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Chaos: After Mrs May’s video clip, some might say Labour should respond in this manner.

Theresa May has released a curious video clip:

Whoops! Not that one, although it might as well have been.

This one:

Read between the lines and you’ll realise she’s trying to say that if she can’t come to an agreement with Labour, then the UK will not leave the European Union and Labour will be to blame. This is not true.

Mrs May has wasted the last three years creating a very bad “withdrawal agreement” that does not meet the needs of the people of the United Kingdom, and that is the reason it has been rejected three times by Parliament. Labour had no hand in that at all.

She says in the video that if an agreement is to be reached, both sides will have to compromise. But Labour negotiators have already made it absolutely clear that she has failed to give any ground at all.

So this is another pack of lies from the Queen of the loaded deck.

One is prompted to question whether this is an attempt to force Labour to let her have her way, as there are now only two working days left before she must bring something to her counterparts in the European Union.

And I hope you noticed that she also slipped in a few claims about the Labour Party. It will be interesting to see if Jeremy Corbyn agrees with her comments.

He has already stated that Labour’s demand is “a customs union with the European Union, access to European markets and the retention of regulations for environment, consumers, and workplace rights as a base on which we can build – a dynamic relationship which means we can never fall below them” and Mrs May’s position clearly does not support that.

And did you notice the claim that “the longer this takes, the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all. It would mean letting the Brexit the British people voted for slip through our fingers”?

Firstly, the British people never voted for any particular Brexit because the Conservative government of the day – in which Mrs May was a member – never specified what it would be. That’s the reason she’s in such a muddle now. So “the Brexit the British people voted for” can’t “slip through our fingers”; it simply does not exist.

And the simple fact is that any delay must be the responsibility of Mrs May herself, who has spent so long trying to push her own personal (and selfish) Brexit on us all, and has utterly failed to even try finding a Brexit that the rest of us can accept.

Remember that there has never been any attempt to secure “losers’ consent” – agreement, from people who voted to remain in the EU, on a way forward that is palatable for them. Instead, “remoaners” have been demonised as “traitors” – and worse.

So this clip appears to be nothing more than a propaganda exercise intended to encourage people to see Labour as the obstacle in the Brexit process.


Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn should make a video clip of his own.

UPDATE: Mrs May could find she isn’t fooling anybody, though. Consider these responses on Twitter:

And of course there is a strong argument that the original referendum was entirely advisory, that illegal interference in the process means the result is entirely fraudulent, and that failing to leave the EU might be the most honest thing to do: