Tom Watson’s list of donors tells us all we need to know about his attitude to ‘prejudice and hate’

Tom Watson: “Together” with his pro-Israel paymasters, he is publicising a lie about Labour and anti-Semitism.

Oh dear. It seems Labour deputy leader Tom Watson doesn’t like me any more.

I went looking for the tweet he made in response to the #ResignWatson Twitter storm and found this on his page: “You are blocked from following @tom_watson and viewing @tom_watson‘s Tweets.” I doubt I am the only one newly seeing that announcement today.

It seems he has seen my article on his blackmailing ultimatum to Jeremy Corbyn and, rather than attempting to engage with it in any meaningful way, he has decided to block out any further contact with me and/or my articles. How immature.

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So, for his response to the Twitterstorm, let’s go to The Independent:

Tom Watson has hit out at a social media campaign to oust him as Labour’s deputy leader following his warning the party faced a “vortex of eternal shame” unless it resolved an escalating row over antisemitism.

Thousands of Twitter users – supportive of Mr Corbyn – mounted a “resignwatson” hashtag, used to direct demands for his resignation.

Responding to the criticism, Mr Watson posted: “It sometimes feels like people have been calling for me to stand down from day one but I never, ever thought I’d be facing demands to #resignwatson for standing up for people who are facing prejudice and hate.”

That’s a unique way of looking at it – by which I mean it didn’t get him anywhere.

Ruth Jenner, on Facebook, explains why: “Well, Tom Watson, that’s because you’re NOT “standing up for people who are facing prejudice and hate“ … that’s what Corbyn is doing and has done for his entire political career. You, on the other hand, are simply doing the dirty for your Israeli state-favouring donors…”

Israel-supporting donors? That may seem libellous – but she posted up the information to support her claim:

Paul Sheppard followed up this information with this pertinent point: “Exactly. He’s being asked to resign for accepting money from people representing a racist state and undermining the Labour Party.

“If you want to stand up against prejudice and hate, get behind Corbyn and condemn Israel for its crimes against humanity”

Addressing his words to Mr Watson (who was unlikely to read them), Graeme Braisby wrote: “You aren’t standing up for the oppressed and the distressed, you’re standing up for an apartheid state, a state who oppresses the Palestinians daily, a state who ignores UN resolutions and doesn’t face sanctions for it, where is the international outrage that other countries face for far less, what are the super powers doing about the Israelis nuclear weapons? Iran and North Korea are both being hounded about theirs, but not Israel? I suppose its not what you know, its who you know! Or who you can pay for… Over to you Tom Watson.”

Paul Robson summed it up: “Tom Watson isn’t standing up to prejudice. He’s actually getting paid,( about 50 thousand) to speak on behalf of the friends of Israel.
This isn’t a act of a decent compassionate man, and it’s totally obvious.”

You can read the Facebook thread here.

In the light of the evidence, I agree with the comments above – but then, I never thought Mr Watson was standing up for people facing prejudice and hate.

He was standing up for his pro-Israel paymasters. Now that is in the open, he must resign immediately – or be sacked.

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9 thoughts on “Tom Watson’s list of donors tells us all we need to know about his attitude to ‘prejudice and hate’

  1. Tony

    It is possible that Tom Watson owes his election as deputy leader to Jeremy Corbyn. He was the least bad of the candidates. I would imagine that people who voted for Corbyn voted disproportionately for Watson.

    In the final vote, he got just 198,962 votes (50.7%).
    In the Labour leadership election, run concurrently, Corbyn got 251,417 votes.

    What do other readers think?

  2. Tim Sims

    Dear Mike,
    Eleven of your last 20 posts have addressed the bizarre but flaming issue of so-called anti-semitism in the Labour Party, of which you have been a victim. I am a subscriber to your Just Giving page. But this is a time when the Labour Party needs to be a broad church opposing the most dangerously narrow right wing government at least since 1951 (some of whose inhuman viciousness you have been chronicling so effectively). A government that is now openly supporting the subversion of our democracy. I am at a loss to understand how we seem to choosing this moment to gift the right-wing media with the opportunity to egg us on to rip ourselves apart with right-left “purity” infighting that has now centred on charges and counter-charges on anti-Semitism, and on denying the legitimacy of Labour Party members who have been stalwarts of the Party for decades.
    Getting sucked into this all-consuming internecine scrapping is madness.
    Skilled leadership out of this mess and into the faces of the hugely destructive politicians on the right does not need all to come from the top, but it would be quite useful to see some of that. And some from other parts of the Party.
    Our kids will not thank us for the apparent priorities we have chosen to pursue and your posts currently reflect.

    Please would you increase your focus in your posts on our real political enemy.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’d love to.

      But the anti-Semitism debate is a huge issue currently, and must be addressed here and elsewhere – or those who take an opposing view will find themselves unopposed, and you wouldn’t want that, I hope.

      Having spent nearly a month collecting information for – and writing – my defence against Labour’s ridiculous allegations of anti-Semitism against me, I don’t think it is unreasonable for me to take a keen interest in this matter.

      That being said, I am in the process of printing out my documentary evidence now. I hope – very sincerely – to be able to put that matter behind me, at least for a short while, and to be able to concentrate on the Tories again.

    2. Zippi

      A very good question, indeed, similarly to how the Parliamentarian chose the moment when we had no Prime Minister to stage a coup. It is interesting that there is always some explosive allegation, or smear around election time. Remember dear old Ken £ivingstone’s interview (for which only his answer, not the question, or context, was publishèd), which took place during the £ondon Mayoral election campaign? There seems to be a concerted effort to rid the Party of Mr. Corbyn and those who desire this seem more interested in that than in the future of the Party and what is happening in the country, at large.
      What is apparent is that lies, or gross exaggerations are being propagated, which affect people like Mike, on one hand and alter public opinion and perception on the other. I understand your frustration but what hope have we of achieving the kind of Governance that will counter this Conservative ragtag of a Government, if this character assassination is successful? Jeremy Corbyn is like somebody who stands accused of witchcraft, in mediaeval England; if he dies nothing, he’s anti-Semitic and allows anti-Semitism to go unchecked in the Party. If he admits that there is anti-Semitism within the Party, he supporters will be stripped from the Party, he along with them. If he counters the false claims, he is anti-Semitic. It’s difficult for me to see a way out for him, especially when he capitulates and apologises for appearing on a platform with an Holocaust survivor… who happened to criticise Israel, Zionism and modern Judaism. Can you think of a way out?

  3. Zippi

    So, The investigation into Margaret Hodge’s behaviour has been dropped and she denies any apology. Well, it looks like, either Party discipline is inconsistent; if you bring the Party into disrepute, on top of verbally assaulting your boss, IN THE HOUSE, you get off, OR Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite and a racist. It will be Austin, next. I am disgusted that certain persons think that our rules do not apply to them. Jeremy Corbyn was well within his Rights to sue for slander, unless, of course, Dame Hodge spoke the truth. Joe Public is receiving mixed messages. Jeremy Corbyn needs to get off the fence and either defend the truth and declare it, of climb down and let the opposition win. There are too many people making too much noise and an allegation of anti-Semitism is too broad and too vague.
    I’d not been a member of a political Party before but I can tell you this; if the people who can don’t start defending the truth and they let the troublemakers win, I won’t be for much longer.

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