannot get a job then what are your chances as you get older?

  3. The problem isn’t solely with the dwp workers, they are told by the vicious and pointless work capacity assessments that the person is ft for work, so they are in a position of having to help the person find work. They do not however help the they get a bonus for putting people on to sanctions.

  4. Florence

    Institutionally misogynist, institutional class war, and “only” following EUGENICIST orders. When will the silent majority masses be exposed for their very real eugenicist beliefs? There is no other explanation for the apparent ease with which so many have failed to protect the poor, sick, elderly, and frail of the working class. The DWP are their storm troopers, but they appear to have the full support of far too many in all walks of life. If it were not so, there would be as many outraged and highly politically active about these issues at home as there are against the Syria and the Saudi atrocities too. Somehow a dead waspi killed by the state is “lesser” than others in the hierarchy, even among uk activists.

  5. Brian

    This is worthy of the most inhumane attitude from the purveyors of death. Why, because they are aware that shoving this woman of her existing benefits demands a reapplication that even if she wins a tribunal will result in a ‘UC’ reduction.

  6. Ian Hunter

    I’ve been found fit for work 3 times and won my appeals twice. This last time I was told over the phone by the DWP that the criteria for making an appeal had changed and I couldn’t appeal this time! I only found out months later that I had been lied to. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s been denied their right to appeal and I wonder if it’s just us appeal winners being told this as the chances are,if we’ve succeeded in the past,that we’d win another appeal!

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