Labour investigation of Asa Winstanley shows it is STILL abusing rank-and-file members

Asa Winstanley: Targeted for victimisation by the Labour Party’s infamous compliance unit.

Do you want to know what struck me as the notable detail in the announcement that Labour is investigating Electronic Intifada journalist Asa Winstanley for anti-Semitism?

It was the fact that party officials told a newspaper journalist about it before Mr Winstanley even knew his membership had been suspended.

The circumstances in which he found out about his suspension and the investigation mirror what happened when Labour suspended This Writer nearly two years ago.

The first I heard of it was when I took a telephone call from a Western Mail journalist, asking how it felt to be suspended as a suspected anti-Semite; Mr Winstanley found out by reading a tweet from a Jewish Chronicle reporter.

Mr Winstanley is right to believe that the disclosure to a third party may represent a breach of the Data Protection Act. I am currently taking Labour to court over its treatment of me and this will certainly form part of my case.

And, like myself, Mr Winstanley has received online abuse after the story was published in the Jewish Chronicle.

So there is also a matter of reputational damage.

Labour’s leaders should bear in mind that their investigation process, though described as quasi-judicial, actually carries no legal weight.

This makes the party vulnerable to legal action from members (or indeed ex-members) who suffer harm to their reputation that damages their careers as a result of the party’s behaviour towards them.

But then, it seems the attitude of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee and complaint-handling “compliance unit” really hasn’t changed in the nearly two years since my case began.

They still treat the people who pay their wages with nothing but contempt.

Source: Labour Party investigates Electronic Intifada journalist | The Electronic Intifada

4 thoughts on “Labour investigation of Asa Winstanley shows it is STILL abusing rank-and-file members

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    Nothing has changed then the Jenny put in place to stop this is not able to stop the blairites from attacking its members more needs to be done to fix us of these cuckoo’s

  2. Carol Fraser

    The ‘istas’ in the Labour Party are going to destroy it. I have withdrawn from following the independent media page following an article about Tom Watson and the posted abuse from the ‘istas’. Note he speaks for me. Corbyn does not. Further Note that it is voters like me, moderate voters who elect governments. I have also stopped following Squarkbox due to his orgasmic glee at getting rid of the moderates from the CLPs. If Corbyn was a good leader he would deal with the anti-semitism and put a stop to this purge of people like me.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Tom Watson speaks for you? So you approve of elected representatives who put themselves before the interests of their party, or indeed the nation. You approve of politicians who invent a crisis in order to undermine their party leader (the anti-Semitism row is a purge of people like me, under a false pretence). And you approve of politicians who themselves abuse others. Would you describe yourself as a typical moderate?

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