Tory hypocrites say they can’t survive on £82k but we can make do with £18k; Johnson runs away

Backhander: if Tories are taking money from corporates, who do you think they are representing in Parliament? It isn’t you!

It doesn’t matter which side won the Parliamentary debate on whether having a second job is a mark of corruption in a member of Parliament – or whether they should be paid more, so they don’t need(?) another job.

The public decision has already been made.

So Peter Bottomley’s miserable pleading that £81,000 per year isn’t enough and MPs should be paid more is easily dismissed – especially when most of the country is trying to exist on less than £18,000.

Advisory roles?

They’re too easily corrupted into paid advocacy – exactly the kind of thing that led to Owen Paterson’s ejection from Parliament:

Richard Burgon’s comment echoes one I made a few days ago: that companies don’t hire MPs to “advise” them – they hire MPs to represent their interests when plum contracts become available.

Senior Tories still think it is acceptable to speak in support of this attitude:

Well, there are lots of MPs with second (and more) jobs in Parliament:

The rot goes right to the top:

And I wondered whether Randox will still want to employ Paterson when he is no longer an MP. What do you think the answer will be?

We’re even making jokes about it, in typical British style:

And where was Boris Johnson during the debate?



In fact, he was in a hospital in Northumbria, making a potential contagion risk out of himself by wandering around without a face mask.

He was challenged on the subject of the Parliamentary debate! But he showed what an absolute and utter disgrace he is by refusing to answer it, point-blank:

He didn’t have an answer. So, typically of this prime minister, he ran away and left his underlings to take the flak.

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  1. trev

    My total annual income (JSA + Housing Benefit) is almost £8000. Eight Grand. Ten times less than an MP, and that’s not including their expenses.

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