After the violence, the propaganda – but it’s Rees-Mogg’s people who are guilty [STRONG LANGUAGE]

Some MPs – particularly those on the left of the political spectrum – are going to end up with proverbial egg on their faces after the scuffle involving Jacob Rees-Mogg at the University of the West of England.

It seems some were quick to condemn masked protesters who heckled Mr Rees-Mogg from the back of the hall in a confrontation that escalated until one man apparently tried to punch a supporter of the Conservative MP for North East Somerset.

In fact, footage shows that a white-shirted supporter of Mr Rees-Mogg had slapped a student – and this is what prompted the protester to aim a punch.

The woman who was hit, Andreea Dumitrache, has tweeted about what happened:

It is now clear that the violence was initiated by a supporter of Mr Rees-Mogg – not by the protesters, who have been described as being of the far left. Do we have any proof of that?

Here’s some more analysis:

But this is only one side of the story, of course. Would you like to see what supporters of Mr Rees-Mogg have to say?

Brace yourself:

Here’s a comment sent in response to This Site’s previous article about the incident, from a person who was too cowardly to provide his own name but instead went by the imaginative pseudonym ‘z’:

look up the definition of a common assault spakka.

whiny left tries to deflect from yet another example of its own violent, hateful extremism.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “spakka” (there are many different spellings, presumably indicating the illiteracy of those who use the word) is a derogatory term for people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

So this Rees-Mogg supporter is someone who discriminates against the disabled in the most insulting way possible. And they support physical attacks against other people. Despicable.

By the way, everyone who trains as a news reporter has to learn the definitions of certain crimes, including common assault. Assault happens when a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to believe they will be the victim of unlawful force. Actual harmful or offensive physical contact – like a punch – is legally defined as battery. White shirt man appears to commit both in the video evidence we’ve seen, although a jury may be asked to make the final decision.

So, not only is ‘z’ the kind of creature who tries to put other people down with derogatory language, they also pretend to know more than they do – again, to put others down. On top of all that, they then accuse others of “violent, hateful extremism”.

To that person, I say: If you want to see a violent, hateful extremist, just look in a mirror.

Eddie Briggs, below, makes an appropriate observation in a much milder way than I would have:

Final verdicts? Mixed. Try this:

But then there’s this:

Good point. The protesters had to be labelled as supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. Were they? And if they were, is he really to blame for their actions, which were simply to protest verbally until rent-a-thug turned up.

But let’s stay on the subject of Mr Corbyn, because this last bombshell is perhaps more pertinent than any of the others. It’s from Aleesha, who tweeted (and I’m going to have to quote her because for some reasons the tweet isn’t reproducing here):

“Honestly, there’s more outrage over the fact that Jacob Rees-Mogg was *not* hit than there was outrage over the fact that this week, it became apparent that a terrorist literally planned to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn.”

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11 thoughts on “After the violence, the propaganda – but it’s Rees-Mogg’s people who are guilty [STRONG LANGUAGE]

  1. joanna

    I remember when I was 13yrs, I was called spakker-anna, spanner-anna and worst of all spaz-anna, all because I was forced to go to a school for children with behavioural problems. My only problem was over-coming a serious physical injury (someone battered my feet when I was a baby).

    After a while no-one called me those names anymore because I ignored them, and didn’t give them the reaction they wanted. I wasn’t perfect, I was going through Much more traumatic events at that time.

  2. aunty1960

    I really would not try and support these kind of things or try to defend one set of assailants against another.

    I have been at protests and meetings I know how they can end up and yes there are masked protestors and agitators

    I have been threatened as a female and disabled and been offered to be glassed, had disabled friend pushed over in wheelchair and elderly man screamed at and spat in face by left agitators so hell bent on their protest. 2 elderly ladies who were guardians of the little church trying to stop abuse and vandalism were told they would come back and burn their church down. That is our blessed left.

    Left and right can be just as agitating and brak down into physical aggresssion. As left and unions were prepared to have a brittle bone little disabled woman have her bones crushed in a demo as “sacrifice” you really have no idea how far people will go when they are in a white fog of agitation.

    I tend to get threatened by both sides while trying to stick to calm and sorting things out.

  3. Jenny

    To me it looks like a set -up. What was Rees-Mogg doing in that part of the room, joining masked protesters and then talking to someone while those around him shouted unconvincingly.He looked as if he knew he wouldn’t be hurt, and then said pathetically like an upperclass beak ” Ladies and gentlemen please calm down” Could he have made it happen in order to gain sympathy for his cause to become PM? OOh how brave he was!!!

  4. NMac

    Rees Mogg is using Nazi tactics of the 1920s, to incite violence and then hide behind others and deny any responsibility.

  5. Krillkrill

    From my perspective he calls them spakkas because they are acting as if they have a mental health problem when they most likely do not, and not discriminating against disabled people…

  6. fathomie

    From my experience of rubbing shoulders with the YC’s in my younger days, I’m afraid I would not rule out this being an inside job. Yes that sounds paranoid, but when you listen to these people, and things they openly admitted to doing, then, just when you think they are having you on, they show you photos of themselves disrupting protests, posing as ‘lefties’, vandalising property to put the blame on protestors, you suddenly realise this country has a very dark side – and it isn’t on the left.

  7. Phil

    Clearly the guy in white shirt, with intent, approaches and then lays hands on the woman then covers her mouth with his palm.

    Common assault, he should be arrested and interviewed.

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