Rees-Mogg’s Brexit shame: he admits UK trade checks would be ‘act of self-harm’

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Jacob Rees-Mogg: he can’t laugh this off.

Import checks set to be imposed on EU goods entering the UK have been delayed for a year and a half after arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted they would be an “act of self-harm”.

But the checks were part of the UK’s conditions for leaving the European Union, so Rees-Mogg – now the euphemistically-titled Minister for Brexit Opportunities – is saying that the UK’s departure from the EU is actually harmful to the nation.

That’s a big u-turn from a major supporter of Brexit. We would be justified in asking why he has spent the last seven years (or so) claiming the opposite. Was it a deliberate lie?

“You’re admitting that this could save £1billion, which is admitting that checks would cost £1billion. I thought that post-Brexit checks were not going to be disruptive?” he was asked by [a] reporter.

“That’s why we’re not adopting them,” he replied. “This would have been an act of self-harm if we’d gone ahead with it.

“It would have increased costs for people and we are trying to reduce costs… free trade is hugely advantageous to consumers.”

It means UK exporters are now at a considerable financial disadvantage compared with EU firms importing goods into the UK:

That’s right – EU goods are allowed through into the UK with no checks while UK goods are still subject to comprehensive checks on entering the EU.

It means that the UK will essentially continue to depend on the EU to monitor food safety.

And who’s to say that other things may be imported into the UK, with no checks to stop them?

People, perhaps?

That would really spoil Priti Patel’s party, after she proudly fanfared her plan to deport channel-crossing asylum-seekers to Rwanda. What if they start coming by unchecked food lorry instead?

Port authorities are considering legal action against the Tory government to recover the cost of building border control posts they believe may now never be used, as well.

The simple fact is that Tories like Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson – who was the poster boy of Brexit alongside that other horror, Nigel Farage – never bothered to consider the consequences of their hasty and thoughtless departure from the European Union.

It seems clear that they had been led to believe in some possibly-mythical profit for themselves (Tories never make changes without expecting to make some money out of it, somewhere down the line).

But now they are being forced to work through the consequences of their stupidity as the nation demands that they solve the problems they have created, that are costing us an alleged £800 million per week.

Source: Jacob Rees-Mogg makes Remain argument by calling Brexit measures ‘act of self-harm’


  1. Paul Flavin May 1, 2022 at 12:52 pm - Reply

    Candidate for countricide.

  2. mohandeer May 1, 2022 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    Shame then, that we no longer belong to the EU Trading Bloc who DO have access to Free Trade!

  3. PW May 1, 2022 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    What if they start coming by unchecked food lorry instead?

    In 2004/5, I did summer seasons at an independent fresh food distribution company where we had at least 1 known incident while I was there of 6, believed to be afghans, emerging from a refrigerated trailer and escaping across the fields behind. It only came to light from the CCTV in the yard.

    They had seemingly climbed in over the rear few pallets, so wouldn’t be seen with a cursory glance inside but a sharp customs eye should usually spot the boxes damaged by their climbing over them. The fact it was refrigerated suggested they had probably entered it close to the UK around Calais but whether the foreign owner-driver was complicit, we never found out, although Home Office officials kept him there a few days while the fruit had later to be dumped.

    The lorries coming across from the majority of hauliers were TIR compliant, having seals that are pretty much tamper-proof but some smaller operators did not have these, so were obviously vulnerable to people climbing in when unobserved, either with help from an accomplice or even the driver, if he was in on it, to close up the doors afterwards.

    If these unsealed non-TIR lorries are now not getting checked properly then we can expect plenty more like this, which does indeed make a further mockery of Patel, her idiotic agenda, and the whole Brexit mess.

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