Rats leaving the sinking ship: As Theresa May’s ratings plummet, Tories are scuttling to other parties

She’s out: Ann Widdecombe has had enough of Theresa May’s Tory Party and has taken a lurch to the far-right Brexit Party formed by Nigel Farage.

Ann Widdecombe has become the latest person to quit the Conservative Party – this time to stand as a candidate for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the European Parliament elections next month.

She made her announcement on the day Theresa May’s approval ratings among members of her party were found to have sunk to an all-time low.

Writing in the Express, the former Prisons Minister whose chief contribution to UK culture was a comedy appearance on Strictly Come Dancing stabbed her former leader in the back: “Alas, a hopelessly inadequate prime minister, a gloating and determined EU and a parliament ready to dismiss the people as ignorant have combined to thwart our escape from foreign domination.”

Her words seem to reflect the findings of the latest survey of Tory Party members on the ConservativeHome blog site, which puts Mrs May’s rating even lower than that of Transport Secretary Chris “Failing” Grayling:

The commentary states: “The prime minister is bearing particular blame from party members – both, one suspects, for her Brexitfailure in particular and for the more general problems her continued leadership brings with it.

“So far as I can see this is the worst rating awarded to any Conservative ever in this question.”

With an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Conservative Party on the way, at which a vote of “no confidence” in Mrs May is likely to be voted through, it seems the worst prime minister in UK history is finally about to be tweezered out of 10 Downing Street.

Be assured her Tory replacement will be even worse.

7 thoughts on “Rats leaving the sinking ship: As Theresa May’s ratings plummet, Tories are scuttling to other parties

  1. nmac064

    I thought Widdecombe dies years ago, but obviously her mummified skeleton is emerged to haunt the country. I just wish the Tory Party would speed up its disintegration.

  2. SteveH

    When can we expect to see Theresa May appearing on Come Dancing in a last desperate attempt to increase her popularity.

  3. Colin Taylor

    Widdicombe’s Actions just go to show that if you stand for Farage, you’ll stand for anything

  4. Rik

    Damn this Govt to Hell..

    So it looks likely that May will be the end of May . . (I couldn’t resist this.. one more time)

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